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The Baking Sheet - Issue #42

The Baking Sheet - Issue #42
By Tezos Commons • Issue #42 • View online
Welcome to April, let the good times roll – this past month was another record breaking milestone for network activity

Welcome to this week’s issue of The Baking Sheet!
Lately, we’ve become accustomed to all the news and developments happening nearly daily within the Tezos ecosystem. Wednesday’s launch of the highly-anticipated Quipuswap DEX takes it a step forward.
Tezos Ecosystem Insights
The Quipuswap launch and DeFi on Tezos
It’s more than apparent from the outside looking in that we’re beginning to see more growth and introduction of new DeFi (Decentralized Finance) applications on Tezos. DeFi as a whole makes a lot of sense within blockchain, for these financial applications exist in the traditional world today where we move monetary value around seamlessly in the form of cash, stocks, bonds and offer things such as lending, options, insurance, etc. 
The same should be understood for blockchain-based protocols to have this component as these networks essentially act in the same way as transports for various assets between it. 
That said, from a macro lenses, the developments unfolding today across the Tezos ecosystem within DeFi are beginning to fill in a larger image. That larger image can be broken down into an unofficial roadmap of sorts, which Luke Youngblood and Keefer Taylor of Hover Labs did an excellent job of conveying. 
The simplest way to view the above is to look at the modern highway system. For a protocol coin such as Tezos, the various types of assets built on top of it will provide a form of transport within the network like cars and freight on a highway. 
Over time, what’s going to become apparent is upon the introduction of more DeFi protocols, that highway is going to begin to include more vehicles moving within it and thus represent more traffic. 
With Wednesday’s launch of Quipuswap, we’re going to begin to see that metaphorical highway start to have more traffic. What’s even better is that Quipuswap is the first DEX on Tezos with on-chain governance for baking rewards. So far, we’ve been met with strong opening day numbers - over $367k in total value locked (TVL) on the platform in just 24 hours. 
Vladimir Klykov, marketing relations for MadFish was kind enough to answer a few questions following the launch of Quipuswap.
Are there any plans in the works following Wednesday’s launch for additions in incentives such as a governance token, etc?
We don’t plan any governance tokens in the first QuipuSwap version.  At the current stage, we are just considering possibilities to implement these tokens in Quipuswap.
With Wednesday’s release, how will Quipuswap aid in growing the DeFi ecosystem around Tezos?
QuipuSwap is the great entry point for new DeFi solutions on Tezos. Projects may integrate the QuipuSwap functionality, create liquidity pools for project tokens and start to trade instantly.
This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem
The Madfish team has officially launched Quipuswap - the first DEX in the Tezos ecosystem with on-chain governance for baking rewards.
What Quipuswap proposes to the community
  • Possibility to add any arbitrary token-XTZ pair and create own Liquidity Pools
  • Enables instant token exchanges 
  • Allows earning profit from both swaps and rewards from baking
  • Allows to vote for delegates and ban unreliable delegates
  • Helps developers to build and connect Tezos dapps
Quipuswap is the great entry point for new DeFi solutions on Tezos. Projects may integrate the Quipuswap functionality, create liquidity pools for project tokens and start to trade instantly.
This Week in Tezos Development
1000 days on Mainnet!
1000 days on Mainnet!
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