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The Baking Sheet - Issue #55



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The Baking Sheet - Issue #55
By Tezos Commons • Issue #55 • View online
Happy 3 years Tezos!

Welcome to this week’s issue of The Baking Sheet!
As we begin to move towards Granada and traverse the digital renaissance taking place on Tezos, it’s important to take time and reflect on the journey thus far. With Wednesday marking the 3 year anniversary since genesis block, there’s no better time than now to do that with insights from a Tezos OG, Zero Hour Zulu.
Tezos Ecosystem Insights: Zero Hour Zulu
The thoughts that come to me about this is a kind of paradox: it has taken way, way longer for us to achieve general-use adoption of blockchain; but, the capitulation of investors, banks, governments– almost all the people who were so filled with disdain for the movement that they would not even mention the C-word, has been sudden and precipitous. The people who were noisy at first, the pioneers of crypto, people like us at Tezos, have gone quiet, and the deniers and mockers have gone loud. It’s a near complete reversal.
What I think it means is that we pioneers are on the right track, from the very beginning, but it will take much longer for us to reach technical maturity, spec to real-world use, security, invisible penetration (meaning people use things and they have no idea nor do they care that a blockchain lurks under their awesome life made viable by “well-whatever”).  But the good news is that those of us who have been pioneers in this new territory have been proved right, that blockchain, crypto will become pervasive in life. We are all of us bound to reap huge rewards for being prescient. It does not feel that way now, but there will come a day when this will be clear.
Tezos’s progress has a similar trajectory: constant, consistent, self-confident and not visible to the people who will later come to declaim how obvious it was that Tezos would succeed. This same reversal will happen later for Tezos, where the pioneers give way to sell the land late, and dearly.  
Of course the price is a disappointment; it would not be honest to not recognize that. But the rationalization of pricing, much as the rationalization of volatility, has not come yet. Just consider the dog coins, and how value is about ‘memification’ than technical progress. This alone demonstrates a severe lack of maturity in pricing. But fantasy can go on only so long, sustain itself with self-regard. What people will value 5 years from now is “what problems can you solve,” not how popular or ‘memily’ you friend up. In this, crypto is in junior high. It even has to go through high school yet, with posturing and insecurity about identity and locus of value. We all know that the popular people in high school are now likely struggling, fat and bald. The geeks that kept their head down and were not feted now rule and boss the world’s problems. This maturity comes; it is inevitable. Tezos may be the awkward, quiet nerd now, but it will eventually boss the world’s problems. And it will be obvious and late to  those who pay late and dearly. I counsel patience. Yes, you go through hard times questioning yourself, wondering where in the world you will fit in, in a big place where everyone seems to know what to do and how to be effortless with faux grace. But, you know very well how it turns out. Courage precedes wisdom. - ZHZ
This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem
3 Years of Tezos
3 Years of Tezos
Today is Tezos 3 year anniversary since Genesis!
🌮 3 Years
📈 6 Upgrades
⛓ +1.5m Blocks
💪 +55m Transactions
💸 +1.3m Funded Accounts
🎉 2m Contract Calls in June
In 3 years Tezos has come a long way - growing rapidly, especially in these past few months, as decentralized applications have launched in the areas of NFTs, DeFi, Decentralized Identity, E-Voting, and more. Tezos has also been selected by world-renowned brands and teams - such as OneOf, Red Bull Racing Honda, McLaren Racing and others - to build NFT Fan experiences.
This Week in Tezos Development
Tezos has hit 2 million contract calls for the month of June! 🎉
Smart contract activity has been growing exponentially on the Tezos network thanks to popular NFT platforms like Hic et nunc and DeFi applications like Plenty. In the past 4 months, Contracts calls have grown 363%. 
Baking Bad
Say hello to the TzKT home page! We've accumulated the most interesting @tezos on-chain statistics in a single place and soon will add some off-chain stats as well.
Now Streaming
This weeks episode of TezTalks Radio features an NFT panel of renown artists from different parts of the world with diverse backgrounds in the NFT space. 
Ruanth Chrisley Thyssen is a 1x Oscar Nominated, and 2x BAFTA Nominated Sound Designer.
Diela Maharanie is an illustrator based in Jakarta Indonesia, whose works are mostly bright and colorful filled with vibrant patterns of super saturated hues but also hint at a mystery for the character. 
Daniel Howe is an American artist and educator. His art practice focuses on the writing (and close reading) of computer algorithms as a means to examine contemporary culture
Join us as we discuss NFTs and how Hic et Nunc is changing the entire landscape.
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