The Baking Sheet - Issue #155

The Tezos Ecosystem is alive!

Welcome to this week's issue of the The Baking Sheet, your weekly newsletter for all the latest and greatest in the world of Tezos.

We're eager to dive deep into some exciting news that showcases the ongoing innovation and expansion of our vibrant community. From a thrilling NFT fan experience with Manchester United, to a detailed look at Tez/Dev's 2023 schedule, there's a lot to cover. We'll also bring you updates on ADOT's work on a blockchain-powered search feature, a deep dive of new tools that are empowering Tezos game developers, and last but certainly not least, we'll discuss Marigold's launch of an innovative smart rollup on Tezos. So, sit tight, grab a coffee, and let's unpack the latest and greatest from Tezos.

Manchester United's Digital Leap: The Rise of Tezos Sports NFTs

Manchester United, the iconic English football club, is making a significant foray into the world of digital assets. The club's museum has opened an exhibit showcasing the burgeoning role of digital collectibles in the sports industry.

Why it matters: By leveraging Web3 technology and digital assets, the club is forging a new frontier for fan engagement and monetization.


  • The exhibit is powered by Tezos, the club's official blockchain partner, and other Tezos ecosystem companies.

  • Fans Navjit Kang, Andrew Yong, and Mark Kempson, along with their friends and family, enjoyed a VIP weekend made possible by digital collectibles.

  • The names of these lucky fans are now enshrined in the club's history, showcasing how digital assets can create unique experiences.

Join the community: Manchester United is inviting fans to join the digital collectibles community on Discord, offering opportunities to talk about United with thousands of Reds every day and access to exclusive rewards.

What's next: The club is planning to launch a new collection inspired by United’s first-ever Premier League title-winning season in 1992/93. This move could see fans owning pieces of United history and meeting legends of the 1992/93 squad.

The big picture: As blockchain technology and digital assets continue to mature, their application in various industries, including sports, is becoming more prominent. Manchester United's initiative serves as a model for how sporting clubs can integrate these technologies to enhance fan experiences.

Worth noting: This innovative approach from Manchester United reflects the increasing convergence of sports, technology, and fan engagement in an increasingly digital world.

Tez/Dev 2023 — Schedule is Released

The highly anticipated second annual TezDev Conference, aimed at bringing together blockchain enthusiasts, developers, and innovators within the Tezos ecosystem, is set to take place. This event serves as a platform to connect, learn, and celebrate the cutting-edge of the web3 revolution.

Why it matters: As blockchain technology increasingly permeates various sectors, being on the front lines of innovation and understanding trends is crucial. This conference provides the opportunity to tap into the global network of Tezos, a versatile and eco-friendly blockchain.

Connect with the Global Tezos Developers: The event is a golden opportunity to engage with international Tezos developers, providing insights into blockchain development on this highly adaptable platform.

Learn from Ecosystem Teams: The conference will host a series of expert talks, offering invaluable knowledge from some of the brightest minds in the blockchain realm, giving attendees a panoramic view of the advancements in the industry.

Celebrate the Tezos Ecosystem: The conference also serves as a celebration of the global Tezos ecosystem, highlighting the diversity of the Tezos community that spans across continents.

Tez/Dev Event Schedule

Location: Paris


Harnessing Tezos for Success

  • Speaker: Hadrien Zerah

  • What to expect: Learn about Tezos adoption strategies and ways to enhance value for your team.


Ultra High Throughput: The Future of Rollups on Tezos

  • Speaker: Arthur Breitman

  • What to expect: Learn about smart rollups, the roadmap to one million TPS, and what's next for Tezos.


On the Fast Track: 1M TPS Demonstration

  • Speaker: Emma Turner

  • What to expect: Understand the game-changing aspects of 1 million TPS on Tezos and see how it's done.


Data Availability Solutions on Tezos

  • Speakers: Andrea Cerone and Francois Thiré

  • What to expect: Learn about the latest developments in improving data availability on Tezos.


Develop Your First Smart Rollup Kernel

  • Speakers: Pierre-Louis Dubois and Emma Turner

  • What to expect: Learn from experts on how to deploy your own smart rollup kernel on Tezos.


Unpacking DeFi Success Stories on Tezos

  • Speakers: Bernd Oostrum, Dmitriy Kovalevskiy, Michael Mendes, Vlad Horilyi

  • What to expect: Hear about popular DeFi applications on Tezos.


