The Baking Sheet - Issue #157

There's no place like Home(Base)

There's no place like Home(Base)

Welcome to this week's issue of the The Baking Sheet, your weekly newsletter for all the latest and greatest in the world of Tezos.

Today, we're stirring up something special as we celebrate five glorious years of the ecosystem's existence. 🎉 We invite you to stroll down memory lane and share your favorite Tezos moments using #TezosAnniversary - let's relive the milestones that have defined our journey.

From its humble beginnings, Tezos has witnessed remarkable growth, as demonstrated by 14 impressive upgrades - from Athens all the way to the recent #NairobiUpgrade. We're proud to announce that Tezos is now the 2nd most popular blockchain in France, trailing just behind Ethereum. Our community of dedicated 'bakers' has expanded to a robust network of 400+ worldwide, showcasing the global reach and adaptability of our ecosystem.

In this anniversary edition, we will cover a smorgasbord of exciting updates. Look forward to an exploration of the newly formed Tezos Ecosystem DAO, the latest developments on HomeBase, and an introduction to fxhash 2.0. We're also thrilled to bring you the announcement of a brand new game, created on Tezos by a cherished member of the OG H=N community. Additionally, you won't want to miss the insights shared by Youves as they unfold their future plans. Here's to another year of innovation, growth, and shared success in the Tezos Ecosystem!

Building a Community DAO for Tezos Ecosystem Funding

Driving the news: Tezos, a major blockchain platform, is breaking new ground with the launch of the Tezos Ecosystem DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). This initiative is designed to manage and distribute Tezos' native token, tez, to support various initiatives within its community. It represents a fresh take on blockchain governance, serving as a proof of concept for a more inclusive governance model.

Why it matters: The establishment of the Tezos Ecosystem DAO signifies a move towards a more democratic and community-oriented model of governance within the blockchain space. This shift not only impacts the distribution of resources within the Tezos ecosystem but could set a precedent for other blockchain platforms, fostering a more collaborative and inclusive approach to decision-making.

Who's involved: The DAO's governance currently lies with key holders from several established entities within the Tezos ecosystem:

  • Tezos Commons

  • Trilitech

  • Tezos Domains Foundation

  • Tezos Foundation

  • Tezos India Foundation

These organizations are employing a three-of-five multisig model for decision-making, seen as a simple and secure first step. Tezos envisions a future where a wider community will be more directly involved in the DAO's on-chain proposal and voting process.

What's next: The DAO's treasury draws its funding from the sales of Tezos protocol upgrade memorabilia NFTs on Notably, Felipe, an artist known for creating many of the past upgrade videos, is donating 100% of his sales proceeds to the DAO. It's also possible for users to make direct donations to the DAO's treasury contract.

Tezos is encouraging its community members to submit initiative applications to the DAO through Tezos Agora. These initiatives are then curated by Tezos Commons and proposed to the DAO on-chain. If approved by the ecosystem teams participating in the DAO, the proposal will be funded and executed.

The big picture: With the Tezos Foundation currently holding one of the five keys that govern the DAO, it may potentially fund the DAO in the future. All initiatives that contribute positively to Tezos and its ecosystem are being considered for funding, similar to the community rewards program. We have also seen bakers like BakingBenjamin taking action by users of Tezpay donating to the Ecosystem DAO and Tezberry Pie donating a percentage of it’s baking rewards.

Go deeper:

  1. Learn more about Felipe, the contributing artist, and explore his NFT collection.

  2. Follow the DAO's funding and operations on their treasury contract page.

  3. View the main DAO.

The bottom line: Tezos' innovative approach to blockchain governance, focusing on community participation and democracy, paints a promising picture for the future of the ecosystem.

Let the Spice Flow: New HomeBase Updates

What's happening: Homebase, the one-stop-shop for creating and managing decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) on Tezos, is enhancing its capabilities. The platform is merging off-chain voting features from Homebase Lite into its main application and launching a governance token creation wizard.

Why it matters: With the rise of DAO adoption across sectors, Homebase stands out in the Tezos ecosystem. The new features aim to streamline the user experience and make DAO creation and management on Tezos more efficient.

Digging Deeper:

Homebase and Homebase Lite, previously two separate entities, have now merged. This change brings:

  • Off-chain polls: This feature allows users to benefit from both on-chain and off-chain voting within one platform. It gives users flexibility in how they want their community to vote and contribute to the decision-making process.

