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The Baking Sheet - Issue #75

The Baking Sheet - Issue #75
By Tezos Commons • Issue #75 • View online
See you in Miami!

Welcome to this week’s issue of The Baking Sheet!
As we’re about to enter the new Hangzhou era, the highly anticipated Art Basel event in Miami is approaching. Dozens of speakers are lined up to discuss their journey through NFTs and Tezos, for that matter. 
This week’s issue will focus on that event and what to look out for.
Tezos x Art Basel Miami
It should be no surprise that Tezos is beginning to become highly resonated and ingrained within today’s NFT movement. As this new digital frontier has begun to evolve, there’s no greater platform than one that is quite literally designed to evolve alongside it. 
Hangzhou, the latest Tezos protocol upgrade has been accepted by the Tezos community and will activate at the end of cycle 427, on block 1,916,929, at approximately 16:20:22 UTC on December 3rd, 2021.
Art Basel Miami is slated to take place December 2-4, with a long list of speaker lineups from artists, creators, and collectors across the globe using Tezos. You’ll even be able to tune in to see it live!
Attendees will be able to mint an AI generative self-portrait which they can mint as a takeaway NFT. 
A few highlights of guests are as follows:
  • Mumu the Stan
  • Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park/Fort Minor)
  • Kevin Abosch 
  • George Goodwin (OMGiDrawedit)
  • Mario Klingemann (Quasimondo)
  • And many more
So, we’re actually going to see a few great things happen over Art Basel week. Apart from all the artists and creators alike showcasing their work and Tezos, it will coincide with the latest Tezos upgrade getting activated. 
This unique feature exclusive to Tezos allows the core protocol to implement the latest and greatest feature sets and activate them autonomously with community consensus. Hangzhou will embark on the 8th time the Tezos protocol has implemented a new upgrade without causing a network fork. 
Be sure to tune in for Art Basel and if you’re in attendance, stop by and try a “sip et nunc”!
This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem
Announcing the DNS x Artists DAO - House @ Art Basel
This Week in Tezos Development
TzKT DEX update trailer
TzKT DEX update trailer
The DEX page for QuipuSwap and Liquidity Baking on is evolving!
  • - additional chart periods
  • - TVL and share’s price charts
  • - personal statistics for liquidity providers
  • - trade history
Other features are coming!
The latest issue of The Nine, our flagship series that uses NFTs on Tezos to bring unparalleled creative control to readers. 
The NFT model has already allowed readers to vote on outcomes ranging from what character appears next to whether or not our time-jumping protagonist visits D-Day of the sinking of the Titanic… but the vote tied to today’s release will have the greatest ramifications to date! 
See how Interpop is using NFTs on Tezos to empower fans, and discover how their voices have already helped shape an all-new comics universe. See for yourself.
Only 500 editions of The Nine #3 have been minted. Get yours today
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