The Baking Sheet - Issue #127

Tezos is home to artists and builders

Welcome to this week's issue of The Baking Sheet and a Happy Thanksgiving to our friends in the United States. While many people are enjoying holidays, the Tezos global ecosystem doesn't sleep. This week we are excited to announce a new product -- let's dig in

Announcing Homebase Lite: Snapshot on Tezos

With the recent announcement of Lambda DAOs on Homebase, we’ve seen lots of new and exciting features coming to Homebase. In the spirit of maintaining Homebase as the flagship DAO tooling framework on Tezos, we’re excited to announce Homebase Lite.

If you’re familiar with the governance scene on EVM-compatible networks, you’ve likely heard of Snapshot. But just in case you haven’t, it’s a very straightforward tool that allows tokenized communities to create and vote on proposals without spending a fortune on gas fees. It started out off-chain roughly two years ago and gradually added more trustless functionality to the point that now it is now able to effect transactions and change the values of on-chain variables.

In collaboration with dOrg, Tezos Commons’ is introducing the same capabilities on Tezos through an entirely new product — Homebase Lite.

We’ve been contemplating the addition of such a tool to our governance kit for a while, especially given the prohibitive learning curve associated with creating and managing DAOs in the main Homebase app. With that learning curve in mind, with Homebase Lite, users can now instantiate DAOs, create and vote on token-weighted polls without having to bother with the cycle-bound operating model, the quorum self-adjustment feature, staking/un-staking, and other more advanced functionalities present in Homebase.

While this is great news for communities that needed to engage in quick temp-checks on various issues, there is the drawback of it not being able to trustless-ly tie the outcome of a poll to an on-chain transaction. This is why the next big item on our roadmap is a web3 bridge between Lite and the Homebase treasury. To put it in the same EVM-chain analogy, this bridge works similarly to how the Zodiac module allows Snapshot to trigger transactions on Gnosis Safe contracts. Making this bridge possible is the recently released Lambda functionality. It enables a Homebase DAO to recognize its Lite counterpart and using consensus, grant it the right to transfer up to a specific portion of the treasury.

Andrei Taranu of dOrg spoke more on the effort towards streamlining UX and making Homebase the one-stop shop for DAO creation and management on Tezos.

We identified UX to be the main adoption detractor, and therefore we are going about it this route making Homebase Lite very straightforward and gradually adding more functionality to make it consequential from an on-chain perspective.

The thing I’m most excited about this is the integration of a bridge and streamlining UX. At the moment, Homebase is kind of the be-all-end-all at this point in terms of DAOs on Tezos and we’re trying to make sure that current and future communities are well-equipped to function and thrive, regardless of the specific nature of their activity.

Get started today on the Homebase site. More of a visual person? Check out a step-by-step walkthrough here. Have questions about Homebase or wanting to request certain features- we’d love to hear from you, join the Discord channel!

Last week to nominate #TezosCRP

LAST CALL — This is the final week for submissions on who you think deserves recognition and tez for their contributions to the Tezos ecosystem.

There is up to 5000 XTZ available for the Tezos community with all different ranges of skills and contributions.

There are two ways to nominate:

  1. Submit your nominations on a typeform (less than 30 seconds)

  2. Tag #TezosCRP on Twitter, Telegram, Discord on who you think deserves tez

That's all it takes, this program is made specially made for the community so please take a few minutes of your time to nominate contributors to the ecosystem.

This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem

Tezos To Bring Interactive Exhibition to Art Basel: Tezos brings interactive exhibition to Art Basel, showcasing the intersection of creativity and data in generative art. Visitors will be able to mint their own unique, free-of-cost NFT.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, and I will keep saying it because it’s true: the Tezos ecosystem is chock-full of talented, fascinating people.

India’s leading blockchain adoption studio, has announced that Liminal, a leading digital wallet operations infrastructure platform, has successfully completed integration with the Tezos blockchain.

3Route automatically identifies the best trading routes across multiple Tezos-supported DEXs to deliver the best exchange rates, all in one swap.

List of tools for NFT creators on Tezos: artists' DAO, generative tools, batch senders, analytical services and more.

OHRAC is an NFT-based Horse Racing game built on Tezos. Players can buy, sell, trade, and collect the NFTs. They can also choose to play the corresponding game. Players will act as managers of the horses they own and aspire to make profits by reselling their cards on the secondary market.

The Tezos co-founder offered her perspective on recent events, and the future of crypto.

A ten-week Tezos development program ended in September. A month ago, we wrote a piece about the launch of our own project with the Encode Club. We discussed individual sessions with team mentors, workshops, and the process of preparing for the accelerator.

Raffle, where 75 winners will receive one of 15 unique Tezos NFTs from famous NFT artist Mario Klingemann

We’re teaming up with Neonz and the Sutuverse to bring you another opportunity to win big prizes, this time in the form of a $10k art contest! Neonz are known to augment their appearance with digital…

This Week in Tezos Development

Tezos is a self-upgradable, energy efficient, community driven, liquid Proof-of-Stake blockchain. Visit their website for more information. This is an initiative by TZ APAC and Tezos India, backed by the Tezos Foundation, to offer budding entrepreneurs and the next generation of blockchain talent the opportunity to bring their blockchain-connected ideas to life through the Ecosystem Growth Grant (EGG).

featuring bidirectional type checking, goodbye gen, type error messages, and testing frameworks -- read the full changelog for all details.

Decookies is a Marigold's front-end application that allows players to bake as many cookies as possible on Deku. Head on over and play this cookie clicker game!

Deep-dive into Boom, Interlace, Quurk, and Teztrack - 4 new projects entering the Tezos ecosystem, the first of a multiple-article series exploring the projects in TZ APAC’s EGG Web3 Incubator.

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Tune into a special TezTalks Thanksgiving Episode featuring the CEO of Balthazar!

Balthazar DAO is an NFT (non-fungible token) gaming platform for the metaverse. Balthazar is about building an innovative ecosystem to make NFTs, cryptocurrency, and gaming more accessible for more people.

Recently, Balthazar announced its adding Tezos to its list of supported blockchains to help build the future of Web3 gaming through Balthazar’s newly released infrastructure product, Babylon.