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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Tezos Ecosystem

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Tezos Ecosystem

MetaMask & Tezos: The Hitchhiker’s Guide

In a corner of the digital galaxy, right past the third pop-up ad on the left, MetaMask – a trusty digital pouch for all your intergalactic coins – sat comfortably. Tezos, another star in this vast expanse, a playground of fun-filled digital activities, seemed just out of reach. But as is the way in this unpredictable universe, the improbable happened.

Thanks to some clever tinkering by the engineers (or perhaps wizards) at TriliTech, with a little help from their friends at Consensys, a bridge was built. They called it a "Snap." It's not what you do when you're impatiently waiting for your cup of tea, but a piece of digital magic that links MetaMask to Tezos.

Wondering why this is monumental? Simply put, if MetaMask was a trusty electronic towel (every hitchhiker should have one), Tezos was an unexplored planet. And now, the former can be flung into the latter, expanding the horizons for both.

For those looking to embark on this journey:

  1. Ensure your electronic device is equipped with the MetaMask gadgetry.

  2. Direct your digital spacecraft to the Tezos Wallet via the MetaMask portal.

  3. Engage in interstellar handshaking by clicking to connect.

  4. Incorporate the Tezos Snap. It's like adding a turbo boost.

  5. And voilà! Your MetaMask now reads the intergalactic languages of Tezos.

A small footnote for aspiring hitchhikers: currently, this particular space route is only available for desktop-sized spacecrafts (PC), not the pocket rockets (Mobile).

And if you're one of those explorers switching ships mid-flight, fear not! Migrating to MetaMask is a breeze as long as you remember the secret chant (or the seed phrase) from your old spacecraft.

For a deeper dive, the Tezos Wallet Explorer and Snap FAQs await.

So, fellow hitchhikers, remember the advice inscribed in large friendly letters on the cover of the guide: DON'T PANIC. And always bring your towel.

A Digital Dojo in the Tezos Universe: Enter "KAYO"

In a curious sector of the Tezos galaxy, not too distant from our recent jaunt with MetaMask and Tezos, a new cosmic anomaly is emerging. Introducing "KAYO", the next interstellar marvel in gaming that has chosen the Tezos terrain as its home base.

Imagine, if you will, a universe where the legendary street fighters weren't just mashing buttons and throwing hadoukens, but instead were being tactically trained by strategic masterminds, akin to chess grandmasters. This is where "Street Fighter meets Strategy" – not at a cafe for a cup of tea, but in a spectacular digital arena.

"KAYO" promises an autobattler experience that leaves spectators wide-eyed and pixel-jawed. As a coach in this game, you don't just assemble a team of fighters; you discover AI-powered brawlers each embedded with unique digital DNAs, peculiar abilities, and, dare I say, personalities. The key isn't just in finding the strongest, but unveiling the hidden potential within and adapting your coaching techniques accordingly.

Now, for the spacefarers reading this and flexing their joystick thumbs in anticipation, the studio behind this marvel is searching the vast reaches of the universe for 50 lucky early testers. Not only will these pioneers be among the first to coach their AI fighters, but they'll also gain access to exclusive intergalactic content upon the game's grand release.

For those ready to embark on this gaming odyssey, plot a course to this digital portal. But remember, in the timeless words inscribed in our interstellar guide: time is an illusion, but deadlines are real. Make sure to mark your space calendar and submit your candidacy before September 17th.

Hitchhiker's tip: Bring your towel; it might come in handy if your AI fighter breaks a digital sweat!

Manchester United vs. Brighton: A Collectible Kickoff in the Tezos Galaxy

As we hitchhiked our way from the expanses of MetaMask to the combative arenas of KAYO, our cosmic journey made an unexpected detour into the world of football. Perhaps the Universe, in its infinite jest, wants to remind us that amidst digital fighters and wallets, there still beats the heart of an age-old passion: football (Soccer for our North American stellarmates) .

Ever wondered what happens when this grand sport collides with the digital realm of Tezos? Presenting the Manchester United vs. Brighton digital collectible, a gleaming token of a timeless match, stored not in a dusty old attic but amidst the twinkling stars of the Tezos galaxy.

Venture over to this link to claim your cosmic keepsake. But be swift! This United vs Brighton shooting star disappears from the digital horizon by Saturday, September 16th at 3:00 PM BST.

This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem

Tezos Ecosystem DAO: First Batch of Proposals Under Consideration

What's new: The Tezos Ecosystem DAO is on the cusp of examining its first set of proposals, signaling an important phase in its development.

Why it matters: This is a pioneering opportunity for members of the Tezos community to actively shape the future of the ecosystem. Their participation is not only essential for informed decision-making but also paves the way for a decentralized and community-driven blockchain future.

The details:

  • Where to discuss: The community can pitch their insights, comments, and questions on the proposals here.

  • Perks for engagement: Under the new #TezosCRP category, the most active and genuine participants stand to be rewarded monthly.

  • On the table: Proposals for the first round include:

    • Tezos Notifier Bot: A proactive tool to keep you updated.

    • Tezos Tip-Bot on Telegram: Making micro-transactions smooth and effortless on Telegram.

    • TezosJump: Ascending the technological ladder.

