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The Baking Sheet - Issue #61

The Baking Sheet - Issue #61
By Tezos Commons • Issue #61 • View online
Let’s take a minute to reflect on Tezos Ecosystem adoption

Welcome to this week’s issue of The Baking Sheet! 
Since we’ve witnessed the activation of protocol Granada, the Tezos ecosystem has been met with a robust new set of features and optimizations. 
Earlier in the week, there was an interesting reddit thread on r/cryptocurrency that gained a lot of attention. For this week’s issue, we’re going to dive deeper into some of the points raised in that thread.
Tezos Ecosystem Insights: Who's building?
For most of us active community members, the above heading is one we’re familiar with hearing. But, in recent times it’s not really brought up much anymore. Why might that be?
On-chain metrics paint an image that shows consistent growth in terms of contract calls and smart contract deployments. This metric in conjunction with protocol upgrades has shown to compliment each other quite nicely.
Beyond these metrics, there’s a vast array of enterprises, governments, and various other entities building on the Tezos blockchain. A lot of these entities have actually switched from Ethereum to Tezos, a growing theme as of late.
This list is a bit outdated but it’s very useful in understanding the gravity and alignment of the various entities involved within the ecosystem. One of the most profound ways to garner adoption and increased usage of public blockchains is through their network effects. This is actually the primary point in which public blockchains accrue their value from. 
So, when we put together this list and some of the other entities who are not included, we get a strong semblance of the various entities involved within the Tezos ecosystem and those surely to come. 
The list is quite impressive, it does not merely span to newly formed teams or entities. Many household names like Ubisoft, Red Bull Racing Honda, McLaren Racing, New York Mets, Groupe Casino, Societe Generale, tZERO, and more are among a list of companies and select enterprises who have taken interest in using the Tezos network.  
What’s even more interesting is that many of the aforementioned names are actually using the Tezos network today. Through quite literally the most direct way to contribute to the Tezos network, select enterprises are rapidly becoming corporate bakers. If securing the Tezos network through a baking operation is not your idea of contribution, I’m not sure what to tell you. 
This said - the big picture idea we can glean from all this is to view networks like Tezos as enablers for transporting goods, services, and everything in between like modern day freight or the railroads. If the future is truly moving digital, then networks like Tezos will play an important role in its transformation.
Tezos Community Rewards
Announcing Tezos Community Rewards Winners for July!
We would like to congratulate all of you for being nominated and chosen among the inaugural launch of the Tezos Community Rewards Program. 
August Nominations are open — nominate on who you think deserves Tez for their contributions.  
If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to contact us.
This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem
Interview With Tezos Co-Founder Kathleen Breitman
This Week in Tezos Development
Gas Fees post Granada update. source: u/ExplanationThin5269/ from /r/Tezos
Gas Fees post Granada update. source: u/ExplanationThin5269/ from /r/Tezos
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This week’s episode features Ruanth and Gabby from Yield Guild Games centered around a discussion of Blockchain gaming. 
We are trending towards a metaverse consisting of avatars, micro-economies, virtual ownership powered by digital currencies. 
One example is this new model, termed “play-to-earn,” marks a meaningful evolution in gaming economies. Many players playing Yield Guild Games in the Philippines were earning more than they had at their previous jobs.
For builders in the Tezos ecosystem building games and applications, this is a must listen to learn on how blockchain gaming can evolve from where we are today! 
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