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The Baking Sheet - Issue #104

The Baking Sheet - Issue #104
By Tezos Commons • Issue #104 • View online
It’s Tezos conference szn

Welcome to this week’s issue of The Baking Sheet!
Protocol Jakarta has entered the adoption phase, Art Basel is in full swing, and the WeAreDevelopers conference was massive success with Tezos being front and center of the events. Before we break down this week’s news, we’re going to highlight a very important initiative for broad community, the Tezos Community Rewards Program (CRP).
Tezos Community Rewards Program
In case you’re unaware, Tezos Commons runs a program called the Community Rewards Program (CRP) that awards up to 5,000 tez monthly. The program is aimed at fostering adoption and supporting the Tezos ecosystem. 
Creators, artists, developers and more are all eligible to participate and have the opportunity to win. 
One could quite literally think of it as “free money”. By simply getting out there and producing content, helping other community members or building something - that’s all that is needed to be eligible to be selected for a prize.
For a complete breakdown of categories and submission guidelines, be sure to check here. Earlier this month, we announced winners for the previous month here
However, the program has entered a new phase and iteration. Of the many changes, the most important are a clear and succinct landing page for all things CRP. The categories have also been changed as well, viewable below. 
  • Drill Sergeant
  • Helping Hand
  • Influencer Award
  • Tez Dev
  • The Assimilation Award
  • The Formal Verification Award
  • The Pâtissier Award
  • Tezos Tutor
  • The TEO Award
These changes have been put in place beginning this month and nominations are open, so be sure to keep nominating those exceptional community members and supporting the ecosystem! 
Art Basel x Tezos
Art Basel takes place this week in Basel featuring a large NFT exhibition powered by Tezos.
The interactive experience lets visitors co-create a new generative artwork that is automatically minted as an NFT and gifted to attendees in real-time. The installation will feature generative algorithms from Aleksandra Jovanić, Eko33, Ryan Bell, and Sam Tsao.
In addition, The Tezos NFT Speaker Series will be held in the Art Basel Auditorium in Hall 1 with the aim of raising awareness of the powerful role of NFTs in the art world, and beyond.
At the core of the exhibition is the generative art platform fx(hash). fx(hash) is a unique tool in the NFT art world, enabling collectors to engage with generative art in a whole new way through the blockchain. fx(hash) will power the interactive element of the installation where fair goers will be able to scan a QR code and set in motion the process of creating a new artwork rendered autonomously by one of the artist’s algorithms. Each interaction with the installation is a chance encounter; an opportunity to trigger the creation of a new generative artwork that is automatically minted as an NFT and gifted to visitors in real-time.
Art Basel @ Basel will feature a unique set of artists minting NFTs on Tezos:
Chance Encounters in New Mediums: Generative Art, Presented by Tezos will be headlined by generative art pioneer Herbert W. Franke with his 1979 MONDRIAN program courtesy of Herbert W. Franke and Susanne Päch. MONDRIAN is a dynamic generative program created on a TI-99/4, the first 16-bit home computer. On display will be a 21:21 minute sequence of the dynamic generative program captured at a solo exhibition in 2010 at ZKM, now minted as an NFT on Tezos.
The piece will sit at the center of the exhibition space, surrounded by the work of four up-and-coming generative artists. Aleksandra Jovanić, Eko33, Ryan Bell, and Sam Tsao will present generative algorithms which will enable visitors to co-create a new generative artwork that is automatically minted as an NFT and gifted to attendees in real-time.
This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem
Turing College (YC W21), an online school for web2 developers, announced the creation of courses focused on simplifying developers transition from web2 to web3. To kick off these collaborations, the Tezos Foundation provided a grant to create a 1-2 month specialization course on Tezos smart contracts development. Tezos courses will feature practical capstone projects on smart contracts, NFTs and DeFi. Turing College plans to launch a course in 2022 Q3 and invites developers to join a waiting list here.
“Turing College has a unique and well-designed approach to onboard more web2 talents to the Tezos ecosystem. We are delighted to collaborate on such an important initiative to help equip and elevate the next generation of developers and creators.” said Roman Schnider, President of the Tezos Foundation.
Ctez analytics is live!
All important data of the first Checker implementation on Tezos in one overview
  • Target
  • Annual Drift
  • Premium
  • Ctez price
  • Ovens
  • attached AMM
Check out the live page here:
Nomadic Labs
The #Tezos HCKR Lounge @ #WeAreDevs is buzzing with interested questions and enthusiastic answers!

The afternoon continues with workshops on Tezos dev tooling and how to build a dApp
This Week in Tezos Development
Any and all developers! Please participate in this survey to tell us more about what we could to do onboard more developers into the Tezos ecosystem! 
Now Streaming
Join us for a special TezTalks LIVE featuring contemporary artist, Demit Omphroy
Demit has partnered with GAP to launch a limited-edition graphic tee collection on Tezos and wearables for the upcoming petaverse game, DOGAMI. 
🎬 Stream: YouTube
Events: Tez/Dev
Registration for TezDev Paris 2022 is now OPEN!
Join builders, creators, and innovators from across the Tezos ecosystem from July 21-23 in Paris for developer workshops, networking, and more!
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