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The Baking Sheet - Issue #47



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The Baking Sheet - Issue #47
By Tezos Commons • Issue #47 • View online
Tezos is bringing on Florence, its sixth consecutive network upgrade.

Welcome to this week’s issue of The Baking Sheet!
On the cusp of the activation of protocol upgrade Florence, we’ve been met with the steady and organic evolution of Tezos compounded with more milestones being breached. In this week’s newsletter, we’re going to discuss the significance of hic et nunc breaching OpenSea as the largest NFT marketplace in terms of daily active users (DAU).
Tezos Ecosystem Insights
Hic et Nunc’s explosive growth
With the growing upwards trajectory we’ve witnessed with contract calls on Tezos, this has been met in conjunction with platforms like H=N (Hic et Nunc) gaining more traction and popularity. This traction has compounded so much in its short lifetime, H=N has surpassed the largest NFT marketplace (OpenSea) by daily active users.
In just two months since inception, H=N has surpassed OpenSea in daily active users and is reaching numbers close to average statistics on the platform.
From these statistics we can gather a few things around the impact we’re currently witnessing from NFT’s and the hic et nunc platform, namely. 
  • Clean NFT’s, that is NFT’s minted responsibly on an ecologically friendly Proof of Stake (LPoS) network such as Tezos matters for artists and enthusiasts alike. 
  • Network effects are compounding and attracting users outside of the immediate ecosystem. 
Developer tooling and various primitives have been improved to a level in which has offered the advent for platforms such as hic et nunc, Quipuswap, Kalamint, WRAP Protocol, and others to emerge.
On the latter point, this is an important one to grasp. If we look at the above chart for contract calls, we can see prior to February contract calls were relatively low. 
It should come as no surprise with several launches taken place leading up to this period and after that - we have begun to witness network usage eclipse. The reason for that is simple, there are now uses for Tezos that were previously either not ready due to various constraints or simply not there. 
With optimizations in gas and transaction fees witnessed from Delphi, introduction of amendment process changes, tickets, and sapling in Edo - we’ve been met with one of the unique characteristics that Tezos offers to ensure lasting effects. That is, the ability to upgrade and evolve over time in a well-defined and coordinated manner. 
Where scale and the potential splitting of network effects plagues other Proof of Work based protocols, Tezos retains these characteristics all the while using the best practices and adopting the latest technologies along the way. 
As we traverse towards Granada, the next proposed protocol upgrade, we will begin to see the aforementioned point in continued action. With just days left until activation of Florence, the Tezos protocol will be met with further optimizations in gas, doubling of operation sizes in smart contracts, and a more robust and reliable amendment process.
This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem
This Week in Tezos Development
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1/ 📣 NEWS
We have the pleasure to announce a great collaboration with @BenjaminSpark_ ✨, Franco-Belgian artist, and his gallery Vision XR Gallery. Full info at Drop @hicetnunc2000 available Sat 8 May starting at 20:00 CET @Tezos @LabosNomades #cleanNFT
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