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The Baking Sheet - Issue #65

The Baking Sheet - Issue #65
By Tezos Commons • Issue #65 • View online
Tezos surpasses last months contract calls in just 15 days

Welcome to this week’s issue of The Baking Sheet!
The Tezos network continues to grow with contract calls already breaking last month’s ATH! Over the week, we’ve been treated to some interesting developments, however. 
For this week’s issue, I think it’s important to outline why decentralization is a critical component for success in the long term in lieu of recent events.
Tezos Ecosystem Insights: Decentralization
Tezos is a decentralized and permissionless public blockchain. To this date, it has been battle-tested through multiple on-chain upgrades and utilizing a feature native to Tezos, the ability to self-amend. 
This particular feature is pretty useful and important when we consider other public blockchains which must undergo a fork to incorporate even the smallest of changes. 
How Do Public Blockchains Avoid Forks? The Difference Between Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tezos
How Do Public Blockchains Avoid Forks? The Difference Between Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tezos
The exact opposite of this happened earlier this week with Solana and Arbitrum. 
According to the Solana team, a large transaction overload occurred and caused the network to fork. This downtime resulted in the network being offline for nearly 24 hours. 
Arbitrum was also offline for a brief period of time as well. 
These instances provide us with prime examples of why decentralization and on-chain governance is important. It’s easy to discard this particular aspect as it’s easier on the user side with centralization, or having a singular/central authority overseeing. But, that “easiness” can come with it’s negative effects. 
I encourage you to read this great article by Chris Dixon to get a better idea of what those might be. 
The very ethos of blockchain hinges on decentralization. As Tezos continues to evolve and grow, we should not become surprised as more concern begins to be placed on centralization. 
With protocol H on the upcoming horizon and network usage growing by the day, it will be exciting to see what features will be presented in the upcoming protocol upgrade!
This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem
This Week in Tezos Development
HUGE Needs you! 
Huge Inc, a marketing agency working within the Tezos ecosystem, is doing a study on the user experience of Tezos devs. Have you wondered how else you could help make Tezos the best blockchain possible? Well, now is your opportunity. With insight into, and appreciation for the role of developers and their experience, we can help make Tezos a better home to develop on. This would be a self paced study over three days totaling 2 hours at most, altogether ( unless of course you wanted more time ). 
If you know someone in the Tezos community that would be a great fit for this initiative please encourage them to participate. 
If you are a Tezos dev and would like to help you can get in touch in the Tezos telegram channel or email [email protected] directly.
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