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The Baking Sheet - Issue #57

The Baking Sheet - Issue #57
By Tezos Commons • Issue #57 • View online
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Welcome to this week’s issue of The Baking Sheet!
Protocol upgrade Granada is in the final stages, contract calls are on track to reach another record high, and the DeFi and NFT landscape are continuing to grow. 
While we’ve touched a lot on DeFi and NFT’s, it’s important to realize from time to time that there is more work being done within the ecosystem outside these two particular sectors. 
Last week we discussed e-voting and the solution in the works from Electis. This week, we’re going to discuss the recent CryptoTask news and the significance of it thereof.
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Tezos Ecosystem Insights: CryptoTask
For the frequent observer, the above heading seems to be one we’re starting to see more and more of. Clearly there has to be a bit more as to why this is happening now? 
For CryptoTask, after their initial announcement surrounding their plans to migrate to the Tezos network, they recently shared a bit more commentary around the rationale basis. 
One particular point was shared in their blog post. 
Tezos is this “Ever Growing, Never Aging” type of protocol. It develops with each minute while not compromising on security.
This particular point should come as no surprise for many of us. The one key separation point that remains to set Tezos apart is it’s ability to evolve and port the latest technologies onto the protocol in a well-defined manner. Furthermore, Tezos is the only PoS-based blockchain network that has battle-tested this ability to the extent we’ve witnessed thus far within the blockchain space. 
Nevertheless, CryptoTask makes another great addition to the Tezos ecosystem. When we look at the concept of freelance marketplaces, it’s tackling a rather large market. A study conducted by UpWork in 2019 estimated that over 57M Americans currently engage in freelance work and add an estimated $1T to the economy annually. 
When you combine this relatively large scene to a more nascent area such as blockchain, there’s quite a few possibilities. 
For Tezos, the significance of this development comes as the tackling of a large market and a growing increase in network effects for the protocol. With CryptoTask’s 35,000 users, that’s a relatively decent amount of people who may not have heard about Tezos, to begin to learn more about it and potentially move onto direct contributions to the ecosystem (ex: baking, delegating, and more). 
We should not lose sight of the bigger picture. Where it’s easy to become enamored with market activities, network effects and utility drive organic and real adoption. 
As the blockchain space begins to evolve from more than a relatively nascent area, protocols like Tezos that are continuing to drive utility and increase network effects will also evolve for the better. 
Speculation is just that, speculation. Network effects and real utility are what lead to adoption and those factors will always tell a different story than the former. 
With contract calls set to eclipse another all time high for this month, as long as things continue to move at the same pace, the future is bright for the Tezos ecosystem. 
This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem
Congrats to Youves on it’s Betanet launch! youves is a decentralised, self-governing and non-custodial platform for the creation and management of synthetic assets that are secured by eligible collateral.
This Week in Tezos Development
Bakers – Don’t forget to vote for Granada! only 6 days remaining to reach quorum, follow the progress and voting action on Tezos Agora
TzKT now fully supports the Granada protocol
Now Streaming
This week’s podcast features an in-depth discussion with AmplifyX’s CEO, Adam Cowherd
“That’s why I’m super excited about Tezos, already proof of stake, already energy efficient, very low gas fees, and have on chain governance so it can make the chain better without hard forks is why we chose to build on Tezos” 
Built on Tezos, AmplifyX is a new investing platform that permits potential investors access to artist investment opportunities. Notably, Tom Holkenborg, aka Junkie XL, is dropping his debut NFT collection on AmplifyX. 
Learn more about this new kind of music marketplace, how Adam sees the NFT landscape evolve, and why he chose to build his platform on Tezos. 
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