The Baking Sheet - Issue #182

Wrapping up 2023 -- The Tezos Ecosystem never sleeps

As 2023 comes to a close, we want to extend our warmest holiday wishes to the Tezos Community. May your festivities be filled with joy and reflection. Looking ahead, we're excited about the new opportunities 2024 brings and can't wait to collaborate further with many of you. Here's to a future of continued growth and shared success!

DNS: Building a New Social Platform on Tezos

The Dawn of a Decentralized Social Frontier:

DNS has introduced its latest innovation: a fully decentralized social platform built on Tezos. I know what most of you are thinking when reading that with a collective sigh. However, this isn't just another social media site where your favorite artist shares tezpole memes. It's a game-changer, promising to innovate how we tweet (is that still a thing?), post, and overshare online that gives you actual ownership of your content.

Decentralized and Speedy: The Tezos Advantage is built on the robust framework of Tezos, ensuring blazing-fast performance. Every aspect of the platform, from posts and reactions to comments, is decentralized. This decentralization extends even to the storage of images and videos, which are compressed for quicker delivery, all hosted on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS).

Innovative Minting: The Artist-Friendly Approach

In an artist-centric move, DNS has introduced 'lazy minting' on Tezos. This method alleviates the burden of gas fees from creators. Instead, buyers bear the gas fees during the initial sale, generating the NFT. This means artists can mint their creations on Tezos without owning a single token, democratizing the process of content creation and ownership

10 things you need to know:

1. Fully decentralized social platform:'s new social platform is built on the Tezos blockchain, ensuring a secure and transparent environment for users to engage and share content.

2. Compatibility with Tezos posts: The platform seamlessly integrates with the Tezos ecosystem, allowing users to follow their favorite creators and interact with their content.

3. Playlists and media player: Users can create, share, and follow playlists, as well as enjoy their favorite music and videos with the platform's built-in media player.

4. Lightning-fast speed: The platform leverages the power of the Tezos blockchain to achieve impressive speeds and deliver content more efficiently.

5. Lazy minting: introduces a new lazy minting process on Tezos, where the buyer pays the gas fees for minting, not the artist. This makes it easier for creators to share their work without the need for upfront costs.

6. Every post is an NFT: All posts, images, videos, and songs become NFTs, giving users complete ownership of their content.

7. Customizable user experience: Users can choose whether their content can be seen, collected, or sold, and they can control who can leave comments.

8. Rollup technology: has developed a custom rollup to ensure that likes and comments are linked to the Tezos blockchain and saved on IPFS.

9. No gas fees for reactions: Unlike other blockchain-based social apps, users don't have to pay gas fees for every reaction. Instead, actions are batched and "minted" every 10 minutes.

10. Cutting-edge design:'s new design repository showcases a stunning and intuitive design, making the platform a joy to use. The design system is compatible with various devices, from small mobile phones to large desktops.

Empowering Creators and Users Alike

At the heart of is the empowerment of its users. Whether it's making a post, uploading an image, video, or song, everything becomes an NFT. Users have full control over how their content is viewed and shared, be it for free collection, purchase, or comment. Additionally, every post can be displayed and resold on OBJKT, backed by IPFS, ensuring users can't be locked out.

User-Friendly Gas Management stands out from other blockchain-based social apps by not charging gas for every interaction. Instead, actions like likes and comments are batched and minted every 10 minutes, all saved on IPFS. This approach makes the platform more accessible and user-friendly.

Introducing the DNS Design Repository

But wait, there's more! isn't just about redefining social media; it's about reimagining design. They've launched the DNS design repository, a treasure trove of over a thousand UI elements, CGI trailers, and animations. It's not just functional; it's a feast for the eyes. And it's not just for the big screens; it's crafted to dazzle whether you're on an iPhone XS or a 15 Pro, in light mode or dark mode.

