The Baking Sheet - Issue #129

It was a blast Lima, see you in Mumbai!

Welcome to this week's issue of The Baking Sheet! Quite simply, Tezos never stops evolving and a huge thanks to the Baking community to push the next Tezos protocol upgrade through. Moreover, the development teams in the Tezos ecosystem have collaborated and are already working on the 13th Tezos protocol upgrade -- let's dive in.

Enter Lima -- Why it's Important

With the recent introduction of Protocol Lima, we’ve been met with another wide array of new and exciting features for the Tezos network.

Continuing ongoing developments for privacy and scaling applications such as Zero Knowledge Rollups and SCORUs, Lima introduces the following features:

  • Pipelining

  • Consensus keys

  • Improvements to Tickets

  • Ghostnet fixes

  • Liquidity Baking sunset removed

  • Temporary Time-lock deprecation

Let’s quickly go over some highlights of these features. We’ll describe pipelining a bit more in depth later on in this article, so let’s start with consensus keys. Consensus keys is an interesting development. It has been requested for quite some time now by the baking community. This feature will enable bakers to change their key used for signing blocks and consensus operations without having to change their public address.

Tickets are also are getting some improvements. For those not aware of what tickets are, they are fungible tokens that are created on-chain and cannot be duplicated. Protocol Lima will deprecate the creation, storage and transfer of zero amount tickets. Additionally, support is being added to trace ownership to transaction receipts.

For Ghostnet fixes, a few problems arose in the migration of Jakarta to Kathmandu on Ghostnet. Nomadic Labs describes these and how Lima fixes them here.

As for the other changes, the liquidity baking sunset will be removed along with the introduction of a safer timelock mechanism. A vulnerability was found and announced relating to the the timelock feature and Lima will disable the timelock feature for the time being while a safer mechanism is currently being developed.

It’s important to note that of these proposed changes, there are still efforts being made to further development of SCORUs and Zero Knowledge Rollups.

With Jakarta, we were introduced to Transaction Optimistic Rollups (TORUs). Likewise, Kathmandu brought us SCORUs which have gone live on testnet following Kathmandu’s activation.

More testing needs to happen before SCORUs and other next generation rollups can be activated to Tezos mainnet, so if helping on that front is of interest to you please reach out to [email protected].

Moving forward: Mumbai

Now that Lima is en route to being implemented, Tezos continues to evolve with the next proposal already in process named, 'Mumbai.'

Nomadic Labs, Marigold, Trilitech, Oxhead Alpha, Tarides, Dailambda, and Functori have collaborated for the 13th Tezos protocol upgrade proposal.

There are 3 major innovations coming in the Mumbai upgrade proposal, in addition to other improvements. We recently wrote about how smart rollups are coming to Tezos, and with Mumbai they officially arrive. With the capabilities that Smart Rollups provide, the rails to reach 1 million TPS are in place. In addition, we are introducing Epoxy—our validity rollup (aka ZK-rollup) solution — on testnets. And lastly, Tezos is getting faster: we are reducing the block time to 15 seconds!

Learn more in-depth of each key feature in Nomadic Labs article and why Tezos continues to be on the cutting edge of blockchain technology.

HomeBase Lite

Homebase Lite, a lighter version of the Homebase DAO platform on Tezos (similar to Snapshot on Ethereum) which makes it simple to gauge community input from proven token holders, is now live

Who will make the first community on mainnet?

Learn more on the powerful features

This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem

📣 Coinbase Japan now offers trading support for $XTZ, increasing the presence of Tezos in a key Asian market!

Coinbase has been serving the Japanese market since the launch of Coinbase Japan in August 2021. The markets for $XTZ on Coinbase Japan will allow anyone to easily trade tez using their desktop or mobile devices.

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This Week in Tezos Development

Version 15.1 of Octez has just been released.

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3Route automatically identifies the best trading routes across multiple Tezos-supported DEXs to deliver the best exchange rates, all in one swap.

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