The Baking Sheet - Issue #13

Enter a new era, Tezos Agora.

Enter Agora

Introducing Tezos Agora! The first governance explorer + forum for Tezos.

Tezos Agora will provide key metrics for current proposals and a space to discuss various topics for Tezos such as current, future proposals, research and development, and philosophy. Learn more about Agora and the future roadmap here.

Babylon 2.0 - Quorum reached

Babylon 2.0 has successfully reached quorum and has moved to the next step in Tezos' on-chain governance, 'Testing.' The current amendment will autonomously test on the protocol before moving on its final phase, 'Promotion, in which bakers will cast a vote to activate the new upgrade.

Grantee Spotlight: Tezblock

Tezblock is a block explorer for Tezos an open-source platform for assets and applications backed by a global community of validators, researchers, and builders. Check out the great progress by AirGap on its MVP release of Tezblock.

Tezonomics Podcast #17

More that $2 Billion in security token projects have been announced this year on top of Tezos. TokenSoft is developing the infrastructure to make these types of offerings secure, compliant and scalable.

Featured Post - Arthur Breitman

This blog post expands on a popular Reddit comment on the benefits and drawbacks of supply caps. This topic is particularly interesting as it touches upon many areas of crypto-economic design. It’s also an opportunity to highlight some of the benefits of binding on-chain governance and debunk popular economic fallacies.

Training 1000 Devs - Update

In 2018, the Tezos Foundation announced a commitment to fund developer training with the goal of bringing at least 1,000 new developers into the Tezos ecosystem by the end of 2019.

Tezos Events - September

Check out the September lineup of Tezos events and our recent launch of Tezos Agora. Highlights for this month include the Tezos Kyiv Hackathon and TQuorum NYC Global Summit.

September 6th: The First Eastern Europe Tezos Hackathon

September 7th: Uganda

September 12th: Boston

September 17th: Silicon Valley

September 18th: Los Angeles

September 29th: TQuorum Global Summit @ NYC

Register for events here