  • In-app token wizard: Creating a governance token is now more straightforward, thanks to the introduction of the in-app token wizard. This feature replaces the previous FA2 bakery route and simplifies the governance token creation process.

Once a token is deployed, users can select between two DAO versions from the DAO creator menu. A 'full' DAO includes a treasury, registry, and a Lambda endpoint, while a 'Lite' DAO can be created for those not planning on on-chain governance.

The road ahead: Andrei Taranu of dOrg shared some future plans for Homebase:

  • Lambda: The team is developing Lambda, a tool for adding functionality to contracts. This addition will decentralize the privileges of the token administrator, enhancing the DAO's democratic nature.

  • Liquid single-level delegation: Homebase is introducing this feature to improve governance efficiency. It allows users to delegate their voting power to others, which can then be revoked at any time.

The bottom line: As Tezos continues to evolve, so does Homebase, constantly improving its developer tools and user interface. The new features present exciting opportunities for more institutions and community members to create and manage their own DAOs on Tezos using Homebase.

Tez/Dev 2023 — Don’t miss the premier event of the year

The highly anticipated second annual TezDev Conference, aimed at bringing together blockchain enthusiasts, developers, and innovators within the Tezos ecosystem, is set to take place. This event serves as a platform to connect, learn, and celebrate the cutting-edge of the web3 revolution.

Why it matters: As blockchain technology increasingly permeates various sectors, being on the front lines of innovation and understanding trends is crucial. This conference provides the opportunity to tap into the global network of Tezos, a versatile and eco-friendly blockchain.

Connect with the Global Tezos Developers: The event is a golden opportunity to engage with international Tezos developers, providing insights into blockchain development on this highly adaptable platform.

Learn from Ecosystem Teams: The conference will host a series of expert talks, offering invaluable knowledge from some of the brightest minds in the blockchain realm, giving attendees a panoramic view of the advancements in the industry.

Celebrate the Tezos Ecosystem: The conference also serves as a celebration of the global Tezos ecosystem, highlighting the diversity of the Tezos community that spans across continents.

P.S. — Remember to use the code 'Tez0sEar$y' when you checkout to take advantage of the early bird discount.

Introducing fxhash 2.0: A Multichain Future

Driving the news: In a strategic move to bolster its market position, Tezos-native generative art platform, fxhash, announced a significant expansion. The update, termed fxhash 2.0, will see the integration of Ethereum, introducing on-chain minting and opening up the platform to a wider audience.

The big picture: Fxhash's decision to integrate Ethereum while continuing to offer services on Tezos will bring many benefits to the Tezos ecosystem. By giving users a choice between the two, fxhash 2.0 is set to become a beacon of user empowerment and a platform for promoting generative art to a global audience.

Details: Here's what users can expect from the updated platform:

  • Enhanced exposure for Tezos: With Ethereum's large user base, the integration offers the Tezos ecosystem exposure to new audiences. As artists and collectors from the Ethereum community start using fxhash, they'll gain first-hand experience with the Tezos platform's capabilities, which could encourage further exploration and adoption of Tezos.

  • Retaining original features: The fxhash 2.0 platform will maintain its existing features while also integrating Ethereum. This means that Tezos users will continue to enjoy the features they've become accustomed to, such as fx(params), redeemables, and integration tools, while also inviting Ethereum users to benefit from these unique functionalities.

  • A multichain portfolio for artists: Artists will have the freedom to mint on both Tezos and Ethereum, all from within the fxhash platform. This flexibility will not only attract artists from the Ethereum ecosystem to fxhash, but it also presents a unique opportunity for artists to experiment with both chains, potentially leading to a deeper appreciation and use of Tezos.

  • Cross-chain art appreciation: By displaying artworks minted on both blockchains side by side, fxhash is encouraging appreciation for artists' creations, irrespective of the blockchain they were minted on. This approach can help elevate the status of Tezos as a viable and creative platform for generative art.

  • Integration of Ethereum's Layer 1: Ethereum users will experience the benefits of Tezos through the integration of Ethereum’s Layer 1 into fxhash, which offers a reliable and feature-rich environment akin to what Tezos users enjoy.

Open from day one: Fxhash 2.0 will be fully accessible to everyone from the launch, a testament to fxhash's commitment to inclusivity, which has been a hallmark of the Tezos community.

