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The Baking Sheet - Issue #91

The Baking Sheet - Issue #91
By Tezos Commons • Issue #91 • View online
TenderBake is here – make sure you’re prepared!

Welcome to this week’s issue of ‘The Baking Sheet’ – TenderBake is on the horizon and the road may get bumpy during this significant upgrade that brings fast finality to Tezos. To ensure the upgrade goes smooth as possible - Nomadic Labs has prepared checklist for Bakers to follow, let’s dive in
TenderBake Upgrade - The Checklist
Generally, we encourage the ecosystem to join the ithacanet testnet to make sure their setup and infrastructure works with the upcoming protocol version.
As a minimum, the following should be completed by the time of activation:
  • Tezos node and baking software need to be updated to a Tenderbake compatible version. For Octez, this is v12.0 and later versions. For TezEdge, it’s v2 and later versions.
  • Bakers using a Ledger hardware wallet for secure signing need to update the Tezos Baking app on their device to v2.2.15Earlier versions will NOT work after Ithaca2 activation.
  • Remote signing software for baking will need to be significantly updated1.
  • Block explorers and other indexing software will need to be significantly updated.
  • Dapp maintainers are highly encouraged to test their dapps on the testnet.
If you are unsure about what needs to be done on your end, reach out to us on the Tezos baking Slack or feel free to contact the Nomadic Labs support team.
A note on hardware
As Tezos continues to gain adoption and will need to offer higher throughput, questions have arisen whether hardware requirements for bakers will increase.
We do not see the current upgrade to Tenderbake consensus making this necessary. We expect current hardware setups to remain sufficient, provided they live up to the generally recommended specifications.
Upcoming Layer 2 scaling initiatives, such as optimistic roll-ups, are expected to greatly alleviate the pressure on the main chain, Layer 1.
However, Tenderbake is a first step towards tweaking the network to increase throughput on Layer 1. It is possible that increased adoption, resulting in fuller blocks, combined with tweaks of certain network parameters can lead to the lowest-powered baking systems eventually needing to be upgraded.
Should it become relevant, it is important to note that a slight upgrade of the lowest-powered systems — e.g. from a Raspberry Pi to a sufficiently powered Intel NUC — would not affect Tezos’ highly energy-efficient profile in any significant way.
As the recent PwC report assessing Tezos’ carbon footprint shows, 10% of respondent bakers reported using a Raspberry Pi, each drawing about 9 watts. Switching to an Intel NUC would increase the energy consumption of these bakers’ systems to about 12 watts.
Tenderbake is a major milestone for Tezos and its community. We are excited to be a part of this major protocol transformation and eager to see what new opportunities it will bring.
This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem
Lugh is the first player who has issued EURL - stable digital assets pegged to the euro, based on Tezos technology. This project was brought into life in partnership with Coinhouse, with tech support of NL & Exaion, & in a trustworthy environment built with key experts such as Societe Generale.
“Lugh chose to launch its euro-pegged digital asset on Tezos, and being a corporate baker will allow us to be more involved in the Tezos community”. Alban Vendeuvre, Lugh COO.
“We are particularly delighted to have worked with Lugh on their exploration of Tezos from launching the first reliable euro-pegged digital asset to becoming a corporate baker.” Hadrien Zerah, Nomadic Labs Managing Director.
This Week in Tezos Development
Announcing the Encode x Tezos Hackathon
Now Streaming
This week’s episode we sit down with Tezos Ukraine’s community manager Olya to provide updates on the projects they have been doing, her experience working in Ukraine during the current climate, and the future goals of building a strong Tezos community.
Watch on YouTube
Tezos Creators | Tezumura Village of Tezos
Tezumura will launch 5,555 unique artworks and five hand-drawn rare tokens on april 13, 2022. the collection includes variations of characters classified by their role in the community, artisans, merchants, travelers, warriors, and more.
This collection strives to be the most artistic and qualified Japanese art profile pictures project to release on the Tezos blockchain
This Tezos ancient village is a place of human diversity. People have their own roles in the community. This village divided into five regions, followed the roles of the members;
Northern – 神国 The Enlightenment Kingdom of God
Capital – 政府都市 Government City
Central – 戦士町 Warrior town
Eastern – 町人町 Tradesman Town
Western – 職人の街 Artisan Town
Southeast – 外人地域 Time Traveller Territory
Southern – あくま宮 Demonland
5,555 Villagers of Tezumura, the ancient Tezos community in the Ukiyo-verse. Ukiyo means Floating World in Japanese, The land where people have fun and extraordinary life. From farmer to Buddha, everyone wearing “Mask” presents their role in the village.
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