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The Baking Sheet - Issue #48

The Baking Sheet - Issue #48
By Tezos Commons • Issue #48 • View online
“Time stays long enough for anyone who will use it.” - Leonardo da Vinci

Welcome to this week’s issue of the baking sheet!
The Florence era is now behind us as we transgress forward towards Grenada! With the injection of the Grenada proposal expected in the coming weeks that will feature significant upgrades that we will dive into once it is released.
For this week’s Tezos Ecosystem Insights, we are inviting President of TQ Tezos, Alison Mangiero, to discuss TRUESY, a curated NFT marketplace built on Tezos.
Tezos Ecosystem Insights: TRUESY
Earlier this year, it was incredibly exciting to see the first NFT marketplaces on Tezos, hic et nunc and Kalamint, adopted by a number of high-profile artists and creators – and even mentioned by the New York Times. Additionally, The Alchememist’s NFT auctions, which were powered by OpenMinter, and tzcolors from Papers saw significant engagement from community members around the globe.
With the rise of these Tezos-based marketplaces and experiences, we felt that we could further promote the Clean NFT movement via a curated platform meant to cater to a wide range of talented creators that require a personalized market experience to fit their brand. We saw the opportunity to build something that would make them feel at home in the Tezos ecosystem. Enter TRUESY.
TRUESY is a new digital art platform and NFT marketplace built to host iconic work from personalities and brands at the intersection of fashion, art, music, sports, and technology who want to create their own unique NFT experiences in a personalized and branded way.
To bring TRUESY to life, the team at TQ partnered with DMA United, an advertising and representation agency that provides branding, creative, and business development services. A sampling of DMA United’s clients includes Karl Lagerfeld, Pepsi, Warner Brothers Entertainment, and Sony Music. A few notable verticals built by the agency include NBA x The Kooples, MLB Assembly, Zappos Luxury, Taylor Swift & Sony, Numero Russia, and Russell Westbrook x Barneys New York. The agency’s founders, Marc Beckman and Sam Sohaili, have a deep fascination with the intersection of original content, commerce, and community – and are excited about building a home for the fashion and lifestyle tribe in the NFT space.
In order to ensure even more people – creators, brands, and collectors – could easily onboard into the ecosystem and open Tezos wallets, we spent a lot of time ensuring that TRUESY would make transacting and participating in the new NFT movement a truly enjoyable experience. Thanks to maturing community standards and wallets such as Kukai, which allows users to easily store, transact, and view their NFTs via their Google, Twitter, and Reddit accounts, we have a low-friction way to bring even more people into the community. 
With embedded Kukai on TRUESY, there’s now a very user-friendly way for even more people to get involved with NFTs on Tezos – logging in with DirectAuth, you never have to leave the TRUESY environment to pay with a credit card or tez. Users can access their NFTs by logging into Kukai using the same DirectAuth, and of course transfer NFTs to any other Tezos wallet after they’re purchased.
Beyond the intuitive user experience, TRUESY hosts both static and dynamic NFTs, evolving with the issuer’s conditions and designs and ranging from unlockable hidden content to dynamic NFTs in 3D and AR. Redeemable TRUESY NFTs provide exclusive access to merch drops, special events, services, and experiences.
And of course, since it’s built on Tezos, we can proudly showcase the platform’s eco-friendliness and bring clean NFTs to the masses.
We’ve already had drops by:
Greg Yuna: a jeweler to artists and celebrities including Hailey Bieber, Michael B. Jordan, and Floyd Mayweather, Yuna and his partner Rachel Goatley recreated classic works The Kiss by Gustav Klimt and Die Ideale by Piet Mondrian painted with brush strokes of gemstones and precious metals. 
Imran Potato: a pioneer in modern streetwear that Vogue called The Internet’s Favorite Fashion Bootlegger, Imran Potato makes original and bootleg gear for stars like Billie Eilish and Bad Bunny, . He launched with NFTs including Lebrun Jame TopShot Moment – a bootleg of the famous Lebron dunk made famous on TopShot done on NBA 2K3, a dancing Louis Vuitton Laa Laa, and a very fancy turtle. Every Imran NFT came with physical merch, and there was also an unlockable NFT – people who purchased all three of these unlocked the rare Gerbil Abloh.
BUA: one of the most important painters of our era. He is revered as the first artist to paint the narrative of hip-hop culture in a traditional format, the ‘DJ’ being one of the best selling prints of all time –13 million worldwide. His first drop included new animated versions of his classics – Starry Serenade, DJ Mona Lisa, Trumpet Man, Piano Man, and The Block.
And in the weeks to come we’ll have drops from Super Bowl Champion, fashion tastemaker, and present-day TV host Victor Cruz; artist, musician and icon, Casey Spooner; and many more not yet announced.
TRUESY is one marketplace that adds to the fast growing and thriving NFT ecosystem on Tezos. With marketplaces like Hic et Nunc, Kalamint, BazaarNFT, and TRUESY and tools like OpenMinter and Kukai, the Tezos ecosystem is catering to artists and collectors of all genres; best of all, it does it without a large carbon footprint.
To learn more about TRUESY and be the first to hear about upcoming drops, join the mailing list.
This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem
The total locked value on the platform has reached $9 million. The volume of locked assets on QuipuSwap has tripled over the last ten days!
This Week in Tezos Development
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