The Baking Sheet - Issue #128

Tezos continues to make progress in Art and Gaming

Welcome to this week's issue of The Baking Sheet! It's been one heck of a year thus far for the ecosystem, as we enter the final month of 2022, the adoption engine for Tezos continues to run hot. Our prediction is that Tezos will be the premier chain for Art and Gaming, with its continuous improvements and upgradeability via on-chain governance, Tezos is a blockchain that evolves with consensus. On that note, there is 2 days remaining in the final voting phase for the next Tezos protocol upgrade. Bakers it's time to vote as there is currently 6% left to reach Quorum.

Learn more about Tezos upgrades and join the discussion at Tezos Agora

Tezos Foundation x Unity

The Tezos Foundation has entered in to a Professional Services Agreement with Unity for Web3 Blockchain SDK Development

The Tezos Foundation has announced that in May 2022, it entered into a professional services agreement with Unity’s Accelerate Solutions group for the creation of a Web3 Blockchain SDK. The Tezos Foundation and Tezos Ecosystem teams aim to offer the SDK as a Verified Solution upon approval, as an optional plug-in via the Unity Asset Store for Web3 game development.

The Tezos SDK intends to support Desktop, Android, iOS and browsers. Beyond allowing game developers to interact with the Tezos blockchain, this SDK will be a helpful resource for developing any Tezos decentralized application (dApp).

“We are thrilled to see the creation of a Tezos SDK in collaboration with Unity’s Professional Services team, bringing the option of Web3 gaming to the most popular game development platform. This is the first comprehensive blockchain SDK co-developed with Unity, providing game developers with an easy-to-use, complete solution for adding a wide range of Web3 features that will make the game more fun for players,” stated Jeremy Foo, Global Head of Gaming, Trilitech.

Unlike traditional Proof of Work blockchains, Tezos’ pioneering Proof of Stake mechanism is an energy-efficient approach to securing its network, ensuring that new applications and games built on Tezos don’t drive unnecessarily high energy consumption. Tezos is one of the few blockchains in existence with on-chain governance, allowing community members to propose upgrades to the protocol to constantly evolve and meet the needs of its users without disrupting or splitting the network.

Popular gaming companies and organizations that have built on Tezos include Ubisoft, CCP Games (Eve Online), esports teams Team Vitality and Misfits Gaming Group, and many more.

Cordell Broadus x Tezos Foundation

It's no secret that Snoop Dogg has long been both a collector of digital art, and a big fan of Tezos, having publicly praised Tezos for hosting some of 'the finest new artists' in the NFT space, under his pseudonym 'Cozomo de' Medici'. Now his son, Cordell Broadus, aka 'Champ Medici', is getting in on the act, launching a new $1M 'Champ Medici Arts Fund' in partnership with the Tezos Foundatio.

The first recipient of the new fund is Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, a non-profit co-founded by artist Danny Simmons, music mogul Russell Simmons and musician Joseph 'Rev. Run Simmons of Run-DMC. Founded in 1995, the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation works to provide support for emerging Black artists and to improve access to the arts for traditionally underrepresented communities.

The Tezos ecosystem is known for its incredible artists who are pushing the boundaries of digital art. I’m honoured that Champ Medici has selected Tezos for this initiative and will be joining this flourishing community of creative talent. It's fantastic that Rush Arts will be named as its first beneficiary. My hope is that this empowers a whole new wave of up-and-coming artists, from a diverse range of backgrounds, to start their Web3 journeys - Mason Edwards, Chief Commercial Officer of the Tezos Foundation

like his father, Cordell Broadus is a big name in the Web3 space, and was an early champion of cryptocurrency. Describing Tezos as 'one of the world’s most advanced and artist friendly blockchains', Broadus has pledged to use the Champ Medici Arts Fund to elevate 'up and coming artists' and 'provide access to innovative forms of artistic expression especially for minority groups'.

The Champ Medici Arts Fund will start accepting applications on December 5, 2022, and will launch officially on January 2nd, 2023.

Tezos x Art Basel

Tezos art returns to Art Basel Miami Beach with an interactive exhibition that explores the collision of creativity and data in generative art. Learn more about Performance in Code and watch as conversations unfold in the speaker series streaming live.

Tune in to the Tezos YouTube livestream from Art Basel Miami Beach and hear from leading voices in the generative art community. Participants will discuss topics including the artistic applications of algorithms, use cases for NFTs, and the meaning of value in the world of digital art.

This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem

Serious art collectors known to frequent the opening day of the Art Basel Miami Beach fair had the ability to take something home completely for free on Tuesday — a "generative" NFT minted on the Tezos blockchain.

Music NFTs are starting to find a home on Tezos - we take a look at some of the major platforms.

There are several decentralized exchanges (DEX) live on the Tezos blockchain. Although they all run on Tezos, they are separate applications and prices can be different on either of them. This means that it's often a good practice to compare prices/ trades before you make a trade.

An overview of deciding what size to print at, if you can print at that size, and what type of paper you should print onto.

Tezos is famous for having some of the best art on earth. Today we announce a contest to bring even more great artists into the Tezos ecosystem! $4,000 in prizes for new artists

$500 in referral…

Awhile back, we were first introduced to Ubinetic oracles. The premise was simple, there’s a clear dilemma in obtaining certain data off-chain and bringing it on-chain in a trust less manner. As the…

From the Tezos Foundation to community-administered funds, every Tezos developer should know about these resources.

The Tezos Foundation announced this week that it is working on the Tezos SDK for Unity. Unity (also known as Unity 3D) is a popular game engine for desktop, console and mobile games.

The Tezmas NFT competition invites participants in the Philippines to share NFT art that captures how Christmas is celebrated in the country.

This Week in Tezos Development

This entry introduces gas, the cost attached to the action of sending transactions to Tezos blockchain. It deals with what it is, its purpose and why Tezos protocol developer should derive such numbers.

Tezos profile customization on the TzKT Explorer for NFT artists, contract holders and more!

In anticipation of the Smart Contract Optimistic Rollup, this first step offers a sandbox for familiarizing oneself with the Transaction Optimistic Rollup, commonly referred to as TORU.

Modular framework for creating selective indexers and featureful backends for dapps - Release 6.3.1 · dipdup-io/dipdup


Tezos Texas 2nd meetup

Tezos New Hampshire

Come enjoy great company and great conversation, with a special focus on Tezos the blockchain designed to evolve.

Food and drinks will be provided and the page will be upd


Get ready for Episode 12 of "Tuesday/Tezday "!

Our guest for this week will be Alexandre Bourjade from Bloometa to discuss all about their platform and Tezos gaming!