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The Baking Sheet - Issue #121



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The Baking Sheet - Issue #121
By Tezos Commons • Issue #121 • View online
Let’s evolve Tezos faster than any other blockchain

Welcome to this week’s issue of The Baking Sheet! As we continue the march to Lima for the next protocol upgrade on Tezos, we want to highlight a key platform that plays a governance role in the Tezos Ecosystem, Agora – a place for people to discuss, learn, and evolve the Tezos protocol.
Gather around Agora
2022 has been an amazing year in terms of Tezos development and adoption. We’ve already adopted three major protocol upgrades, witnessed developer activity in the first half of the year rise by nearly 300%, and saw Tezos maintain a strong developer presence at WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2022 and TezDev.
While it’s always nice to see the numerous partnerships and famous celebrities onboarding into the ecosystem, it’s important to take a step back and make notice of the significant strides and milestones being made on the network.
That requires us to recognize the true selling point and fuel for all this growth within the ecosystem.
It is called governance and Tezos has a one-of-a-kind governance model.
Within Tezos, new and breakthrough technologies can be adopted onto the network through a formal and well-defined means. How about implementing new Layer-2 scaling solutions? Tezos has adopted several in the span of this year alone.
The list can go on.
The “Brain” of the Ecosystem
The Tezos community plays a pivotal role in making the decisions today to shape the future of Tezos tomorrow. Since the network is decentralized, they (token holders) are the voices for the change they wish to see.
Ideas and the discussions that lead to this change need a healthy home for productive discussion. While it’s easy to take to Twitter, Reddit, or Telegram — these platforms are not the best for stimulating meaningful discussion.
Instead of circling back to manually find old conversations in a social channel, it would make more sense to have a slower moving forum for meaningful governance matters.
That’s essentially where Tezos Agora fits in.
Just like in ancient Greece where agoras were known as public open spaces for assemblies and merchants, the Tezos Agora forum serves an important role in allowing these necessary discussions to be had. It also provides an efficient feedback loop for the builders, developers, and teams working on Tezos.
Within the forum, community members or newcomers can engage with discussion topics that range from the following below.
  • Proposals
  • R&D
  • Philosophy & Economics
  • Project Updates
  • TZIP
  • AMA’s
  • DApps
  • Community Updates
  • Homebase DAOs
But, it provides more than just that!
It’s also the go-to resource for learning about Tezos, getting started, tracking protocol upgrades, and much more. One could say the Tezos Agora forum is very much comparative to the “brain” of the ecosystem.
Looking Forward
Of the discussion topics above, one of the more recent additions has been “Homebase DAOs”. As many within the Tezos ecosystem are well accustomed to, Homebase has been live for a little while now. Us here at Tezos Commons maintain it along with adding new features wanted by the users and it has been seeing some traction lately!
Find your voice, or be the voice of change, or toss around the next game changing idea that will permeate the Tezos landscape on Tezos Agora. We invite everyone to join these collegial discussions at Tezos Agora. The future starts with just one message!
Announcing the CRP Winners for September!
Every month we distribute up to 5000 tez to the community for their contributions to the ecosystem
October Nominations are open — nominate on who you think deserves Tez for their contributions— it only takes 30 seconds on typeform or tag #TezosCRP on Twitter/Reddit/Discord/Telegram
For those who do not have a Reddit, Twitter, or Gmail account, please set one up as awards will be sent to those user handles. 
If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to contact us.
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Now Streaming
Recording from TriliTech’s office, This week’s episode of TezTalks Radio features Marissa sitting down with Alex Estorick of Right Click Save to discuss art on the blockchain.
Right Click Save is part of ClubNFT, a company that seeks to make it easier to discover, protect, and share NFTs.
New platforms, techniques and forums continue to transform the curation, ownership and display of works of art. Tune in to the Paris+ par Art Basel live stream and explore how generative artists are leading this constant evolution.
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