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The Baking Sheet - Issue #96

The Baking Sheet - Issue #96
By Tezos Commons • Issue #96 • View online
Next Stop: Jakarta

Welcome to this week’s issue of The Baking Sheet!
Following the activation of the Ithaca 2 protocol, protocol J (Jakarta) has been injected and is undergoing voting! 
For this week’s issue, we’ll highlight some of the key features within Jakarta.
Welcome to Jakarta
The Tezos network has upgraded itself 9 times now, showcasing in real-time that on-chain governance and Tezos’ unique value proposition continue to move the network forward. In an environment where things move fast, this type of feature is necessary to ride the ups and downs. 
As we move towards a new era with Jakarta, the focus on layer 2 and scaling remains evident. 
Per Nomadic Labs announcement last month, Tezos has a new scaling roadmap. With Tenderbake, we’ve already been introduced to fast and deterministic finality. 
Jakarta introduces several exciting new features that will take us further along the scaling roadmap. 
  • Transaction Optimistic Rollups (TORUs)
  • Sapling
  • Liquidity Baking
  • Tickets Improvements
  • Elimination of “Rolls”
  • Bug fixes and other
The term “roll” has always been used to describe the needed stake to bake on the Tezos network. You may not have known, but following the activation of Ithaca2, the number represented in a roll (8,000 tez) was reduced to 6,000 tez. Thus, the term roll is no longer used. 
In terms of scaling however, there is no doubt TORUs are the talk of the town. These will allow for the exchange of assets but will not be used in the execution of smart contracts. 
Nomadic Labs detailed some desirable properties for optimistic rollups in their blog post. 
  • Trust minimized: You don’t have to trust that a majority of the rollup nodes are honest to always be able to withdraw your funds from the rollup. One honest node is enough.
  • Permissionless: Anyone can submit operations to a rollup since all the rollup block data is posted on the main chain.
  • Capital efficient: Unlike with state channels (e.g., Lightning Network), rollup users are not required to lock up a bond upfront. Only rollup node providers are.
This year is shaping up to be a big one in terms of scaling, development, and continued adoption of the Tezos network. Make sure to get out there and vote!
Tezos AMA: Arthur Breitman
Tezos Co-founder & Early Architect, Arthur Breitman, will be hosting an AMA on YouTube next Saturday, April 23, at 5PM BST / 12PM ET.
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Tezos Creators | REAVERSE by Guerlain
Almost two hundred years ago, in 1828, the Maison Guerlain opened its first boutique on Paris’ iconic rue de Rivoli. Thus began the first chapter in a fascinating story of luxury, beauty, and creative daring. Two centuries later, the Maison’s passion for innovation goes one step further, combining cutting-edge blockchain technology with a determination to preserve the wonders of Nature.
As Sustaining Patron of the Millière Valley, Guerlain has commissioned 1828 unique NFTs in support of the rewilding of this unique conservation area. Hosted on Tezos, one of the most sustainable and energy-efficient blockchains, each Cryptobee NFT corresponds to a section of the Valley’s forests, rivers and fields, spanning 28 hectares in total.
Discover how your Cryptobee will help support the rewilding of the Millière Valley on Twitter
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