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The Baking Sheet - Issue #58

The Baking Sheet - Issue #58
By Tezos Commons • Issue #58 • View online
Another week in the record books for Tezos

10 million Contract Calls on Tezos
10 million Contract Calls on Tezos
Welcome to this week’s issue of The Baking Sheet!
We’ve witnessed the recent passing of protocol upgrade Granada and continued ecosystem-wide growth this past week. For this week’s issue, we’re going to delve into contract call growth and just what exactly Granada’s passing means for the Tezos network.
Ecosystem Insights: Enter Granada
Network growth and on-chain metrics have been on a continuous upward spiral for months now. In fact, on Wednesday we crossed the 10 million total contract calls threshold, with half of that number taking place all in the span of 2 months. 
This growth has been centered around the culmination of numerous DeFi launches, NFT’s, and adoption abroad in other sectors. 
However, when we scale the curtains back, none of the growth we’re witnessing today would have been possible without the numerous protocol upgrades we’ve witnessed activated onto the core protocol. 
To grasp more of an idea and understanding of their significance, contract calls display an interesting trend in the charts. 
When we look into these timescales and the specific features brought towards the core protocol post-activation, a few things begin to become clear. For Delphi, we saw gas optimizations and storage costs cut. Likewise, we began to witness the rise of several DeFi related projects and launches during this time such as Kolibri and others. 
For Edo, we witnessed the introduction of an adoption period, sapling, and tickets. With tickets proving quite useful for NFT’s, we began to witness the creation of popular NFT platforms like H=N, and Kalamint around this time post-activation. 
There’s a trend here that’s beginning to form. That trend centers around the availability of certain features that were either missing or completely non-existent - coming to the core protocol and opening the ecosystem up to applications/projects that couldn’t have been created otherwise. 
Thus, with the growth we’ve witnessed thus far and protocol upgrade Granada activated - it would not be faulty to consider the same trend continuing to play out as adoption continues to accelerate and more launches and network effects are beginning to form.
Granada’s passing also represents a novel way in which the Tezos governance mechanism can be used to incorporate features such as liquidity provisioning as a public good directly on the base layer protocol. To date, no other blockchain has been able to accomplish a feat such as this in a formal, well-defined and predictable manner. 
While early, it will be interesting to see the potential effects of this public good within the Tezos network and the further gas optimizations and finality improvements. 
What’s certain is that having sensible governance, a protocol that is built to last, and a vibrant and energetic community is beginning to challenge those on the other side of the equation. 
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