Community-driven approach: This expansion underscores fxhash's responsiveness to its community's needs, a trait that is embedded in the Tezos ethos.

What's next: Fxhash aims to launch the 2.0 version in Fall/Winter 2023, hosting a series of online and in-person events to celebrate the release.

The bottom line: The integration of Ethereum into the originally Tezos-based platform, fxhash, is more than just an expansion; it's an opportunity for Tezos to showcase its capabilities to a wider audience. With fxhash 2.0, the generative art world is set for a multichain revolution, and Tezos is primed to be at its forefront.

This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem

Tim, an original member of the H=N community, and his indie team are thrilled to announce the development of their upcoming browser-based game, Crossroads: Myth. Set in the enchanting world of Mythenia, this strategy game is designed to immerse players in strategic adventures, resource management, alliance formations, and intriguing lore.

A New Adventure in the World of Mythenia

Currently in its early stages of development on the Tezos blockchain, Crossroads: Myth offers a thrilling journey that the team invites players to be a part of. In this interactive world, players choose to play as humans, elves, or dwarves, each race offering unique advantages and disadvantages to accommodate diverse play styles.

The gameplay involves various activities like recruiting units to form a squad, hiring mercenaries, and completing quests. Additionally, players can acquire and upgrade lands to generate resources. The indie team behind Crossroads: Myth values player input and support, and eagerly invites players to join them on this exciting journey.

Blockchain Integration and Tokenomics

The integration of blockchain technology sets Crossroads: Myth apart from traditional browser-based games. All in-game assets, including units, lands, items, and resources, exist on the blockchain as either Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) or Fungible Tokens. This allows free trading among players, enhancing the gameplay experience.

In addition, the team has implemented player-focused tokenomics to create a sustainable and rewarding gaming experience. More information about this feature can be found on their website, and the team promises more insights in an upcoming litepaper.

Emphasis on Community and Cooperation

While solo play is an option, Crossroads: Myth thrives on teamwork and cooperation. The game encourages players to form or join guilds, share resources, and develop strategies collectively to tackle challenging quests. This aspect of gameplay not only enhances the gaming experience but also cultivates a sense of community among players.

Stay Connected

Players interested in staying updated on the game's development and other announcements can join the Crossroads: Myth community through various platforms:

Tim and his team are thrilled to share this immersive Web3 browser-based game with the gaming community and look forward to embarking on this exciting journey together.

Youves Outlines Strategic Vision and Future Plans

Youves, a prominent self-custodial decentralized finance platform in the Tezos ecosystem, recently shared its strategic vision and future plans. After significant growth and learning since its launch in 2021, the Youves team is introducing a refined approach to user roles and strategies for boosting growth and capital efficiency.

Initially, the platform featured three user roles - minters, savers, and stakers. Based on user patterns and to optimize the platform, Youves suggests redefining minters as traders, savers as liquidity providers, and retaining the role of stakers. This approach will provide better leverage and enhance user experiences.

To boost growth and efficiency, Youves proposes several changes. The team plans to redirect all interest payments made by borrowers to liquidity providers, transforming the YOU Staking Pool to a voted escrow model and a bailout pool, increasing the accessibility by supporting native cross-chain assets as collateral, and simplifying the user experience and tokenomics.

Moreover, Youves intends to intensify marketing efforts, tear down barriers into Tezos DeFi, and increase cooperations within the Tezos DeFi ecosystem. The team believes these initiatives will take the platform to new heights, attracting more users and improving total value locked (TVL).

For a more detailed explanation, check out the full article here.

Get involved in Youves’ future discussion by joining the community channels on Discord, Telegram, and the Youves governance forum.

This Week in Tezos Development

LigoLANG Updates | Marigold

Visit the revamped LigoLANG website and explore the updated user experience and tools tailored for smart contracts developers. Alongside our bi-monthly Ligo releases, we're continually working to enhance your developer journey.

Here's a snapshot of what's new:

  • Redesigned Architecture: Our website now sports a fresh, streamlined design that will enhance your browsing and learning experience.

  • Focus on Important Tooling: We've given prominence to the most crucial tooling, making them more accessible and easy to use.

  • Updated Documentation: We've thoroughly updated our documentation, ensuring you have the most current and accurate resources at your fingertips.

Marigold is committed to making smart contract development easier and more efficient. So go ahead, dive in, and make the most out of these updates!

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