The State of L2s in 2023

  • Speakers: Zaki Manian, Arthur Breitman (Other speakers to be confirmed)

  • What to expect: Learn about key developments and trends in L2 solutions.


Getting started with the EVM on Tezos

  • Speakers: Valentin Chaboche, Pierrick Couderc

  • What to expect: Learn about the EVM rollups roadmaps from Nomadic Labs and Trilitech core engineers.


Universal Interoperability

  • What to expect: More details to be confirmed.

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Introducing ORB3: Empowering game developers on Tezos

As the gaming industry continues to push the boundaries of technology, game developers are continuously looking for ways to create immersive and innovative experiences for gamers. One such technological advancement revolutionizing the gaming landscape is the integration of blockchain technology, or Web3. ORB3, a new platform and marketplace powered by Tezos, is paving the way for game developers to seamlessly integrate Web3 into their projects.

Empowering Game Developers

ORB3's platform aims to empower game developers by providing them with tools and APIs that enable Web3 capabilities. The platform's Chief Technology Officer recently introduced the extraordinary features of the ORB3 API in a video, offering a glimpse into the transformative potential of the technology.

With the help of the ORB3 API, game developers can create decentralized economies within their games, giving players more autonomy and creating a more immersive gaming experience. Developers can also collaborate with artists and NFT projects, which can be integrated into games, further enhancing the utility and value of these digital assets.

A New Era in Gaming

The ORB3 platform and marketplace are set to usher in a new era of gaming, and we're already seeing this potential realized. The Six Dragons, the first Blockchain Open-World RPG, has integrated the ORB3 platform, demonstrating the power of Web3 technology and its capabilities to transform the gaming world.

The integration of ORB3 into The Six Dragons represents a significant step forward for the gaming industry. It showcases how blockchain technology can be used to create richer, more immersive gaming experiences, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the gaming world.

A Future Shaped by Web3

The power of blockchain technology in the gaming industry is undeniable, and with platforms like ORB3, the future of gaming seems destined to be shaped by Web3. As more game developers embrace this technology, gamers can look forward to more innovative and immersive experiences, powered by decentralized economies and enriched by digital art and assets.

To learn more about ORB3 and its potential, you can watch the CTO's video presentation here.

This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem

Adot Teams Up with TZ APAC to Enhance Search Experience in the Tezos Ecosystem

XTZ News reports Adot, a Web3 search engine leveraging decentralized technologies, has announced a collaborative effort with TZ APAC, a critical part of the Tezos blockchain’s Web3 ecosystem. This partnership aims to revolutionize the decentralized search functionalities within the Tezos ecosystem, capitalizing on Adot’s AI capabilities.

Why it matters: In an increasingly digitized world, efficient and intuitive search experiences are vital. By leveraging AI, Adot seeks to refine search relevance, deliver intelligent suggestions, and simplify the exploration of decentralized applications and smart contracts.

The details: As part of the collaboration, Adot plans to roll out a wide range of data retrieval services specifically designed for developers within the Tezos ecosystem. These services aim to embed comprehensive search functionalities into decentralized applications, enhancing user experience and facilitating seamless navigation.

AI at the center: Adot's AI capabilities are set to play a pivotal role in delivering a more efficient search experience for users. This means refined search relevance, intelligent suggestions, and simplified exploration of resources within the Tezos ecosystem.

Big picture: This collaboration signifies an important advancement in decentralized search solutions. By integrating Adot's proficiency in web3 search with Tezos’ robust blockchain infrastructure, this initiative aims to equip developers, enhance user experiences, and foster a thriving Tezos ecosystem.

What's next: On July 5th, Adot will feature prominently at the TZ APAC Tezos Demo Day in Singapore. As a participant in the TZ APAC incubator program, Adot is eager to showcase its sophisticated AI-powered search product, offering a glimpse into the future of decentralized search within the Tezos ecosystem.

Tezos Foundation Unveils First Art Gallery with Work Curated by Misan Harriman

What's new: The Tezos Foundation has launched the inaugural showcase of its Permanent Art Collection (PAC) on the digital platform, oncyber. The online exhibition features a diverse range of artworks curated by renowned photographer and activist, Misan Harriman.


  • The Tezos Foundation's online gallery demonstrates the diversity and creativity within the Tezos ecosystem, divided into three thematic rooms: "Who We Are", "What We Become", and "Tracks of Existence". Each section examines facets of digital identity on a global scale.

