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The Baking Sheet - Issue #109

The Baking Sheet - Issue #109
By Tezos Commons • Issue #109 • View online
Tez/Dev Edition

Welcome to this week’s issue of The Baking Sheet!
Tez/Dev is in full swing! While the whole team along with a slew of other builders in the Tezos Ecosystem is attending Tez/Dev, In this week’s issue, we’re going to highlight the event and some of the organizations present.
Sights & Sounds: Tez/Dev
Tez/Dev features several deep-dive workshops and conversations with several key members/entities throughout the Tezos ecosystem. The event will last from July 21-23, 2022. 
That said, there’s several organizations present at the event. In no particular order, let’s dive into a few of them and who they are/what they do. 
Baking Bad
Baking Bad is one of the most active Tezos development teams. Their principles are to make everything as simple and convenient as possible to minimize the entry threshold for new users and increase the efficiency of the entire Tezos ecosystem.
Functori team will be talking about their latest project - Factori, a tool for developing and testing smart contracts on Tezos. Factori is a smart contracts development studio that automates a lot of the tiring work of building and maintaining interfaces.
StakeNow offers a new and simple way to keep track of your Tezos portfolio. It provides a 360° view of your investments and lets you fully manage all your Tezos assets in one place.
Youves is a decentralized, non-custodial and self-governed platform for the creation and management of synthetic assets. Youves platform is one of the main providers of stablecoins to the Tezos DeFi ecosystem.
Selfie Station at Tez/Dev
Selfie Station at Tez/Dev
The Stack Report
The Stack Report is a publication covering stories in the Tezos ecosystem through blockchain data visualizations. Bringing together a small team of specialists in data science, visualization & storytelling to capture the unique stories developing on the Tezos chain
Tezos Commons
Tezos Commons Foundation is a US-based organization dedicated to building the digital commonwealth. TCF empowers the Tezos community through bootstrapping local communities, communications, promotion, education, funding open source initiatives, and advocacy.
TezTalks LIVE @ Tez/Dev: Baptiste Crespy
In addition to keynote presentations and workshops, TezTalks LIVE is making a presence with in studio interviews. This week we are interviewing Baptiste Crespy, founder of the popular NFT marketplace,(fx) hash, and John Newby, Director of TZ Connect.
TezTalks Live @ Tez/Dev Paris  -- Baptiste Crespy | Founder of (fx)hash
TezTalks Live @ Tez/Dev Paris -- Baptiste Crespy | Founder of (fx)hash
TezTalks LIVE @ Tez/Dev: John Newby
John Newby is the director of Berlin-based, TZ Connect, working on some exciting projects for the Tezos Ecosystem. Listen to the unique mind of John and where he think’s blockchain is headed.
TezTalks Live @ Tez/Dev Paris  -- John Newby | Director of TZ Connect
TezTalks Live @ Tez/Dev Paris -- John Newby | Director of TZ Connect
USDt on Tezos is now Live!
Tether USDt is live on the @tezos Network!

Enjoy fast and free-of-charge transactions with USDt on #Tezos, right here at Bitfinex 🎉

Start depositing now:
In perfect timing for Tez/Dev week, USDt has officially gone live with over 31 million tokens already minted on the Tezos Blockchain. The announcement was met with a ton of excitement and opens up a ton of new opportunities for users on Tezos.
Be sure to stay updated on all things Tez/Dev on the following social handles.
During Arthur's keynote on Day 1 of Tez/Dev
During Arthur's keynote on Day 1 of Tez/Dev
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