The Baking Sheet - Issue #14

After TQuorum, this community is supercharged for a monster year ahead.

Community Events - October

TQuorum Wrap-Up

After a highly successful week in NYC, over 450 people around the world came together and dive into the Tezos Ecosystem at TQuorum. The conference featured a diverse set of speakers and panels from Arthur Breitman, Elevated Returns, Nomadic Labs, Truffle Suite, Cryptium Labs, and much more. The conference also featured breakout sessions of technical workshops throughout the day.

All featured speakers and technical workshops will be available online soon. Stay tuned in case we missed you at the conference!

Tezos Leadership Summit

TQuorum also featured a leadership summit co-organized between Tezos Commons and TQ Tezos.

This invite-only event featured over 40 Tezos community leaders from around the world coming together to share best-practices on running effective Meetup groups, keeping communities engaged, and how to help the community grow. In this all-day event, the attendees collaborated on the following topics:

  • Global Tezos Branding

  • Goals for future meetups

  • Introduce Tezos Chapter Heads for local regions

  • Creating content to educate the masses on Tezos

  • Aligning the Tezos Ecosystem goals and messaging

  • Establishing the requirements and resources needed for an effective Tezos meetup

Tezos Commons will soon publish more information on how to become a Tezos Chapter Head in your region and the benefits of becoming one.

Call out for more Tezos Meetup Organizers!

Are you interested in hosting a Tezos meetup and growing your local Tezos community? We would love to talk to you! Tezos Commons is looking to sponsor more Tezos meetups and want to work with you on hosting a successful meetup and provide the necessary resources.

News around the Ecosystem

Today, Tezos Foundation, the Swiss non-profit foundation pushing for social, political and economic innovation through blockchain technology, has entered into a strategic partnership with the London-based capital markets automation platform Globacap to accelerate its success in bringing capital markets into the digital age.

The Tezos community has strong shared values, arguably as strong as bitcoin’s.

Alessandro De Carli and Pascal Brun were part of the TQuorum Tezos Global Summit in New York, where Alessandro presented about AirGap’s vision of wallet and application interaction.

Equisafe announces Nyx Standard for Tezos