The Baking Sheet - Issue #133

Come for the on-chain governance, stay for the community

Welcome to this week’s issue of The Baking Sheet!

It’s been another busy week within the Tezos ecosystem. As we wrap the week up, let’s highlight an extremely important initative using NFTs + Blockchain and how the community can help Tezos evolve.

Cure Parkinson's Fundraiser on fx(hash)

over 255k tez was raised in this incredible event to raise awareness for curing Parkinson's Disease.

 Cure3, the critically acclaimed selling exhibition devised to raise awareness and funds for curative Parkinson’s research collaborated with Tezos-powered platform, fx(hash), to auction of select art pieces with proceeds being used for Parkinson's research. Moreover, the artists offered will donate in perpetuity which in turn has created a new model for on-going charity thanks to the power of the blockchain.

Right Click Save wrote an excellent article on this new model of charitable giving in Web3.

Thanks to new Web3 technologies like blockchain and smart contracts, these crypto artists can now verify the provenance of their work themselves and access collectors directly, which was previously inconceivable within the gallery model. They can also receive an automatic resale royalty for the ongoing sales of their work. These opportunities help to explain why many traditional fine artists are now also embracing NFTs, especially those who work with ephemeral media that is difficult to commodify.

The next step for Tezos Agora

If you’ve been apart of the Tezos community for awhile, you’re likely in numerous dedicated telegram groups, slack channels, or even element (if you’re an OG like that).

One thing that is brutally apparent is that lots of meaningful discussion takes place in these channels and it’s hard to circle back to if you miss it. Imagine if there was a place where you could move these discussions to and have them stick?

Welcome to the Tezos Agora forum.

While it’s easy to take to Twitter, Reddit, or Telegram — these platforms are not the best for stimulating meaningful discussion. Instead of circling back to manually find old conversations in a social channel, the Tezos Agora forum eliminates the information disparity and provides an efficient feedback loop for the builders, developers, and teams working on Tezos.

It also functions as a brain for the ecosystem at large providing tools to get started on Tezos, learn about the governance process, track protocol upgrades, and much more.

That’s not all, however.

Us here at Tezos Commons also have a call to action for the Tezos community. We are looking to expand Tezos Agora and are taking any kind of feedback from the Tezos community.

If you have any input, feel free to comment here or email us at [email protected]. More of a Telegram or Twitter user? You can post directly in the Tezos Telegram channel or tag us on Twitter!

Tezos Agora meets that need by providing a place for people to have a civil discussion, learn about the Tezos governance, and help plan the long term future of the blockchain in a very organized and civil manner.

This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem

We are pleased to announce the winners of (“Community Rewards Program”) CRP for the month of December 2022!

Tezos DEX aggregator 3Route evolved with the 2nd version of the smart-contract.

PMU is launching a fantasy sports entertainment platform called "Stables" using Tezos-based NFTs. Stables will enable players to experience "the intensity of horse racing and the endless possibilities of Web3".

The Plenty team has announced the first launch date for their new VeNFT platform. Plenty has also launched their new analytics platform - all pools created on Plenty will automatically be reflected on the new analytics site!

Join the DeFi revolution on

Tezos will be listed on OKCoinJapan! Trading will begin January 16.

Altme is a non-custodial blockchain wallet for assets and digital identity.

Crunchy has now launched V1 of their Tezos token tracker. Users can view prices, market cap, trading volume, and charts to track the Tezos DeFi ecosystem.

This Week in Tezos Development

Tezos Technical Documentation has gone through a total revamp with improved usability and structure.

The homepage has been refactored to cater towards all types of people: newcomers, users, developers and core developers.

Check it out at

Explorus is a tool made to keep track, understand, and debug the overall behavior of the consensus and new features of the Tezos blockchain (e.g., optimistic rollups). One of the main strengths of Explorus is that the only requirement is to have a Tezos node, neither an indexer nor a database is required.

Wonder what dapps and projects Marigold has been working on? Check out the new ecosystem page from Marigold

Benjamin Fuentes (Tech lead at Marigold): building a NFT marketplace in 4 steps

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