The Baking Sheet - Issue #140

Tezos is leveling up to become the ultimate gaming chain

Welcome to this week's issue of the The Baking Sheet, your weekly newsletter for all the latest and greatest in the world of Tezos. This week we got you covered with the most significant gaming announcements for Tezos. From enabling game developers to easily build on Tezos, game launches, and industry news — let's dive in!

Tezos SDK for Unity is now LIVE

In collaboration with Tezos Foundation and Unity, the Tezos software development kit (SDK) for game developers using Unity is now live. This SDK offers game developers the ability to integrate blockchain technology into their games and unlock a new realm of possibilities.

Blockchain technology has been growing in popularity in recent years due to its ability to provide a transparent and secure platform for various applications. One of these applications is gaming, and Tezos has recognized the potential for blockchain to revolutionize the industry. With Tezos' SDK for Unity, game developers can create blockchain-based games that provide players with unique experiences and opportunities.

One of the most significant benefits of using the Tezos SDK is its simplicity and ease of use. Whether you are a newcomer to blockchain technology or an experienced veteran, the SDK is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward. Developers can easily integrate the SDK into their games and start creating blockchain-based features without extensive technical knowledge.

The Tezos SDK for Unity also allows developers to link player accounts across games, enabling players to maintain a single account and easily access their progress across different games. Additionally, developers can use the SDK to mint and trade in-game items as unique digital assets on the blockchain, which can provide new revenue streams and opportunities for players.

On-chain leaderboards are another exciting feature that the Tezos SDK for Unity provides. With on-chain leaderboards, players can see their rankings and achievements on a public, immutable platform, providing an added layer of competition and motivation for players.

Overall, the Tezos SDK for Unity is a game-changer for the gaming industry. It opens up new possibilities for developers to create unique and engaging games that leverage the benefits of blockchain technology. Whether you're a developer looking to create the next big blockchain-based game or a player looking for a new and exciting gaming experience, the Tezos SDK for Unity is definitely worth checking out.

To download the Tezos SDK for Unity and start exploring the possibilities of blockchain-based gaming, visit

Emergents TCG Launches Today! 

InterPop is thrilled to announce that our Emergents Trading Card Game is live and out there in the world. No more Public Beta, Early Alpha. The game is there for you to download and play, explore and enjoy. There will always be a little work to do – some patch notes to release – but that is where you come in as a player of this game which so many people have worked so tirelessly to bring to life: join our community on Discord to tell us what you think.

The game began several years ago as Brian David-Marshall and Zvi Mowshowitz – who became long time friends through the competitive card gaming scene – found themselves both looking to find a better way to make a digital card game. Something that was more akin to the physical card games that would see players buy and sell cards as the metagame shifted and new strategies were called for.  

“I’ve been looking forward to this moment for a long time,” said Hall of Fame gamer Zvi Mowshowitz. “I set out to assemble a team and create the new tradable card game that I wanted to play –  a game that would offer the strategic depth and constantly changing interesting choices that have kept me playing such games for decades, with game play that flows smoothly in a native digital environment, and with an economy granting players true player ownership of their cards and encouraging the ability to easily and efficiently buy and sell cards on demand.”

Brian David-Marshall co-designed the original game alongside Mowshowitz and also created the super-powered universe that the game plays out in. It was a culmination of years working in both games and comics for David-Marshall. Joining them on the journey were former Magic World Champion and Hall of Famer Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa, card gaming champion and gaming industry veteran Corey Burkhart, and folks like Drew Nolosco, formerly from Wizards of the Coast, and Leonard Perez who came in from Scopely. 

And that is just a fraction of the people who have worked so diligently to launch Emergents TCG.

“When I take a step back and look at the team that we assembled to make this game, I am blown away by the talent and experience they bring to Emergents TCG, like Hall of Fame card gamers Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa and Zvi Mowshowitz and iconic comic book artists whose work is always on the pull list at my local comic shop. And what they have delivered is a deep strategy game with killer artwork that drops you into a fully realized superpowered universe,” said David-Marshall, known simply as BDM to the TCG world.

Today the product of that team’s efforts are finally ready, as we at Interpop launch the Emergents Trading Card Game. Players can download the game and explore the universe with a free card set that offers a robust metagame – even the game’s designers still disagree on which of several viable strategies is best – and new cards are released almost daily for sale. A forthcoming achievement ladder built into each card will unlock chroming features and even exclusive variant art versions. Players can always sell their cards back inside our store for a significant percentage of the purchase price or if they have unlocked chrome or art variants they will be able to explore trading or selling the cards on a secondary marketplace.  

TCG veterans will find a lot of familiar elements right off the bat but there will be many things that are new, like starting your turn defending then ending it launching your attack, a new system of building resources and choosing when to try for a wild card. If you’re entirely new, there’s a tutorial to quickly bring you up to speed. 