So, what's the bottom line? isn't just building a platform; they're crafting an experience. An experience where you're not just a passive scroller but a creator, an owner, a part of something bigger. It's a leap into the evolution of social media, and let me tell you, it's a leap worth taking.

Excited? I know I am. To be a part of this new social network, check out and join the conversation on their Discord.

Umami 2.0: Adding a Unique Flavor for Tezos’ Wallets

In the diverse palette of Tezos tools, Trilitech's Umami 2.0 emerges as a unique flavor. This Tezos wallet is not just another ingredient in your financial recipe; it's the secret sauce that enhances your entire Tezos experience which is now actively managed and developed by the Trilitech team.

Blend Simplicity with Robust Security

Much like balancing the perfect umami flavor in a dish, this wallet strikes a harmonious balance between simplicity and fortified security. With Umami 2.0, managing multiple crypto accounts becomes as straightforward as seasoning a gourmet meal, all while ensuring the security is as robust as a well-aged wine.

Salt Bae Steak GIF

Key Features of Umami 2.0

  • Multiple Accounts: Effortlessly manage and organize multiple Tezos accounts in one centralized location.

  • Token Compatibility: Send, receive, and batch token transactions with ease, offering enhanced convenience and performance.

  • Batch Transactions: Utilize the batch feature for efficient handling of repetitive or high-volume transactions.

  • Easy Delegation: Quickly set up delegation to your preferred baker, optimizing your Tezos holdings.

  • DApp Integration: Seamlessly integrate with a variety of supported DApps, enhancing the wallet’s functionality.

  • Hardware Wallet Support: Connect to hardware wallets for an additional layer of security, safeguarding your digital assets.

It blends ease of use, robust security, and a rich array of features to provide a seamless and efficient experience. For those seeking to add some zest to their Tezos portfolio, Umami 2.0 is the perfect choice.

Discover more and download your flavor of Umami 2.0 at Umami Wallet's website. Bon Appétit!

CEERTIF and Tezos: Pioneering Immutable Authenticity in a Malleable Digital World

In a digital age where reality is often indistinguishable from manipulation, a new hero emerges on the horizon of media verification. CEERTIF, powered by the robust Tezos blockchain, is not merely an application but a sentinel guarding the authenticity of media.

Unveiling CEERTIF: A Testament to Immutable Truth

As I dove into the realms of CEERTIF, it became clear that this isn't just about securing data; it's about anchoring truth in a sea of digital manipulation. For professionals across installers, agents, and insurers, particularly in France, CEERTIF is the much-needed assurance that what they capture and share remains untainted and indisputable.

A Closer Look at the Application's Armor

CEERTIF is more than its technological skeleton; it's the embodiment of efficiency and reliability. With the ability to geolocate and secure media in real-time, professionals can capture photos, videos, or any documents with the certainty that they remain inalienable and unalterable.

  • Geolocation and Timestamping: Each file not only carries the mark of its location but is also stamped with the indelible ink of time, offering a double assurance of its originality.

  • Watermarking Wizardry: Every piece of media gets a watermark, providing an additional layer of security and authenticity, much like a signature on a painter's canvas.

  • Blockchain Certificate: In a world skeptical of truth, the blockchain certificate acts as a notary, unequivocally asserting the authenticity of the file.

Real-World Echoes

In exploring the impact of CEERTIF, the numbers speak volumes: over 797,544 pieces of media secured, and trusted by 160 companies, with 330 daily users. These aren't just statistics; they are testaments to the trust and reliability that CEERTIF has fostered in the professional world.

As our digital and physical realms become increasingly intertwined, the need for verifiable and secure media has never been more acute. CEERTIF, with the backing of the Tezos blockchain, stands as a bulwark against the tide of digital manipulation. For professionals looking to safeguard the integrity of their work, CEERTIF offers not just a tool but a fortress.

In this era, as we navigate through the complex interplay of data, truth, and trust, CEERTIF offers a beacon of assurance — a reminder that in the digital world, integrity is not just a value but a necessity.

