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Digital Alchemy: Fashion's Code-Driven Revolution, Gaming's Galloping Success, and Tezos' Treasure Quest

Digital Alchemy: Fashion's Code-Driven Revolution, Gaming's Galloping Success, and Tezos' Treasure Quest

When Algorithms Meet Aesthetics: The Fashion Innovation We Didn't See Coming

Imagine a world where a painter's brush, instead of running out of paint, continuously produces new colors with every stroke. Or consider a musician whose single note can evolve into a symphony of unique melodies. This is the magic of generative art, and it's taking the fashion world by storm in Taipei.

From Digital Seeds to Fashion Forests 

At its core, generative art is like a digital seed. Just as one seed can grow into countless trees with unique branches and leaves, a single piece of generative code can blossom into myriad distinct artworks. In the bustling epicenter of Taipei Fashion Week SS2024, this digital seed found fertile ground. Jimi Wen and Gioia Pan's collaboration birthed a forest of fashion where no two garments are alike.

What You Need to Know:

- Generative Art: A blend of code and creativity, where one algorithm can produce countless unique artworks.

- Jimi Wen: A generative artist who combines Eastern philosophy with code.

- Gioia Pan: Known as the "Knitting Queen", she's a trailblazer in the fashion world.

- fx(hash): A platform that democratizes generative art, allowing artists to showcase their work and find patrons.

- The Collaboration: Wen's digital patterns, nurtured on fx(hash), were integrated into Pan's SS2024 collection, creating truly unique fashion pieces.

Beyond the glitz and glamour, platforms like fx(hash) are leveling the playing field. It's a digital art gallery where every artist, whether a budding novice or a seasoned maestro, gets their own spotlight.

The Future of Fashion Shows

For Gioia Pan, this is just the beginning. She envisions a world where fashion shows are not just visual feasts but immersive experiences, each garment a unique blend of art and algorithm.

A Golden Opportunity for Collectors 

Wen's upcoming project on fx(hash), //void//able//void//, is not just a canvas for collectors but a gateway to Pan's SS2024 collection.

As we stand on the cusp of this digital dawn, the future of fashion isn't just about threads and fabrics. It's about the stories we code, the emotions we algorithmically weave, and the unique digital brushstrokes we wear — powered by Tezos.

Dive deeper into this innovation with Vogue Taiwan's coverage of Gioia Pan here and experience the symphony of Pan’s SS2024 show here. Unveils V2 Beta: A Renewed Focus on Art

objkt, one of the most used Tezos apps, has launched the beta version of its V2.

The refresh includes a new user interface that focuses on art providing a more streamlined and art-centric experience for its users.

While the specifics of the full release remain to be fully explored, the beta version available at offers a glimpse into what's in store.

For those eager to dive in and explore the changes, or to offer their insights and suggestions, the platform has made it easy. Feedback can be shared directly via their provided form

The Great Tezos Treasure Hunt: A Digital Adventure Awaits

the Tezos community is setting itself apart with an innovative and thrilling event: The Tezos Community Treasure Hunt. This digital escapade promises not just excitement but also a treasure trove of NFTs and Tezos tokens for the swift and the savvy.

The Quest Begins

From October 23 to November 4, Tezonians – as members of the Tezos community fondly call themselves – are invited to embark on a quest. Their mission? To uncover a 12-word Seed Phrase, with each word cleverly hidden across 12 different Tezos projects. This Seed Phrase is the key to the coveted TTC Treasure Wallet.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, a Seed Phrase is a series of words that can be used to recover a cryptocurrency wallet. In this case, the wallet contains a treasure of NFTs and Tezos tokens, waiting for the first intrepid adventurer to claim them.

The journey won't be easy. Each day, one of the 12 Tezos projects will hide a seed word on their respective websites. The list of participating projects reads like a who's who of the Tezos ecosystem:

  • Tezotopia


  • TezTones

  • Cyber Gecko Gang

  • tzRaffles

  • Trooperz Genesis

  • Energy Tezos

  • tezakai

  • Crossroads Myth

  • bfmctezos

  • The Fearz NFT

  • Witchez

But finding the words is only half the battle. On November 4, the final clue – the correct order of these 12 words – will be unveiled on the TTC Discord. With this, the race truly begins. Who will be the first to piece together the puzzle and unlock the Treasure Wallet?

Excited Finn Wolfhard GIF by Stranger Things

A Community Effort

While the hunt is competitive, there's a sense of camaraderie. The Tezos community is encouraged to contribute to the Treasure Wallet, making the prize pool even more enticing. It's a testament to the collaborative spirit of the Tezos community, turning this event into not just a game but a collective celebration.

