The Baking Sheet - Issue #124

Introducing Minterpress

Welcome to this week’s issue of The Baking Sheet!

There’s only 1 day left in the exploration phase for Protocol Lima, so be sure to get out there and vote! Also, a huge thank you to the community of Bakers that voted to push this proposal to the next phase! Tezos continuously demonstrating its strength in on-chain governance is what separates Tezos from the rest of the pack.

That said, this week was another news-packed week with the announcement of Minterpress. In this week’s issue, we’re going to dive into the newly released WordPress NFT plugin for Tezos.

Turning your content into NFTs

Yesterday, the Blokhaus team announced the release of Minterpress, a new kind of NFT tool allowing creators to mint and host NFTs on WordPress. Built on Tezos, NFTs minted through Minterpress are energy-efficient as Tezos facilitates environmentally friendly NFTs.

What’s cool about this new tool is it enables artists to take more control over how their creations are displayed. As it currently stands, most artists heavily rely on NFT marketplaces to showcase and promote their work.

With Minterpress, the power goes back to the artist as they can now display and mint their works directly on their own WordPress site. Furthermore, since it’s a WordPress plugin, there is no coding knowledge required to get started using it.

Pretty neat if you ask me.

As more and more artists and creators choose Tezos as their platform of choice for minting and distributing NFTs, useful tools like Minterpress come as a strong addition for support.

Give Minterpress a try on your WordPress site!

The Future of Tezos with Arthur Breitman

Scott Melker talks to Arthur about the origin and the history of Tezos, as well as the problems and issues of blockchains: interoperability, security, adoption, and regulation.

Kukai x Coinbase

Coinbase Pay is now available on Kukai!

This integration makes it easier than ever to fund your Kukai wallet and start exploring the Tezos ecosystem.

Check it out on your Kukai wallet.

This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem

QuipuSwap and Allbridge Launch a Cross-chain Bridge Between Tezos and 16 other blockchains

With the aid of the new bridge, you may:

• Use assets from other networks to participate in the Tezos high APR farms, lending protocols and other DeFi projects.

• Easily transfer funds to participate in the popular NFT marketplaces and be a part of a large Tezos NFT community

Read more about this cross-chain bridge to learn how it works and how to transfer tokens through it in this full review

At launch, the following tokens will be bridged to Tezos and available on QuipuSwap DEX:

• USDC (Polygon)


• ABR (all networks)

In time, we will add access to BTC, ETH, SOL, NEAR, AVAX, USDC, USDT, and many other tokens.

In addition to their bridge, Madfish has also announced the launch of their DEX 2.0, check out blog for more information.

Welcome to our latest issue of Month at a Glance where we breakdown most of the latest happenings and significant milestones taking place within the Tezos ecosystem on a monthly cadence.

I can’t put into words how exciting and fun it is to meet people with whom you share a common passion and spend hours discussing about it.

Kathleen Breitman told CNBC "easy money" had artificially inflated crypto firms, and a shake-out looms in which only truly useful applications survive.

In this article, we're reviewing the status of several DAOs currently active on the Tezos blockchain.

Art Basel announces further show highlights for its largest edition yet in Miami Beach

Last week we asked our readers how many NFTs they have in their wallets. The results were surprising: 51% responded that they don't have any tokens.

Bloometa brings the first curated in-game NFT aggregator to Metaverse players and GameFi projects offering multi-chain capabilities and extensive P2E data analytics.

This Week in Tezos Development

Compared to its release candidate 15.0~rc1, version 15.0 notably improves the response time for RPCs that compute baking and endorsing rights, adds the limanet built-in network alias, and contains a few bug fixes.

Upgrade your node ahead of time before the planned activation of Lima on December 18. There are now multiple versions of Tezos snapshots and tarballs on XTZ-Shots

The latest release of LigoLang focuses on bug fixes, read the changelog for all the details

new Tezos-based project of NFT souvenirs collection, building a bridge between tourism & Web3

Today, we're integrating a few notable features and a batch of bugfixes that improve overall performance and user experience on the platform — including an often-requested Indexer Status Page!

Tezos x EasyA Hacker House

The Tezos x EasyA Hacker House is a 36-hour event from EasyA for people to build on the Tezos blockchain with 24/7, in-person guidance from top engineers in the Tezos ecosystem.

Event co-hosted by the KCL Blockchain Society. Other universities in attendance include: Imperial, UCL, Cambridge, Oxford, Bristol, Durham, QMUL and LSE. We encourage any other universities to attend!

Not a programmer? This hacker house is open to all regardless of technical experience (whether it’s ideation, marketing or presenting). We even have a special prize dedicated for non-coders!

Free to enter. Free food. Free code-level support available in-person 24/7.


📆 26-27 November


📍 RSVP to receive location details!

Now Streaming

Join us for our next TezTalks LIVE featuring co-founder of PlayJoko, Ade Adeyemo

Joko is the Tezos-powered video streaming platform and content marketplace focused on telling the stories of authentic independent and unique global recording artists. Joko is also a recent Tezos Foundation grantee.

🎬 Stream: YouTube


Mark your calendars for episode 10 of Tuesday 🎙 Tezday!

This Tuesday, at 8pm UTC, we will be talking with Olivier Audino about Smartlink's new marketplace, their roadmap, as well as answering all the community questions about it!