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The Baking Sheet - Issue #67

The Baking Sheet - Issue #67
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The Tezos Ecosystem is growing at an exponential rate

Welcome to this week’s issue of The Baking Sheet!
Q3 is in the books now. Over the week, we’ve seen further adoption throughout the Tezos ecosystem in terms of contract calls, NFT’s, DeFi, and social metrics. Tezos was even trending on Twitter at one point!
This week’s issue dives into the explosive growth we’ve witnessed this month with contract calls and why we see this trend is likely to keep growing.
Tezos Ecosystem Insights: Artists & Creators
Beginning last week, we started hosting a new Tezos community hangout session on Twitter. If you haven’t tuned into any of the previous ones, be sure to this coming Tuesday. 
We co-host these sessions alongside
Our Twitter spaces have had a lot of really great knowledge shared and some of the stories a few people have are quite interesting. 
That said, a recurring theme I keep hearing from artists and collectors who tune in and share a few words is just how welcoming Tezos is comparative to other platforms/networks. It’s virtually the same story with everyone, so you can’t take it entirely from me in the advent you were. 
It’s becoming its own culture that artists have created and culminated on Tezos. Since minting/distribution is so much cheaper, there’s been so much room for experimentation and we’ve seen some great stuff come out of it. 
To expand, one participant in our space even brought up the different files that hic et nunc allows and spoke at length on why that actually brought him to the platform since it is not offered anywhere else. 
Cheaper fees, environmentally friendly, and an already established reputation with large names using Tezos-based NFT platforms have catered to a massive growth for contract calls. This month we’re nearly at 6M contract calls and just recently broke the 20M total contract call milestone.
In other words, protocol upgrades amalgamated with organic NFT and DeFi interest have encompassed for the vast majority of contract calls on Tezos to date… just since April. 
The numbers are backing up what I’ve been writing about and saying for awhile. Tezos is truly beginning to become a movement and pivot for artists and creators furiated from issues plaguing other platforms/networks, not just limited to feature sets. We’ve seen a whole new culture and community emerge from this movement that has begun to define it. 
That culture has led to the creation of original art, creative and intuitive applications of their art, and an experimental atmosphere that would not be available much elsewhere. One would be pressed to find a more vibrant community and group of collectors and artists than what we’ve seen come to Tezos. 
Be sure to tune in every Tuesday for our Twitter spaces if you’d like to hear more stories from the artists and collectors themselves. We also cover ecosystem-wide news as well.
Tezos x NY Mets
Brian David-Marshall
Super excited and more than a little terrified. In roughy one hour from now I get to live out a childhood dream and throw out the first pitch for the last @Mets game of the season. Thanks to @tezos for the amazing opportunity.
This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem
Emergents TCG
Drumroll, please. 🥁🥁🥁
It's the launch of the Emergents TCG website with some highly insightful articles from our own @TheZvi and a surprise promo card announcement! Read up at right now!
This Week in Tezos Development
We are happy to announce version 0.8.0, which includes early support for the new features coming to @tezos with the Hangzhou proposal.

We now support on-chain views and constant values in both SmartPy and SmartTS dialects.
Now Streaming
This week’s episode features Om, head of Tezos India, co-founder of Tezsure and Plenty DeFi.
India has been a fast growing region for blockchain adoption with Tezos trailblazing a path in this region.
Let’s dive into the latest developments with Om
Tezos NFTs - Vertical Crypto Art Auction
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