To experience the blend of technology and trust, explore CEERTIF and see how it can transform your approach to digital media.

This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem

The #Tezpole Movement: Showcasing Creativity on Tezos

In an exciting turn of events, the Tezos community is buzzing with the launch of the #Tezpole from Art Basel and we want to keep building on that momentum.

The #Tezpole movement encapsulates the essence of what makes the Tezos community so special – its strength and boundless creativity. Participants are encouraged to mint their own #Tezpole NFT by December 24th, showcasing their unique artistic take on the theme. By displaying these creations on platform X, using the hashtags #Tezpole and #crp, artists not only get to share their work but also contribute to the rich tapestry of Tezos's digital art scene.

Adding to the excitement, there's a reward on the line. One lucky winner, chosen at random, will receive a grand prize of 500 tez.

The #Tezpole contest is designed to be inclusive, ensuring that even those who have already minted a #Tezpole meme prior to the announcement are not left out. By simply tagging #crp on their existing mint with a reply post, these early birds are automatically entered into the contest.

Calling All Tezos Artists

So, let's see those iconic #Tezpole mints! The stage is set, the community is watching, and the canvas of Tezos awaits your creativity. This contest is not just a moment in time; it's a chapter in the ongoing story of Tezos's vibrant and flourishing art community.

Taquito Tech Day: Igniting the Future of Tezos Development

What an incredible turnout at ECAD Labs’ “Taquito Tech Day” on November 4th!

Our Vancouver office was buzzing with excitement as a diverse group of developers gathered to explore the potential of Tezos blockchain development.

The event’s sell-out status clearly indicates the growing interest in blockchain technology. We saw a mix of experienced developers and newcomers, all ready to dive into the world of Tezos.

Attendees engaged in hands-on sessions with the Taquito Typescript library, tasty food, good vibes, and support from our expert Taquito team. The day wasn’t just about learning but building a community of Tezos enthusiasts, sharing ideas, and forming connections.

The Heart of Our Mission: User Adoption

Our goal at ECAD Labs is to empower developers to create innovative dApps that drive Tezos user adoption. “Taquito Tech Day” was more than an event; it was a stepping stone towards a future rich in decentralized applications.

It’s easy to forget that blockchain technology is still in its infancy, and countless use cases are yet to be discovered.

At ECAD Labs, we firmly believe that by helping users succeed early and often, reducing technical barriers, and inspiring developers to bring their creative ideas to life, we can generate a thousand sparks, any one of which may stoke grow into a game-changing application to drive new levels of Tezos adoption

Setting the Stage for the Future

This event marks the start of many more to come. We’re committed to organizing more such days to nurture the skills and creativity needed for the next big dApps. These events inspire us to keep building and are vital to fostering a strong and diverse blockchain developer community.

Thank you to everyone who joined us. We’ve got plenty more in store for those who couldn’t make it. Stay tuned, and let’s build the future of Tezos together!

Jev Björsell

This Week in Tezos Development

Oxford 2 Proposal is now underway

Now is the Time to Vote — Bakers, let’s demonstrate one of the Tezos’ greatest strengths, on-chain governance, and reach a community consensus. Follow all the action at Tezos Agora!

What You Need to Know: Oxford 2 in a Nutshell

Before diving deeper, here's a quick summary of what Oxford 2 brings to the table:

  • Adaptive Issuance and Staking Mechanism Disabled: Oxford 2 hits pause on these features, ensuring they're fully baked before going live.

  • Automated Staking for Bakers: A transition to an easier staking process for bakers, streamlining their operational flow.

  • Revised Slashing Penalties: The stakes have changed, with penalties for missteps now more proportionate.

  • Timelocks Reintroduced: Enhanced for better security, Timelocks are back to fortify the network's defenses.

  • Private Smart Rollups: A new twist in the rollup saga, offering privacy and control for specific applications.

  • Quality-of-Life Improvements for Developers: Making life easier for those building the Tezos ecosystem.

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