On every level, this is a game that everyone at InterPop is – if you will pardon the word play – super-pleased with and we are excited to meet you in the PvP queues and play a few games.

This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem

The Tezos Foundation has recently announced its support for the creation of an implementation of the CMTAT-FA2 Tezos Token smart contract. This contract will provide the necessary functionalities to tokenize the equity securities of Swiss corporations easily. This news is a significant development in the world of blockchain technology and securities tokenization.

The CMTA-FA2 Tezos Token smart contract is a result of the collaboration between Tezos Foundation and Papers. This collaboration has enabled the development of an easy-to-use smart contract, which will allow Swiss corporations to tokenize their equity securities on the Tezos blockchain easily. The CMTA has also verified that the code of the smart contract is compliant with their requirements and recommendations for the tokenization of shares of Swiss corporations using distributed ledger technology.

The CMTA-FA2 Tezos Token smart contract will be an easy and cost-effective solution for Swiss corporations looking to tokenize their equity securities. The Tezos blockchain provides a robust and secure infrastructure for tokenization, making it an ideal platform for the implementation of the CMTAT-FA2 smart contract. The adoption of this smart contract by Swiss corporations will provide them with an opportunity to access a new pool of investors and increase their liquidity.

Check out the Paper's team github to get started:

The present repository provides an implementation of the CMTAT standard for the Tezos ecosystem, which has been developed by the Tezos Foundation and is based on the FA2 token standard. There are two main differences compared to the Solidity reference contract:

  • FA2 allows for multiple tokens on the same contract. This of course means that this implementation can have per token an admin who gets the token 'owner' status as per CMTAT. Since 'owner' in FA2 receives another semantic. This implementation uses the expression 'token admin' to refer to the 'CMTAT token owner' and 'token owners' in this implementation are what CMTAT calls 'holders'.

  • For gas optimization purposes where it makes sense the entry points have been extended to accept lists. This allows for batched operations.

New McLaren drop on Tezos 

McLaren fans and crypto enthusiasts, get ready for an exciting opportunity! McLaren is offering a free digital collectible of their F1 23/23 car to all users on TrustWallet. This collectible also provides access to exclusive rewards, making it a must-have for fans of the team. To claim the collectible, visit Mclaren's website and claim your digital copy of the car. This particular collectible celebrates the Bahrain 1/23 race, making it even more special for fans of the team and the sport. Don't miss out on this chance to own a piece of McLaren history and gain access to exclusive rewards.

Tezos India Monthly Update: Feb 2023

Tezos India had a busy month promoting blockchain adoption and showcasing the potential of web3 technology. They attended the India Art Fair to showcase the potential of computational art on the Tezos blockchain and conducted several education sessions on smart contracts for developers and enthusiasts. Tezos India also successfully integrated the Tezos blockchain with Wallet Chat, allowing Tezos users to communicate natively from their wallet and dApps to integrate the Wallet Chat widget for community engagement. Tezos India plans to continue organizing education sessions, attending events and conferences, and collaborating with developers and builders to create innovative solutions on the Tezos blockchain.

Read their full monthly round-up here

This Week in Tezos Development

The Tezos blockchain is preparing for an important upgrade with the implementation of the Mumbai protocol proposal — Bakers now is the time to vote!

Mumbai offers exciting features such as smart rollups, Epoxy for instant finality, reduced block time to 15 seconds, ticket transfers between accounts, and new Michelson operations. The proposal also disables Transaction Optimistic Rollups (TORUs) on Mainnet to pave the way for smart rollups. 

Follow all the voting action and discussion at Tezos Agora

If you missed Marigold 1st live training, don't worry! You can watch the recorded version which is 1 hour and 45 minutes long. In this training, you will learn how to create a dapp using Taquito library and interact with a Tezos browser wallet. Also, your opinion is important to Marigold. Please fill out this form to provide feedback on our training, smart contract languages, and the Tezos ecosystem

The Octez node has made changes to its logging system in the next version of Octez (17.0). The node will now output one line for each new block, injected operation, and baked block, with more detailed logs written silently in the background to disk. The aim is to make logs simpler for users to read, while still providing essential technical information for developers to troubleshoot issues. The new system includes a daily log file option, which can be set for a user-defined number of days.

LigoLANG updates | Marigold

LigoLang has announced the release of version 0.61.0. The new release includes several updates and improvements, including the deprecation of PascaLIGO, an update to the syntax for generic functions in JsLIGO, and the ability for the Abstractor to generate curried definitions. PascaLIGO has been deprecated to encourage developers to use ReasonLIGO, which is considered a more robust and secure language. The updates to JsLIGO make it easier to write and deploy smart contracts on the Tezos blockchain. 

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