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The Baking Sheet - Issue #44



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The Baking Sheet - Issue #44
By Tezos Commons • Issue #44 • View online
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Welcome to this week’s issue of The Baking Sheet! For this week we are opening up with insights from our friends at Tezos Israel. Last week they announced an awesome collaboration with Draper University and this week we are inviting them to elaborate on the great work they have been doing. Let’s dive in! #YallaTezos
Tezos Ecosystem Insights - Tezos Israel
It’s no secret that Tim Draper is a fan of Tezos after he publicly backed the fundraiser in 2017. Since then, Tim has taken part in a TQuorum session, numerous interviews, and tweeted about Tezos. His investment arm Draper Goren Holm has invested in several Tezos projects, and most recently received an investment from the Tezos Foundation to fund blockchain startups building on Tezos.  
Perhaps even more exciting, just last week Draper University & Tezos Israel  partnered together to launch a blockchain pre-acceleration program to connect  Silicon Valley experts and investors to innovative entrepreneurs building their projects on blockchain.  
This *free* two week program, taking place between May 3rd-17th, consists of 3  hours of daily live sessions and 5 sessions of 1-on-1 mentoring from top  industry professionals and Tezos experts. Only 40 applicants will selected, and 2  talented entrepreneurs will even be flown out to Silicon Valley to attend Draper  University’s Hero Training program! With all that good news, could this possibly get better? Of course it could, as Tim Draper even tweeted that he’s going to be investing in the best companies from the program!! 
Spots are limited, so make sure to apply for this incredible opportunity. 
Partnering with Draper U isn’t the only thing we’ve got baking at Tezos Israel  though. Asides from our workshops and competitions, we’re also building a no code development solution named Blockly, and even launched a blockchain  development course for High School kids in the coastal city of Bat Yam, Israel.
So what’s next from Tezos Israel? 
Of course, we’re thrilled as April’s smart contract calls are about to 10x February’s numbers just as Charlie Wiser from TQ predicted, and excited about the Tezos ecosystem’s most recent achievements in the NFT and DeFi space.However, it’s what’s about to launch on Tezos that really gets our rolls going.
From the recent Hic et Nunc token & SalsaDAO, to Kolibri/StakerDAO yield farms, Tezos native tokens and yield farming are about to blast off. Tacoz even launched a fully sold out pre-sale, raising 4,000 XTZ for the next generation of meme coins. So, what exactly is baking in the ovens?
[REDACTED] we’ll tell you soon ;)
Oops, I guess we didn’t receive clearance to publicize that yet ;), rest assured, we’re grinding away to help foster the next generation of entrepreneurs, developers, and platforms building on Tezos.
For our latest news & announcements, make sure to follow us on Twitter!
– Alex Davis, Head of Innovation at Tezos Israel
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500K contract calls in April so far!
500K contract calls in April so far!
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