The Baking Sheet - Issue #126

Manchester United launches NFTs on Tezos

Welcome to this week's issue of The Baking Sheet! This is one of those weeks where you see the net results of a community that continues to build with lots of announcements and coverage on the public side. Meanwhile, Tezos continues to hammer out blocks without any issues and we are just 2 days away from the final voting phase to implement Lima. It's a beautiful sight to see when you see mass adoption from iconic brands, new dapps, and the protocol upgrading all simultaneously. There isn't anything like Tezos in terms of evolving -- let's get into it!

Manchester United NFTs on Tezos

The first ever official Manchester United digital collectible will be gifted to fans by a Tezos-based platform as the Club launches a new Web3 community designed to educate, reward and unite its global fan base through digital and real-world experiences. This exciting initiative is powered by the Club’s official blockchain, Tezos, one of the world’s most advanced and sustainable blockchains.

Following Manchester United’s selection of Tezos as its official blockchain, this announcement represents the next step in developing compelling new fan experiences through Web3 technology. Fans who claim the gifted digital collectible from the Tezos platform will own a coveted piece of United history, joining the Club on its journey into Web3, with future plans for both gifted and purchasable NFTs to be released throughout the season.

A number of subsequent digital collectible drops will be available for purchase later in the season via the digital platform on the Tezos blockchain. These additional collections will each feature a different design, all taking inspiration from the Club’s history, with some unlocking further fan experiences. The first of these drops will be priced at £30 with 20% of proceeds going to Manchester United Foundation.

Manchester United’s CEO of Digital Products and Experiences, Phil Lynch, said:

“Much like the football traditions of old, such as collecting match programmes, club badges and sticker books, fans will soon have the additional option to collect this new type of digital memorabilia. The first digital collectible is being gifted to fans by a Tezos-powered platform, and with the support of Tezos Foundation we will join fans on their journey into this new world, with the club providing education and guidance along the way.”

“Having watched the Web3 space closely and consulted with fans for their views on how this unique virtual world should operate, we’ve worked with the Tezos ecosystem teams to apply these learnings and believe that the launch of Manchester United digital collectibles is different to others, providing the option of unique and enhanced engagement opportunities to our incredible fans.”

Mason Edwards, Chief Commercial Officer, Tezos Foundation, stated:

“Football means so much to so many people and Manchester United, not to mention its fans, are the titans in the sport. It is an honour to be part of the Club’s first step into Web3 through the creation of digital collectibles which the club and its followers will cherish for years to come. It takes an appreciation of football and the club’s history, but also a blockchain that’s powerful, decentralised, resilient and scalable to do it. That’s Tezos.”

Register now on Manchester United's digital collectibles site and be part of history

HomeBase: Announcing Lambda DAOs

Since the announcement of Homebase’s release on Tezos mainnet, we’ve seen lots of progress made on the front of creating and managing DAOs on Tezos. Some of those have been new and exciting features such as NFT treasuries, with notable Tezos-based DeFi projects like Crunchy utilizing them.

Today, dOrg and Tezos Commons are excited to announce the release of Lambda DAOs for Homebase, which can you select as a new template when creating a DAO:

What is a Lambda DAO? A Lambda DAO is essentially a custom DAO structure that allows members to submit proposals to interact with smart contracts, injected as lambdas that can execute arbitrary contract calls, similar to Gnosis Safe. Users will be able to have their DAO evolve over time, and interact with new smart contracts and various dApps as their needs change.

Some common use cases:

● Submit a proposal for the DAO to add tokens from the treasury to a liquidity pool

● Submit a proposal for the DAO to stake its tokens

● Submit a proposal to execute a trade on a DEX with tokens from the treasury, or to swap an NFT

This is similar to the governance process in which the Tezos blockchain upgrades. The community will be able to vote on adding or removing functionality to DAOs on Homebase. That said, there isn’t any other user-facing app on Tezos that allows decentralized execution of arbitrary functions.

The wait is no more.

Andrei Taranu of dOrg spoke on how this feature could potentially be used and developed further down the road.

I think the closest relative is Gnosis Safe on EVM chains, which allows custom modules to be created and integrated. While the most popular use case for this type of capability so far has been interacting with decentralized exchanges, we’re seeing more novel applications like dispute resolution, registering decentralized domains and acquiring immutable storage. I’m sure people are thinking of many other ways to take advantage of this universal smart contract connector, and we’ll see more integrations very soon.

Additionally, a bridge is currently being built which the Lambda functionality will be able to approve the main app (Homebase) as an authority on a smart contract to move money from the treasury based on outside events. More information will be shared on this feature in the coming weeks.

This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem

Onboarding more Tezos users more quickly — Kukai with Transak is now live 🎉

Kukai users now have access to the global payment options provided by Transak.

We are pleased to announce the winners of (“Community Rewards Program”) CRP for the month of October 2022! Nominations for November are now OPEN.

Madfish will ensure that market data for oracles are independently delivered to decentralized applications.

Memecast, the news meme marketplace, made its debut with a beta launch last week. The NFT marketplace, built on the Tezos blockchain, aims to bring the news to users in the form of memes.

Announcing 3Route, on-chain Tezos DEX aggregator, and demonstrating how it saves your costs by aggregating liquidity from the most popular Tezos DEXes.

Liminal, a crypto wallet infrastructure platform, has integrated with the Tezos blockchain. AlexaBlockchain

The cross-chain bridge is billed as a step towards attracting liquidity from other blockchains to Tezos.

In 2019, Tezos' core developers discussed including zk-SNARKS, a solution for fully anonymous transactions, in the protocol. A third party does not see the sender and recipient addresses or the transaction volume.

Which team will win the ⚽ World Championship in 2022? Get your FlaminGoal NFT for 5 ꜩ and receive a share of the pot when your team wins.

This Week in Tezos Development

A new reference manual is out, and we are looking to onboard early adopters with relevant use cases.

In this post we will introduce Batcher, an experimental batch clearing dex. We will explain how it works and why it is different from other DEXs in the ecosystem.

A new version of DipDup app-indexing framework is out! In this release: more filters for Tezos token transfer indexes, parameterized SQL queries, and lots of bug fixes!

In a previous article, I detailed how to run Tezos Octez software on IBM Confidential Computing. In this new article, I explain how to leverage IBM Confidential Computing service to protect your Tezos keys and signing operations with FIPS 104-2 Level 4 certified hardware.

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