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The Baking Sheet - Issue #94

The Baking Sheet - Issue #94
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Never. Stop. Evolving

Welcome to this week’s issue of The Baking Sheet!
March was another jam packed month for the Tezos ecosystem which we highlighted further in our Month at a Glance series. All hands have been on deck for the recently activated Ithaca 2 upgrade. 
In this week’s issue, we’re going to highlight a recent twitter thread from Arthur Breitman.
Ecosystem Insights: Tezos to the Outsider
In case you didn’t catch it, Arthur shared a really insightful twitter thread earlier in the week. This isn’t a habitual thing the bear does, so when he does - it’s worth taking note of and paying attention. 
We’ll take some of the highlights and break them down with some additional input. 
1/ Tezos is much bigger than you think. It’s routinely the third most discussed chain on Twitter behind Bitcoin and Ethereum. It’s second only to Ethereum in mentions of NFT.
This is just a matter of fact. It’s easy to get lost in the fast-paced environment that is crypto, but when one looks towards activity and social metrics - Tezos is up there at the very top. 
Just check out lunarcrush, don’t take it just from us. 
4/ Major brands regularly chose to build on Tezos without any outreach, business development, or partnership. They just like the chain.
I’m sure we’ve all seen the infamous FTX ads or the Coinbase super bowl QR code. A lot of projects in crypto place reliance on this type of exposure but it’s difficult to gauge what really comes out of it. 
What’s unique to me however, is the approach the Tezos ecosystem has towards these brands/enterprises. It’s not so much of a “we’ll write you a check to slap the Tezos logo here”. A lot of these brands are showing their own interest like Evian and GAP just to name a few. 
They simply like the network and the proof is in the pudding, indicative below.
12/ Tezos core development teams have proposed the most credible scaling roadmap out there on a short timeline. It may just be my opinion, but having made a number of really correct technical calls in this space since 2014, I think it carries some weight.
Arthur is referring to Nomadic Labs scaling roadmap which was released recently. The current focus is on optimistic rollups, an L2 scaling solution. 
From Nomadic Labs announcement: 
  • Transaction rollups are expected to be part of the upcoming “J” upgrade proposal. They can handle account-to-account transactions of assets, but won’t be able to run smart contracts. This allows for a simpler design and faster implementation.
  • Smart contract rollups are targeted for later this year. The chosen approach is inspired by proven designs for rollups, but tailored to Tezos. They are designed with a generic structure that is not limited to Michelson smart contracts, but can be adapted to support environments like WebAssembly or EVM, the Ethereum Virtual Machine.
It’s quite astonishing to see this level of technical progress. While other networks’ scaling plans are “expected soon” and have been for some time now, many miss out on what sets Tezos apart from the bunch. 
With the activation of Ithaca 2, the Tenderbake feature will introduce a whole new consensus algorithm and bring deterministic finality to the Tezos network. There are no blockchains in existence that can claim they have replaced a consensus algorithm in a seamless and democratic way. 
That said, we should all be very excited about the next few quarters of 2022. This year is beginning to shape up more by the day to be fruitful not only in terms of technical progress but also in onboarding more users, artists, collectors, brands, and the likes. 
This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem
Wert is a VC funded company now, we've raised 4m Euros in all equity round led by @CapitalTagus co-investors include @Fintech20, @RedstoneVC, @DigitalHorizon and Jdac.

Special thanks to @TezosFoundation, honoured to be a part of the ecosystem.
This Week in Tezos Development
In a new blogpost, Benjamin Fuentes introduces TzVote , a new voting application in LigoLANG by Marigold, and reveals its architecture!
You can review or contribute to TzVote, our code base is MIT open source: 
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