The Baking Sheet - Issue #125

No drama, keep building

Welcome to this week’s issue of The Baking Sheet!

It’s been a wild week for crypto that has massively impacted the industry and newcomers learning about crypto. The few silver linings is that the best technology paired with decentralization is the clear winner here. Tezos has kept trucking amidst all the chaos and is positioned itself as one of the few that built on the ethos of decentralization and superior tech. How this all unfolds in the coming weeks will be a mystery but one thing we can rely on is Tezos will continue to upgrade, add more users into the ecosystem, mint some of the best art by real artists, and of course hammer out blocks without any interruptions.

In this week’s issue, we’re going to highlight all the building going on with Tezos-based DeFi applications like Youves and Marigold’s upcoming DEX.

It's Time to Build

Amidst all the chaos, Tezos keeps moving along at a rapid pace and will continue to focus on decentralization.

The Youves platform has seen some impressive growth in recent weeks, growing its TVL by 30% in only one month, and showing an increase in both users and activity.

For those unfamiliar with Youves, Youves is a decentralized, self-governing, and non-custodial platform for the creation and management of synthetic assets that are secured by eligible collateral.

Within the platform, users can become minters by posting and locking eligible collateral in a vault to create new synthetic assets. Similar to the MakerDAO platform, users can borrow dollars in the form of a stable/tracker-coin against collateral they post and lock.

Additionally, we’ve also seen an upcoming DEX get teased by Marigold. This comes shortly after their release of Deku, the first side chain for scaling Tezos which we covered more in depth here.

On the topic of scaling Tezos, continued strides are being made towards that with the latest Tezos upgrade that is undergoing voting. We covered Protocol Lima in depth here, in case you’d like to learn more about the upgrade and the efforts being made towards scaling Tezos.

One could opine Tezos-based DeFi is starting to receive some more attention in light of industry-wide events. Others such as Mason Edwards of the Tezos Foundation offer another interesting perspective on the atmosphere.

GM tezos. The accepted wisdom was that wide distribution mattered for crypto as an element of decentralization. 2021 seemingly invalidated that idea when assets enjoyed instant successes despite heavy institutional ownership and overhangs. This wisdom may be making a comeback.

How things will play out is still left to be seen, but we can be certain that Tezos is making definitive strides around DeFi and technological development.

As the storm weathers its course, we’ll surely see the fruits of these labors come to surface. It’s time to build.

This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem

With all the developments in Tezos DeFi over the last few months, it is getting harder and harder to keep up with the news even if you are actively following them.

Smartlink just launched their long awaited web3 escrow market place on the Tezos blockchain.

La Poste is partially owned by the French state, has around 250,000 employees, and a yearly revenue of over 34 billion Euro. La Poste has announced that 100,000 copies of NFT-linked physical postal stamps will be launched on February 7th 2023.

The crypto ecosystem may be experiencing fewer hacks and alleged fraud incidents, but they’re still occurring as bad actors take hundreds of millions of dollars from users in the space.

What Is Minterpress? launched by Blokhaus, Minterpress is a New WordPress Plugin To Easily Mint And Display Tezos NFTs. AlexaBlockchain

Most NFT collections follow a template: people with different hairstyles, a mishmash of geometric shapes, or a set of pre-designed elements.

Tezos x Oracle Red Bull Racing

This Week in Tezos Development

Monitoring your nodes is an essential aspect of your Tezos operations. Since version 14, Octez is exposing a native metrics port.

Lots of new features and fixes, read the full changelog as we head in to the Lima protocol upgrade

To improve the security and ease of public baking operations, we are kindly asking protocol developers to consider introducing the concept of a Reward Account designated by a baker.

Blockborn x Balthazar Hackathon

We invite you to help build the future of gaming on Tezos! Block Born is launching various XTZ Bounties focused on problems that current developers in the space are looking to solve. Developers will have to exercise their understanding of both Tezos and gaming to create exciting solutions!


  • Check out the prizes in the bounty explorer when the hackathon goes live

  • Sign up for the hackathon by clicking ‘Join Now’ at the top of this page

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  • Participate in workshops and AMAs

  • BUILD with your friends!

  • Submit your work via Gitcoin


Workshops will take place via Airmeet - TBA


  • Block Born & Balthazar Hackathon - Powered by Tezos will commence on November 9, 2022

  • All projects must be submitted by December 4, 2022

  • Winners with be announced by December 11, 2022

Upcoming Events: Tezos Greece

Another Tezos Greece meetup has arrived!

Saturday, 19th of November at 6pm UTC+2, we will be meeting to discuss everything around the lively Tezos ecosystem and grow the Tezos Greece community!