    • Tezos Kenya: Expanding the ecosystem's footprint in Africa.

    • Decentralized Social Content Platform with built-in Revenue Sharing: Redefining content monetization and distribution.

    • Tezos Cameroon: Aiming for a decentralized future in Central Africa.

    • Citzen: Your next-generation platform.

    • EZChain: Simplifying blockchain complexities.

    • Tezos Ghana: Enriching West Africa’s digital transformation.

    • Penahitam Legion DAO: A legion with a cause

  • For future submissions: Proposals submitted from now onwards will be taken up in subsequent rounds.

Be smart: Authentic engagement is crucial. The Tezos Ecosystem DAO urges participants to steer clear of manipulative tactics and emphasizes engaging through a single account.

The bottom line: This initial review phase symbolizes the power of community-driven decision-making in the blockchain ecosystem. Every voice counts in shaping Tezos's path forward.

Tez Art MTL Returns to Montreal

What's new: Tez Art MTL is making a much-anticipated comeback, marking a significant event for the Tezos arts community.

Why it matters: With 14 curators collaborating to showcase works from over 80 artists, this promises to be an evening of extensive artistic interaction, demonstrating the power and potential of blockchain in the world of art.

The details:

  • When & Where: The event is scheduled for Friday, Sep. 15th at 7 PM in Montreal. The exact venue details will be provided upon RSVP.

  • Join the buzz: On social media, engage with the hashtag #tezartmtl.

  • Power & Support: The event is powered by Tezos and sponsored by Tezos Commons

  • The maestros: This massive artistic gathering is curated and orchestrated by notable figures in the art and Tezos community, including:

    • @luispon_c

    • @Nicolas_Sassoon

    • ... and a dozen others, including @Waxheadart, @lm_netwebs, and @0x3y3.

Get on the list: To RSVP and receive the event address, reach out to any of the mentioned curators here.

#TezQuakeAid Rallies for Morocco Earthquake Relief

What Happened: The Tezos community initiative, TezQuakeAid, which was initially established to support earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria, is now rallying aid for the recent earthquake in Morocco on September 8th.

Why it matters: As natural disasters intensify around the globe, blockchain and crypto communities like Tezos are leveraging their platform and resources to bring swift humanitarian aid to the affected regions.

The details:

  • About TezQuakeAid: Born out of a need to support the tragic earthquakes in Turkey and Syria in early 2022, TezQuakeAid functions to pool resources and aid from the Tezos community to assist survivors. The initiative acknowledges the unpredictable nature of such calamities, emphasizing a structured approach to swiftly address different emergency situations.

  • Current focus: The primary fundraiser now is for the Morocco Earthquake Relief. They partner with efficient NGOs, ensuring impactful aid delivery. Currently, funds are set to be directed to medical aid via Croix-Rouge Francaise and its partner in Morocco, Croissant-Rouge Marocaine. Additional organizations are being evaluated for future collaborations.

  • How to help:

    • Artists: They can mint artwork under the TezQuakeAid tag. Sales proceeds will go towards the initiative's donation wallet.

    • Collectors: They can acquire art under this initiative or directly send XTZ (Tezos) to the donation address.

    • Donation Address: KT1RwXEP8Sj1UQDHPG4oEjRohBdzG2R7FCpA

    • Note: NFTs should not be sent to donation addresses.

  • Transparency: Ensuring utmost transparency, TezQuakeAid uses multisig contracts to manage incoming funds. The public can verify these settings and members via this link. Also, all funds directed to NGOs will be evidenced by payment receipts.

United in Urgency: As natural disasters strike more often, the quick and caring response of the Tezos community stands out. Their swift action through TezQuakeAid proves that technology isn't just about code and data – it's about coming together and making a real difference when it matters most

This Week in Tezos Development

Acurast has unveiled its Canary Pre-Net. This innovation heralds a transformative phase in the realm of decentralized applications, emphasizing both verifiability and confidentiality in computing.

Key Points to Note:

  • Web3 Vanguard: Acurast's introduction of the Canary Pre-Net positions it at the helm of the ongoing Web3 revolution.

  • Decentralization Enhanced: Acurast is poised to set a new standard for decentralized applications, emphasizing verifiable and confidential computing.

  • Platform Diversity: Acurast offers developers a plethora of runtimes, ranging from mobile secure enclave runtimes to Zero Knowledge-focused solutions with ZK-SNARKs and ZK-STARKs.

  • Mainnet Aspirations: As a precursor to its mainnet launch, Acurast's Canary Pre-Net invites developers and processors for active collaboration.

  • Rewards Await: Early participants have an opportunity to gain from the "incentivized AirDrop Allocation" rooted in the genesis block.

  • Pre-net Specifications: The initial phase is crafted to initialize the network, with token transfers put on hold and interactions directed through the Social Engagement Faucet.

  • Inclusivity: Beyond developers and processors, Acurast opens its arms to enthusiasts keen on championing the Web3 cause, offering them avenues to engage and earn rewards.

  • A Glimpse of the Future: The launch of Canary Pre-Net is just the initial step in Acurast's ambitious journey to mold the Web3 digital landscape.

For those interested in the intricate details of Acurast's Canary Pre-Net and its broader vision, the full announcement provides a comprehensive understanding.

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