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The Baking Sheet - Issue #89

The Baking Sheet - Issue #89
By Tezos Commons • Issue #89 • View online
See you at SXSW!

Welcome to this week’s issue of The Baking Sheet!
One of the most significant upgrades to date on Tezos is nearing the end of token holding voting. 
As we move closer to the highly anticipated Tenderbake feature, it’s important to understand the features Protocol Ithaca provides the Tezos network and why you need to get out and vote if you’re a baker. 
Let’s discuss Protocol Ithaca, steps you should take as a baker before the upgrade, and more in this week’s issue.
Hello, TenderBake
Anyone remember the “Wen tenderbake” meme? 
Well, it’s no longer a meme. 
As we’ve entered the promotion period for Protocol Ithaca, it’s paramount that the Tezos community and bakers educate themselves on the changes expected in preparation for activation. 
That said, Protocol Ithaca will introduce the following feature sets to the Tezos network upon activation and support by the Tezos community: 
  • Deprecation of a redundant field in an error message
  • Tenderbake
  • Precheck of operations
  • Liquidity baking sunset changes
  • Tickets hardening
  • Bug fixes
  • Minor changes
Among all the changes coming with Ithaca, there is no doubt Tenderbake is the most significant.
How many blockchains have you heard replacing the current consensus algorithm in a seamless, democratic way to end up activating autonomously if approved? That’s what is essentially happening here.  
Tenderbake brings several improvements including deterministic finality, i.e. absolute certainty that transactions cannot be reversed after two blocks.
Replacing the consensus mechanism is in itself a major undertaking, as it defines the rules by which Tezos bakers decide the state of the ledger – a core function of a blockchain.
To understand all the other changes coming with Ithaca, be sure to read the changelog
Checklist for the Tenderbake Upgrade
Earlier, Nomadic Labs shared an article describing steps needed to be taken before the activation of Protocol Ithaca. In that post, a checklist was provided for bakers and the Tezos community at large. 
As a minimum, the following should be completed by the time of activation:
  • Tezos node and baking software need to be updated to a Tenderbake compatible version. For Octez, this is v12.0 and later versions. For TezEdge, it’s v2 and later versions.
  • Bakers using a Ledger hardware wallet for secure signing need to update the Tezos Baking app on their device to v2.2.15. Earlier versions will NOT work after Ithaca2 activation.
  • Remote signing software for baking will need to be significantly updated.
  • Block explorers and other indexing software will need to be significantly updated.
  • Dapp maintainers are highly encouraged to test their dapps on the testnet.
If you are unsure about what needs to be done on your end, reach out to us on the Tezos baking Slack or feel free to contact the Nomadic Labs support team.
How to vote: tezos-client submit ballot for YOUR_ADDRESS Psithaca2MLRFYargivpo7YvUr7wUDqyxrdhC5CQq78mRvimz6A yay|nay|pass
Let’s get out there and make our voices heard for one of the most significant features to come to the Tezos network yet. 
Tezos x SXSW: Block Space
Introducing Block Space at SXSW presented by the many orgranizations from across the Tezos Ecosystem
Explore how culture is being reimagined on the Tezos blockchain– and what the possibilities are for the future.
Friday, March 11 to Monday, March 14, 2022.
On-site and online will also be Block/Talks, a dedicated speaker series on Tezos
Panels will dive into engaging topics surrounding arts, culture, music, gaming, Web3, the metaverse, and more.
This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem
Why I chose to work in the Tezos Ecosystem
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This Week in Tezos Development
Temple Wallet (ex. Thanos)
The MadFish team is safe, thank you for your support.
We have rolled out a new Temple update:

- Firefox lock-up fix.
- Changed account create/restore labels.
- Showing ledger account derivation path in the settings.
- Fixed signing messages on Rarible.

Glory to Ukraine!
Now Streaming
The TezTalks team sits down for an inspiring chat with Leah Callon-Butler from Emfarsis about blockchain adoption in Asia, how play-to-earn gaming helped the people of the Philippines through peak Covid, and the amazing crypto opportunities on the horizon in The East. If you’re curious about the future of blockchain gaming and what it could actually look like, lending Leah and TezTalks your ear could be the best investment you make today.   
Now Streaming!
Tezos Creators: FLUX Tribe
FLUX Tribe is a collection of 4200 randomly generated NFTs chilling on the Tezos Blockchain. These distinctive creatures are usually found in gangs of five or more, roaming the colourful clusters of the metaverse. Each FLUX is a member of a tribal faction, and together, the factions form the collective known as the FLUX TRIBE
These distinctive creatures are usually found in gangs of five or more, roaming the colourful streets of New Flux City. Each gang is a member of a tribal faction, and together the factions form the collective known as the FLUX TRIBE.
There is a clear hierarchy within Tribes led by a King. Creativity, honour and the community spirit is highly celebrated in the FLUX culture with tribal-like markings as a sign of belonging, achievement, and respect.
The FLUX have evolved over the past millennia into a diverse species with vast numbers within their ever-growing population. The future of New Flux City is a bright one as its inhabitants enter a new age with the metaverse.
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