The Baking Sheet - Issue #117

One week away from the 11th Tezos Protocol upgrade

Welcome to this week’s issue of The Baking Sheet!

Protocol Kathmandu will be activated on September 23rd! This week was rather eventful as well in terms of news and developments. For this week’s issue, we’re going to highlight the recently launched Tezos “Spotlight”.

Tezos Content Hub

This week, a new content hub called “Spotlight” launched. Administered and maintained by the Blokhaus team, Spotlight contains a plethora of original ecosystem content and videos.

I think this fills a necessary void within the Tezos ecosystem. There’s tons of good content out there produced frequently but it isn’t really organized or obtainable in a single place.

In the past, one would have to be actively monitoring the social handles of ecosystem organizations, paying attention to updates in various channels, etc.

This can all get a little cumbersome, especially for new entrants or just those community members who are very busy and on the go.

No longer is that a problem.

Of all the content in the hub, they are organized through originals, technology, culture, community, and enterprise. Within those featured sections is some of our very own content - TezTalks, medium publications and this very newsletter!

The site and layout is super clean, so get out there and check out the new content hub!

The Merge? Proof of Stake is Old News

Ballon D’Or Winners to Receive Tezos NFTs

For the 66th edition of the Ballon d'Or football awards, French group L'Équipe which organizes the awards will innovate by entering the world of web3. It announced the launch of NFT collections around this ceremony which rewards the best footballers of the year.

In addition, various advantages to the NFT owners such as the chance to attend the ceremony for 20 years or obtain exclusive Sorare Ballon d'Or cards.

Created by the cryptoartist Léo Caillard, a member of the NFT Factory, these digital objects are inspired by pyrite, the mineral forming the base of the trophy. For all of them, the group has chosen to use the Tezos blockchain.

Tezos Community Rewards Winners

Announcing the Winners of the Tezos Community Rewards Program for August

We would like to congratulate all of you for being nominated and chosen among the inaugural launch of the Tezos Community Rewards Program.

September Nominations are open — nominate on who you think deserves Tez for their contributions.— it only takes 30 seconds!

We will be using Kukai’s DirectAuth as the method of distributing the awards to our winners. Awards will be sent directly to the winners’ Reddit, Twitter, or Gmail accounts provided within 72 hours

For those who do not have a Reddit, Twitter, or Gmail account, please set one up as awards will be sent to those user handles.

If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to contact us

This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem

MGG Tezos Gaming Incubator offers a path to success for innovative esports, gaming and blockchain companies. Launching a $10M incubator and seed fund, ready to support startups looking to take their business or idea to the next level.

Who is MGG?

Misfits Gaming Group (MGG) is a global esports and entertainment company.

MGG owns Misfits Gaming in the League of Legends European Championship, Florida Mayhem in the Overwatch League and Florida Mutineers in the Call of Duty League.

Backed by the Miami Heat and Orlando Magic, with additional investment from VCs and icons in the business and philanthropic world.

Apply now if you're looking for funding and support!

Dear Tezos community,

Today we’re taking a look back at a few key moments that happened at the Tezos Foundation in August.

Building a robust, functional blockchain ecosystem is an organic and complex process involving countless moving parts. The road is arduous and uniquely carved out with new paths constantly being…, an Estonian art startup, announced that it would offer art NFTs made on the Tezos blockchain and will be the first Baltic art NFT

Ejara is about to offer its users the possibility to invest in government bonds, something that was not feasible for the average investor until now.

With so many new projects being developed in the Tezos ecosystem, we often see new DApps, or maybe just some new features, being deployed on a testnet.

We often see newbies asking about simple things: blockchain principles, types of tokens, smart contracts, NFT collections, and applications. So we decided to make a series of features with answers to the most common questions.

This Week in Tezos Development

On Thursday 8th September, our Encode x Tezos accelerator ended with a pitching session where all 10 teams presented their projects!

We are making a proposal to the Tezos protocol to reject tickets of zero amount. To communicate this potential change, in this post, we will discuss the motivation of this change, the plan for migration and enforcement of this new policy, the assessment of the possible impact, and suggestions on mitigation and migration paths.

Offering more flexibility for developers and make it easier to contribute to the protocol and to ensure its security.

A library for building dApps on the Tezos Blockchain

Ghostnet will update to Kathmandu next Friday, September 16th, at approx 22:00 UTC (block 1191936, end of cycle 290).

Now Streaming

Hear from artists and creatives within the Tezos community as they speak to their unique experiences on the blockchain.


Matthew Plummer-Fernández - Director of Fine Art: Computational Arts, University of the Arts London

Mumu the Stan Artist

Diane Drubay Arts & Culture, TZ Connect

Now Streaming Everywhere

Tezos Events

The inaugural Tezos meetup in Bristol (South West UK) as part of the 4th Bristol Technology Festival (October 10th -14th).

Come and join us for our first Tezos Meetup in Austin Texas. It will be a lot of fun discussing Tezos Blockchain Evolution

Calling all developers and builders: whether you're new to Tezos or a seasoned fan, please join us for an informal evening in central London to all things Blockchain, Tezos and Web3. You'll have the opportunity to connect with peers, share stories and and get support for any projects you're working on or about to start.