  • The PAC presently holds over 2,000 artworks. This first exhibition showcases only a portion of the full collection, marking the initial step towards public accessibility of Harriman's curated artworks.

  • The initiative highlights the potential of blockchain technology in creating a boundless world of art and providing visibility to artists worldwide, many for the first time.

From the Foundation: Tezos Foundation encourages individuals to experience the gallery and appreciate the fusion of art and technology in a distinctive, global context. More details on the PAC can be found on the Tezos Foundation's website.

Featured artists:

  • The inaugural presentation showcases works from a wide array of artists, including Amir H. Fallah, Andreas Rau, Anibal Ar13, Barbara Bezina, Blessing Atas, Bomfha NFT, Bumble the B33, Diane Drubay, Csrsnt, and F. Dilek Yurdakul.

  • Other included artists are Gorkem Ksr, Astra, Jukimoot, Karoline Georges, Katya Kanke, Kopfgestaltung, La Delmas, Manuel Michael, M. Soriaro, Natalie Shau, O Mente Jovem, Patrick Amadon, Sutu Eats Flies, Tantan Artwork, Thomas P., Tomislav Jagnjic, Violet Forest, Young Kev Arts, and Zancan.

  • The Tezos Foundation is enthusiastic about featuring these talented artists in their gallery and expects to include many more in future showcases.

Go deeper: Visit the gallery and explore the convergence of art and blockchain technology in the Tezos Foundation Permanent Art Collection.

This Week in Tezos Development

The Marigold team has introduced a notable advancement in blockchain technology with the Tzwitter Smart Rollup. This development seeks to uncover ways to manage assets, tackle issues that arise during kernel development, and enhance the existing SDK.

Key Highlights:

  • Tzwitter, available on Ghostnet, lets users publish and like tweets, drawing inspiration from the real-life Twitter platform.

  • Unique to Tzwitter, tweets are represented as tokens that can be transferred or withdrawn as FA2 tokens on Layer 1.

  • It employs a Shared Inbox feature common to all Smart Rollups, acting as a transport layer. Two solutions were implemented: a Magic Byte and a Framing Protocol.

  • Managing assets on Tzwitter involves the creative use of a ledger for representing tokens. The ledger path /ledger/{address}-{id}/amount shows the amount of a token owned by a given address.

  • Outbox messages are a feature to enable withdrawals to Layer 1. A Smart Contract transaction can be written into the outbox, committed to Layer 1, and later executed.

Access the application here.


  • Implementing the Shared Inbox required methods to recognize messages for processing. The Magic Byte solution uses a constant byte, while the Framing Protocol uses the first byte as the protocol version, the next 20 bytes as the rollup address, and the rest as payload.

  • Managing assets on Smart Rollups currently lacks standardization or established specifications, leading to innovative solutions like representing a ledger in durable storage.

  • Outbox messages allow users to execute transactions in Layer 1. Transactions are written into the outbox, committed, and can be executed once cemented.

In response to a potential vulnerability that could halt block production on the Tezos network, a new upgrade proposal, Mumbai 2, was rolled out. This patch addresses the liveness issue, ensuring continued block production without jeopardizing the ledger state.

Key Points:

  • An “inconsistent hash” error was identified on the Ghostnet test network, which was traced back to an inconsistency in the Tezos protocol cache. This resulted in different representations of certain values depending on node uptime for a deployed smart contract.

  • The issue didn't pose a risk to network safety, but could potentially affect network liveness i.e., the block production might stall or stop. However, this situation could be remedied by rebooting affected nodes.

  • The Mumbai 2 upgrade, which was published on March 7th, 2023, and activated on the Tezos Mainnet at block level #3,268,609, provides a solution for this issue. The patch modifies how the Tezos economic protocol interacts with the cache, ensuring values are always normalized to the optimized, byte representation when updating an entry.

  • There was no evidence to suggest this issue was exploited or attempted to be exploited on either the Ghostnet or Tezos Mainnet.

  • While the issue was deemed a high-risk threat, no funds were compromised and there was no risk of an inconsistent ledger state.

  • The team behind Tezos is committed to improving their testing infrastructure to ensure similar issues are identified earlier on test networks.

Up Next: A new protocol upgrade, Nairobi, is set to activate on the Tezos Mainnet around June 23rd, marking another significant step in Tezos's ongoing evolution. As blockchain technology continues to progress, Tezos remains at the forefront, committed to moving swiftly while prioritizing network safety.

Read the full report here

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