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The Baking Sheet - Issue #63

The Baking Sheet - Issue #63
By Tezos Commons • Issue #63 • View online
Beware: Tezzards have taken over the blockchain!

Welcome to this week’s issue of The Baking Sheet! 
Another stellar month for Tezos is in the books. We recently started a new monthly digest series with our first one shared yesterday. Be sure to keep up to date with that and learn more about what’s been happening within the ecosystem on a monthly cadence. 
For this week’s issue, I feel it’s only appropriate to discuss the tezzardz success and OneOf’s recent launch. 
Let’s get into it.
Tezos Ecosystem Insights: The Path to Adoption
Contract calls are up a whopping 18% for August as comparative to the previous month. Over 200% if we recount back to April as well. Things are beginning to come together. 
The explosion we’ve witnessed in terms of on-chain activity can best be characterized as nothing less than a digital renaissance. 
From the growing popularity of platforms like, hic et nunc, and more - Tezos is quickly escalating towards the platform of choice for artists and creators alike. 
The recent Tezzardz auction and OneOf launch paint credence to that.
Tezzardz sold out in merely under 2 hours, with as much as 63k tez contributed to the auction. At a starting price of 15 tez each, early adopters were able to seize their stake in what was the first generative avatar pfp project on their own FA2 smart contract on Tezos. History was truly made that day as the largest NFT auction yet on Tezos. 
As we begin to see these smaller communities start to expand from already existing ones, the network effects will be interesting to watch. They’re only compounding further and that’s what you want to see in a project like Tezzardz. 
At the very core, community is everything to cryptocurrencies. When you add NFT’s into the mix, you get into some interesting game theory. Long story short, Tezzardz were able to bring an already existing community that sprung up on H=N and bound them together in a way that hasn’t been done yet. This sort of compounding effect is something that has the potential to only amplify over time. 
In fact, someone has already created a DAO for tezzardz with plans to create a fractional NFT on Tezos. 
That said, the OneOf launch also happened around the same time as the Tezzards auction. With over $63M in seed funding, OneOf is a behemoth that is based entirely on Tezos. At the core, OneOf’s mission is addressing
accessibility to mainstream audiences who may or may not necessarily understand NFT’s. 
Lin Dai, co-founder and CEO of OneOf shared a few words recently on the launch. 
“We’re interested in this bigger picture idea of, how do we get the next 100 million non-crypto users onto the blockchain ecosystem? f you think about the earliest use cases, it’s really around speculation. You purchase a coin and then it will rise in price. We didn’t think that was going to be the way to usher in the watershed moment for general adoption of blockchain.”
As the disparage begins to shrink and permeate mainstream culture, this is when things will begin to become interesting. Tezzardz was a community sprung project that was a truly unexpected success. Much like other projects, it takes getting incorporated into the community to fully grasp why it’s so special. 
One thing is for certain, as Tezos continues to grow and evolve - so will the community and network effects. We’re getting close to injection of protocol H, the newest Tezos on-chain upgrade. 
Stay tuned for the developments around protocol H and those to come abroad! 
Join the fukrs.
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