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The Baking Sheet - Issue #81

The Baking Sheet - Issue #81
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Tezos x Team Vitality

Welcome to this week’s Baking Sheet and the first one for 2022 - The Ecosystem starts off with bang by announcing a multi-year partnership with the French esports team, Team Vitality – let’s dive in
Ecosystem Insights: Tezos x Team Vitality
Tezos has secured a partnership with French esports giant Team Vitality. The three-year deal aims to bring Team Vitality closer to its fans than ever before by leveraging Tezos’ energy-efficient blockchain. 
Tezos has entered into another game-changing partnership.
The Layer 1 blockchain, which prides itself on energy efficiency, announced a three-year partnership with French esports organization Team Vitality Thursday. Although details about what the partnership entails are still vague, Team Vitality stated that the deal would “revolutionize” its fan experience.
As part of the new deal, Team Vitality explained that the collaboration would help educate their fans on the benefits of blockchain as part of the gaming experience and showcase the advancements of these technologies. Additionally, the organization’s CEO Nicolas Maurer explained what the partnership would mean for the esports team, stating:
“This is truly a game-changing partnership for Vitality, which feels appropriate given 2022 is set to be the biggest year in our history. The opportunities Tezos can bring to strengthen the relationship between us and our fans is incredibly exciting, and we’re immensely proud to have Tezos join us on this journey.”
For Tezos, the partnership appears to include brand visibility, possibly in the form of sponsorship logos on Team Vitality players’ jerseys. “Tezos will be represented by top-performing Team Vitality rosters and star athletes and through unrivaled brand visibility across the esports ecosystem,” Team Vitality said in a press release. 
Last year, Tezos signed several major partnerships to boost its visibility. In June, Tezos made deals with Formula One racing teams McLaren and Red Bull Racing to launch collectible NFTs. Both teams stated that Tezos’ low carbon footprint factored into partnering with the blockchain. 
This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem
This Week in Tezos Development
Tezos Governance
Only 10 days remaining in the latest Ithaca proposal – Let’s vote Bakers!
Tenderbake is a major update to the Tezos consensus algorithm. Like Tendermint, Tenderbake brings fast deterministic finality to the Tezos protocol.
Tenderbake comes with a set of important changes:
  1. The protocol moves away from a roll-based model to an optimized stake-based model to allocate rewards: bakers will receive rewards depending on their current stake instead of the number of rolls they own.
  2. A reduction in the minimal number of tokens required to be selected as a validator would be implemented: from 8,000 tez to 6,000 tez. This minimal stake of 6,000 tez remains necessary for performance reasons.
  3. The baking and endorsement rewards mechanism has been reworked (c.f. rewards documentation). In particular, baking rewards will be credited instantaneously, and not frozen for 5 cycles as is the case with Emmy*. Furthermore, there will no longer be a variance for endorsement rewards. The total sum of endorsement rewards for a cycle will be fully distributed at the end of the same cycle, provided delegates have at least 2/3 of their endorsement slots included in blocks.
  4. A new security deposit mechanism is introduced: delegates are required to freeze, at minimum, 10% of their stake in advance in order to obtain baking and endorsement rights. A new operation Set_deposit_limit is also introduced to manually manage this limit.
  5. The number of endorsement slots per block has been bumped from 256 to 7,000: this means that a delegate with the minimum amount of tokens will participate every 10 blocks on average. The node’s storage layer and prevalidator have been optimized to handle the charge, with the precheck feature also contributing to the increase in performance. The number of endorsement operations, which will continue to endorse multiple slots, will be proportional to the number of validators in the network, i.e. around 500.
  6. Since Tenderbake is modeled after classical BFT consensus algorithms, it favors safety over liveness and requires active participation of validators holding 2/3 of the stake in order for the chain to progress.
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Tezos NFTs
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