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The Baking Sheet - Issue #71

The Baking Sheet - Issue #71
By Tezos Commons • Issue #71 • View online
Happy Halloween! 🎃

Welcome to this week’s issue of the Baking Sheet! This past week saw some signficant strides in the NFT space for Tezos so let’s dive in!
Tezos x Adobe Behance
Adobe’s social media platform — Behance, the world’s largest creative network is getting in on the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) action. This platform is a place for creators to showcase their work to the masses, an online portfolio or galley so to speak.
In detail, Behance is working on connecting with multiple blockchains including Tezos. The Adobe platform is hoping to offer a space for NFT artists to showcase their beautiful, breathtaking, and thought-provoking NFTs.
To highlight, Behance saw over 160 million users visit their site over the last year. These visitors simply visit to view the creative works showcased. In fact, over the last year, these 160 million visitors viewed creatives over 2.25 billion times.
Now with the NFT boom, it is clear that these NFT artworks deserve a place to be proudly displayed to the world. So, what better way to display the definition of digital creativity than to display it on the world’s largest creative network?
Behance can then display provenance data from the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI).
In order to display their NFTs on Behance, holders will be able to connect their crypto wallets right onto Behance and proceed from there. As a bonus, creators can sell subscriptions on Behance to give access to workshops, live streams, and tutorials.
It is likely that once the blockchains are connected with Behance, there will be a huge flood of NFTs on the platform. In particular, Tezos will have much to offer. Due to its sustainable and scalable nature, Tezos has garnered many NFT-centric partnerships. To name a few, McLaren Racing, Red Bull, Art Basel, and many more are some of Tezos’ latest partnerships.
New NFT Music Platform: Subtrack
 Subtrack, a community platform built for securely collecting music in rare collector packages, announced it is dropping their first non-fungible token (NFT) with Groovence records. Founded 6 years ago between Paris and Toulouse, the French music label company searches for emerging musical talents and has already made 5 releases among 15 artists with more than 30 events.
The first digital track available on the platform is an exclusive collaboration from Groovence records artists composed of the electronic duo Moonee and Tour Maubourg and will go live today on With “Deep in My Mind” these two young talents pay tribute to French sampled house music with a stunning track that carries you back to the early 20’s like a time machine. The collectible NFT includes the track, a ticket for their next show, and a signed vinyl. There are five NFT copies available to purchase by auction through The entirety of the winning bid will go to the artists.
Co-founded by two french electronic music lovers, Louis-Maxime Dhellemmes and Tom Bonin, Subtrack aims to solve the problem of remuneration for underground artists by helping them offer unique and engaging experiences with their fans.
Tezos x Rarible Protocol
Rarible Protocol DAO
Big news! 🚀 Rarible Protocol can now be deployed on @tezos - sustainable blockchain with low fees and strong NFT community. 100% open source.
Thanks to the Tezos community who made the integration possible. Stay tuned for more updates, and start building on Tezos now!
This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem
This Week in Tezos Development
Now Streaming
This Week’s episode of TezTalks Radio, we sit down with Mike Shinoda an avid NFT artist on Tezos and a member of the globally recognized band, Linkin Park. 
NFTs have arrived on Tezos and has enabled artists like Mike to experiment with their creative passion in a sustainable way. The hyper growth of NFT platforms like Hic et Nunc and OBJKT has empowered artists to share their art to a large audience.
Tune in for a great discussion on why Mike thinks NFTs is a gateway for putting the power back into the artists hands and how he envisions the future of this space
co-hosted by Marissa Trew and Stu Elmes
Tezos NFT Project: GloGang
GloGang is the first PFP project from OneOf in collaboration with Multi-platinum recording artist Chief Keef. There will be 4,444 unique mints available and each GloGang holder will receive exclusive content.
The GloGang Story
Thousands of years ago, Glo’s were created, quickly assembling into a collective force known as the GloGang. A community of magical healing light people that originated by chance. Every 2000 years the sun, the earth and Saturn all align on the same axis to create an original prism 1 trillion times the power of the sun. Glo’s are the individual vessels for distributing this energy source. The halo of sun or the shine is the signal that the Glo has reached maturity and can begin to disperse its energy.
For years Glo’s and humans have worked in harmony for the goal of world peace. However, North Korea government believes Glo’s energy dispersing abilities are the key to building a weapon of mass destruction unlike any the world has seen before! Under orders of Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un, the North Korean RGB secretly captured one of the sister Glo’s by using an advanced EMP device!
The Glo’s have made great sacrifices to make it this far, they must focus their energy, time and dedication into returning their sister back into the Gang! The Gang is in search of human allies. Ownership of a Glo NFT is your access into the GloGang, a world of unmatched energy, power and the unknown. But you must act quickly if you are to achieve self-mastery. The fate of your Glo sister, and the world, is at stake…
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