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The Baking Sheet - Issue #64

The Baking Sheet - Issue #64
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Mainstream adoption is here

Welcome to this week’s issue of The Baking Sheet! 
This week has been another great week for the Tezos ecosystem. We’ve been met with continuous growth in on-chain activity, Homebase’s launch, and the likes of Doja Cat dropping NFT’s on Tezos through recently launched NFT platform, OneOf. 
In this week’s issue, we’re going to discuss the growing Tezos ecosystem and the traction of recent NFT launches and drops.
Tezos Ecosystem Insights: Talent at the Cypher Agora
Tezos Info
Considering the fast-paced growth of the decentralized #Tezos ecosystem, it wasn't easy getting everything onto an ecosystem map - but here's an honest attempt!

This huge map only captures a piece of what's happening on @Tezos.
Tezos has had it’s share of uphill battles and lack of recognition within the space for some time. It would be disingenuous not to come to that clear reality. That said, over the past few months, a new trajectory for the ecosystem has been made. 
There’s been so much new talent joining the ecosystem recently with heaps of collectors, artists, enthusiasts, and more choosing Tezos. One quick look at on-chain activity shows a thriving and growing ecosystem focused on expanding utility and adoption. In fact, just the other day we reached a new daily record for transactions, over 600k!
This isn’t a pure short-lived marketing stunt either, not to give credit to those like Blokhaus who are deserving of that credit. What we’re actually seeing is the culmination of the core protocol and its governance mechanism being put to use to enable applications/tools for supporting new launches and protocols on mainnet. 
This unique ability to Tezos has allowed us to go from not even having a stable coin about a year ago to being able to support synthetic assets and soon lending, insurance, and other products on-chain. On the NFT front, having a predictable and sensible governance process, economically sustainable for the masses, and ecologically friendly alternative to other platforms - has led to a cambrian explosion on Tezos. 
In last week’s issue we talked about the tezzardz launch and other developments, this week 3/6 of the rarest tezzardz have been sold for a minimum of 22k tez each. CodeCrafting of Crunchy is also working on fractionalizing the ghost tezzard in an upcoming project and has released a gallery for viewing rarity/rankings of tezzardz. 
Equally as exciting, we saw the first full-blown mainstream NFT drop take place on Tezos-based platform, OneOf. Doja Cat, at one time the number one artist across streaming platforms, has dropped a collection of NFT’s on OneOf. There’s still five days left in the drop, so check it out if you’d like here
Navigating through the noise can be difficult at times. But, we’re truly witnessing something special happening within the Tezos ecosystem. We’ll leave this week’s issue with something to ponder.
This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem
Homebase DAO - Creating a DAO on Tezos
Homebase DAO - Creating a DAO on Tezos
Events: AMA with Arthur Breitman
Arthur B. 🌮
Got questions about #Tezos? I’m hosting a live AMA on Youtube on Tuesday, September 14th from 8:00 - 9:30pm GST (3:00 - 4:30pm ET).

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Homebase DAO - Creating a Proposal on Homebase DAO
Homebase DAO - Creating a Proposal on Homebase DAO
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