Join the Hunt

For those eager to join, all the details, links, and clues can be found on The treasure itself, a digital chest of wonders, can be glimpsed at

In a world where digital interactions often feel impersonal, events like the Tezos Community Treasure Hunt remind us of the joy, excitement, and community spirit that can be fostered online. So, to all the Tezonians out there: Happy hunting, and may the swiftest sleuth win!

This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem

A Symphony on the Tezos Blockchain

Introducing, a rhythm game that's not just about hitting the right notes but also about immersing players in the enchanting realm of Symphonia. is a harmonious blend of music, gaming, and blockchain technology, all set against the backdrop of the Tezos ecosystem. Players are not just tapping to beats; they're entering a world where every note, every rhythm, has implications on the blockchain.

A Legendary Quest

The game's narrative is as compelling as its mechanics. Players embark on a quest to seal the Tower of Stars in Symphonia. But this isn't a solo act. With guidance from a star-studded advisory board, including industry giants like Guitar Hero and Team Secret, players are in for an experience that's as legendary as it is lyrical.

Join the Symphonic Revolution

While the full symphony is yet to be unveiled, eager players can get a taste of the magic.'s Alpha version is now playable, offering a sneak peek into the musical wonders that await.

Stables Game Gallops Ahead: A Three-Month Triumph

In the fast-paced world of digital gaming, few have made as swift and impressive a mark as Stables in recent months. This immersive horse racing platform has not only captured the imagination of its players but has also achieved milestones that are nothing short of extraordinary

In 3 months, Stables has driven to:

🏇 +4,000 weekly engaged users, consistently maintaining 70% horse registration.

🏆 21,703 horses registered in September, surpassing registrations in real races.

🔥 10,679km, over three times the Tour de France's distance, covered by horses.

Congrats to the Stables team for demonstrating a great gaming use case for Tezos. As the game continues its impressive stride, one can only wonder: What's the next finish line it aims to cross?

This Week in Tezos Development

Tezos and AWS: Crafting a Masterpiece in Blockchain Consensus Signing

Picture a master craftsman meticulously assembling a complex timepiece. Each gear, spring, and lever has a specific role, and when they all align perfectly, time is kept with precision. In the blockchain universe, ensuring secure and efficient consensus signing is much like crafting that intricate timepiece., steered by Nicolas Ochem, has introduced a method that's akin to this craftsmanship, using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enhance Tezos, a leading blockchain platform.

The Blueprint of Precision

At its essence,'s solution is about precision and security. They've unfurled a method for Tezos consensus signing that's both streamlined and cost-conscious, with a monthly expenditure of merely about $10.

Harnessing AWS's Toolbox

The solution employs several tools from AWS's vast toolbox:

  1. Lambda Functions: Think of these as the tiny gears in our timepiece. Small, efficient, and triggered by specific events, like an HTTP call. For Tezos, Lambda Functions acts as a remote signer frontend, aligning seamlessly with Tezos's remote signing interface.

  2. Key Management Systems (KMS): This is the protective casing of our watch. It's a fortress where cryptographic keys are born and safeguarded, ensuring they never stray from their secure origin.

  3. DynamoDB: Acting as the mainspring, this NoSQL database stores pivotal data for the consensus process, ensuring the gears (signatures) never overlap or clash.

Safety Latches in Place

This timepiece's design prioritizes security:

  • Baker Authentication: Using Tezos's native solution, authorized_keys, the system ensures only the rightful owner can wind the watch. This ensures that only the intended baker can submit signature requests.

  • IAM Policies: These are the safety latches, ensuring that only the right components (Lambda function) can access the watch's core (KMS key and DynamoDB table).

The Elegance of Simplicity's solution stands out due to its elegant simplicity. With a mere 400 lines of code and minimal dependencies, it's as if a master watchmaker has removed any superfluous parts, leaving only the essentials. This clarity translates to reduced chances of malfunctions.

Moreover, this timepiece is swift. Requests are processed in the blink of an eye, ensuring timely responses.

A Glimpse into Tomorrow's Craftsmanship

As the world of blockchain continues to evolve, innovations like's are a testament to what's possible when traditional tech platforms like AWS intersect with blockchain platforms like Tezos.

For those keen to assemble their own masterpiece, offers a detailed assembly guide.

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This week on TezTalks Radio, we sit down with LM Design, a healing multidimensional artist creating immersive experiences that bridge the physical and digital realms on Tezos. Just a heads up though, her energy and spirit are highly infectious!

Tezos is home to a wide array of talented, diverse artists.

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