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The Baking Sheet - Issue #105



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The Baking Sheet - Issue #105
By Tezos Commons • Issue #105 • View online
Kathmandu on the horizon

Welcome to this week’s issue of The Baking Sheet!
Protocol Jakarta will be activated in 4 days to the Tezos network (at the time of publication). For this week’s issue, we’re going to highlight the upgrade and what to expect come activation. 
Towards Jakarta
The first layer-2 scaling solution will be introduced to Tezos very soon! Transaction Optimistic Rollups (TORUs) are the first among many features geared towards mass scalability for the Tezos ecosystem. 
In case you’re unaware of all the features within the upgrade, protocol Jakarta will introduce the following feature sets to the Tezos network.
  • Transaction Optimistic Rollups (TORUs)
  • Liquidity Baking Changes
  • Tickets Improvements/Hardening
  • Elimination of “Rolls”
  • Bug fixes and other
In terms of scaling, there is no doubt TORUs are the talk of the town. These will allow for the exchange of assets, but will not be used in the execution of smart contracts. If you want to learn a bit more about optimistic rollups, check out Arthur Breitman’s chat with Cointelegraph or this blog article by Nomadic Labs.
That said, recently we learned more about the next protocol upgrade - Kathmandu. Protocol Kathmandu will introduce Smart Contract Optimistic Rollups (SCORUs). In Nomadic Labs’ blog post, they describe what this feature will provide to the Tezos network. 
SCORUs provide a generic infrastructure to implement any computational device, as long as its semantics can be described as a Proof-producing Virtual Machine (PVM), in the Tezos protocol.
This design allows us to continuously develop and deploy new supported PVMs, and thereby new execution environments, via protocol amendments. In our upcoming protocol proposal, we plan to introduce a first PVM supporting WebAssembly (WASM) — although only available via bleeding-edge test networks.
As Tezos continues to evolve and grow, so is the growing theme towards massive scalability. As Protocol Jakarta nears activation and we move towards a new era with Protocol Kathmandu, there’s lots to look forward to within the ecosystem.
TezAsia: The biggest Tezos Hackathon
Tezos India and TZ APAC have joined forces to create one of the most exciting Tezos hackathons to date.
The TezAsia Hackathon has over 5000 participants registeredfor the biggest Tezos hackathon with up to $100,000 in prizes + $100,000 in grants.
TezAsia Hackathon is a month-long hackathon organised by Tezos India and Tezos APAC with the goal of promoting and making Tezos blockchain more accessible to the general public. This Hackathon will help developers from various colleges and universities to learn and build in the Tezos Blockchain, as well as introduce them to the Tezos ecosystem. 
This is a chance for all Dev-Heads who are with a competitive streak to showcase their tier one game and also get a chance to win hefty cash prizes. TezAsia Hackathon aims to build an innovation-driven culture by solving real-world challenges. Showcase your skills at our hackathon and win amazing prizes worth $100k+, grants up to $100k+ and an opportunity to get hired and work with the best-existing dapps & Tezos entities in the ecosystem.
Tezos Community Spotlight: Professor Groff
In this edition of the Tezos Community Spotlight, we had the chance to chat with the latest Tezos Commons Grantee: Professor Jeff Groff — a relative newcomer to the Tezos community and ecosystem — to learn about his new Tezos-powered project, The Tezio Wallet.
Tezio is a tezos wallet built using Arduino hardware. Dr. Groff sees this project as a first step toward enabling open source IoT devices microcontrollers to interact with the Tezos blockchain while connecting Tezos with the Arduino development community.
Tezos Stack Exchange Users: We need mods
Tezos is one of the few blockchain projects has it’s own stack exchange site. Stack Exchange is the world’s largest programming community that enables developers of all levels to ask technical questions across 173 different Q/A communities. Tezos, through a collaborative community effort, was voted to be added to this network of programmers.
Due to Stack Exchange’s policies each community require two moderators that are active within the site.
Are you a Tezos developer and active on the Tezos Stack Exchange? Stack Exchange is looking for community members to help moderate! 
This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem
Tezos x VidCon - Anaheim, 2022
Tezos x VidCon - Anaheim, 2022
The Tezos ecosystem is making a presence at VidCon in Anaheim. Don’t miss the Tezos keynote “Connecting through the Metaverse” taking place at Discover Stage happening on June 25th.
World Hashflags
🥳 A new hashflag has appeared:

⏳ This hashflag will be active until 2022-09-24.
Lugh is very happy to announce that #EURL will be the first euro stablecoin integrated on @rarible, one of the leading NFT marketplace with +2M customers.

✅You can now buy and sell NFT on the secondary market using the first reliable euro stablecoin : #EURL
Naan | Tezos Wallet
[email protected]Naanwallet has crossed 5000 downloads! 🥳🏆

Thank you @Tezos community for the continued love and support 💙

PS: please give us a follow! 💛

#Tezos #cleanNFT #DeFi #BlockchainEvolved
This Week in Tezos Development
Come see the latest Kukai:

🙌⛲️Liquidity Baking -- Tezos Decentralization at its best
🌚🌝Dark Mode for all, no longer requires a mooncake
🗺️✅NFT Collection Discovery for 1000s of collections
🐳🛍️Better support for popular drops

See it at

@Tezos #Tezos
Oxhead Alpha
Kiln 0.13.1 is now available. In this release: Jakarta/jakartanet support, UI for liquidity baking toggle vote, minor fixes and improvements.
Download from
Now Streaming
Join us for TezTalks LIVE featuring Bilal El Alamy, CTO of Dogami
Let’s dive in to the latest on Dogami, the world’s first petaverse, and a newly launched Tezos accelerator, Pyratzlabs.
Now Streaming on YouTube
Events: Tez/Dev, HackerEarth
Registration for TezDev Paris 2022 is now OPEN!
Join builders, creators, and innovators from across the Tezos ecosystem from July 21-23 in Paris for developer workshops, networking, and more!
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