The Baking Sheet - Issue #12

Land of the Fertile Crescent, bounded by the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Welcome to Babylon.

Babylon Proposal Injected!

This update is joint work with Cryptium Labs, with contributions from the Marigold team, and it is much more significant than Athens in terms of features.

Its main changes to Tezos are:

  • a new variant of our consensus algorithm, Emmy+, that is both more robust and simpler to analyse,

  • many new Michelson features which have been eagerly awaited by Tezos smart contract developers and designers of higher level languages,

  • an account rehaul that establishes a clear distinction between accounts (tz1, tz2 and tz3) and smart contracts (KT1),

  • refinements to the quorum formula and a new 5% proposal quorum.

Summer 2019 Cryptonomic NYC Hackathon

Cryptonomic is organizing a hackathon on August 3–4 for projects using Cryptonomic tools centered around the Tezos blockchain. Participants can join us in person in Brooklyn or remotely using Google…

Legendary Collaboration: Tezos X IDEO

IDEO + Coinlist will be hosting a hackathon aimed for brining decentralization to the masses. Tezos will be one of the technology partners for this program and enable builders to use Tezos as one of the protocols of choice. Sign up here.

Grantee Update:

The SmartPy team publishes a technical post about basic computations. SmartPy is a Python library, accessible in an online editor, that comes together with its SmartML backend. It enables developers to define and analyse smart contracts. These smart contracts are compiled into Michelson, the Tezos virtual machine.

Learn more here.

Congratulations to the newest Tezos Devs!

Simple Staking Receives Grant from TF

The Tezos Foundation is thrilled to announce that Simple Staking, led by Juraj Selep, has received a grant to implement a secure, trustworthy, and open-source Tezos node in the Rust programming language.

Featured Tezos Community Post

Here, we will have a look at how the Tezos node performs (how fast it syncs the chain from scratch ) on different AWS instances as well as a general purpose Digital Ocean instance. Note that the…

Tezonomics Podcast: Hubertus Thonhauser

Ep13 - Tezos Foundation With Hubertus Thonhauser by Tezonomics from desktop or your mobile device