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The Baking Sheet - Issue #74

The Baking Sheet - Issue #74
By Tezos Commons • Issue #74 • View online
On our way to Hangzhou!

Welcome to this week’s issue of The Baking Sheet!
Another milestone this week has been achieved as Tezos officially reached Quorum from Bakers which gives the go-ahead to upgrade for the 8th time. The proposal Hangzhou will introduce some key features on the protocol and setting it up for TenderBake.
Learn more about Hangzhou at Tezos Agora.
We’ve witnessed lots of discussion surrounding all the new H=N mirrors after its founder Rafael Lima decided to part ways with the upkeep and maintenance of the original site. 
This week’s issue extrapolates why the new route being taken is the best for H=N and the community. 
Revitalizing the Ethos of H=N
Whether we like it or not, having a single person overseeing the majority of changes on what turned out to be the largest NFT marketplace across the board… is not healthy nor beneficial for community members. 
This acclamation presents a single point of failure that can be very costly for genuine collectors, artists, creators, and the alike. Tie a token to it under that very framework (HDAO) and one may be left pondering the purpose of that token (rightly so). 
Thus, this has been the focal point of conversation for the past week. 
What happens now? 
After we learned of H=N becoming “discontinued”, several community members were quick to run mirror instances so people could use the site and interact with the contracts. DNS and TezTools in particular were lightning fast at taking this over. 
Of all the arguments I see against these teams who wanted to make the best of a less than great situation, they were just simply trying to help all the artists and community members to be able to use H=N. 
What we saw essentially was the original creator basically got tired of his creation. With no means of turnover, he left the community with few options. 
H=N’s success came out of the void, no one saw it coming. One could say it truly was a story of the underdog coming up and challenging the likes of platforms like OpenSea and Rarible. But, this was never the intention to directly challenge them. 
H=N represents something greater than all of us, as varying as our opinions may be. Let’s traverse back to its initial origins in March of this year. 
From both these videos Rafael makes clear what his interest were at the moment when he was coding Hic Et Nunc:
  • Blockchain’s inherently characteristic of being uncensorable and transparent.
  • Apply these characteristics into governance experiments.
  • The importance of liminal spaces for experimentation in art.
  • Self-sustaining creative economies.
  • Web 3.0 platforms and user freedom. Create a space where the user is fully the owner of all his data.
Those videos are available here and here in case you want to view/listen to them. 
The main thing we can glean here is that H=N is returning to the hands of the original people who created what it became. This ethos supersedes a singular figure and is bound by its original purpose/intent. 
H=N lives on.
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