The Baking Sheet - Issue #184

This Week in Tezos: Oxford 2 AMA and launches monetization for curators

Down to the Block: Learn more about the Oxford 2 proposal with an AMA session from the devs, objkt monetizes art curation, and discover the journey of a true Tezos OG

From the Devs: AMA about the Oxford 2 Proposal

Nomadic Labs and Trilitech have recently unveiled a golden opportunity for the Tezos community: an invitation to participate in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session about the Oxford 2 protocol proposal.

Let's break down what's on the table with Oxford 2:

  1. PoS Refinements: Oxford 2 isn't just tweaking Tezos' Proof of Stake system; it's revamping it with new slashing rules for enhanced security and introducing an automated auto-staking mechanism that could make life easier for bakers everywhere.

  2. Timelocks Reimagined: Remember those Timelocks that got the axe in a previous update? Oxford 2 is bringing them back with a vengeance, featuring a completely redesigned and reimplemented system aimed at bolstering security and operational efficiency.

  3. The Dawn of Private Smart Rollups: In what could be a game-changer, Oxford 2 proposes the introduction of "private" Smart Rollups. This feature is all about choice, offering developers the freedom to choose between permissioned or permissionless deployments—tailoring their projects to specific privacy and control needs.

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The clock's ticking, and the community has until January 11th, EOD, to submit their burning questions. It's a chance for anyone invested in the future of Tezos—be you a developer, stakeholder, or just blockchain-curious—to dive deep into the intricacies of these proposed updates.

Tezos Oxford 2 Refresher

We’re now down to 6 days remaining in the cooldown phase— a contemplative interlude in the governance process. The final voting phase is scheduled for January 25th, 2024, to determine the definitive verdict for Oxford 2. Bakers, get your ledgers ready, and stakers, make sure your tez is delegated to a Baker that actively participates in Tezos governance.

What You Need to Know: Oxford 2 in a Nutshell

Before diving deeper, here's a quick summary of what Oxford 2 brings to the table:

- Adaptive Issuance and Staking Mechanism Disabled: Oxford 2 hits pause on these features, ensuring they're fully baked before going live.

- Automated Staking for Bakers: A transition to an easier staking process for bakers, streamlining their operational flow.

- Revised Slashing Penalties: The stakes have changed, with penalties for missteps now more proportionate.

- Timelocks Reintroduced: Enhanced for better security, Timelocks are back to fortify the network's defenses.

- Private Smart Rollups: A new twist in the rollup saga, offering privacy and control for specific applications.

- Quality-of-Life Improvements for Developers: Making life easier for those building the Tezos ecosystem.

Simplifying Complexity: Oxford 2's Magic Touch

Oxford 2's mantra is clear: simplify and secure. In a bold move, the dev teams have put the brakes on Adaptive Issuance and the new staking mechanism. Why? To ensure that when these features do launch, they're nothing short of perfect. It's like a master chef refusing to serve a dish until it's just right. Meanwhile, bakers (the Tezos kind, not the ones with flour and ovens) get a taste of the future with an automated staking mechanism, designed to make their lives easier and their operations smoother.

The Return of Timelocks: A Security Odyssey

Here's where it gets really interesting. Timelocks are back, and they're stronger than ever. Previously sidelined due to a security Achilles' heel, they've undergone a technological transformation. Imagine a phoenix rising from the ashes, now equipped with a shield and armor. This feature is set to add a new layer of security and functionality to the Tezos protocol, making it as robust as a fortress.

Smart Rollups: The Secret Sauce of Privacy and Efficiency

Oxford 2 also marks a leap in the world of Smart Rollups. Picture this: private Smart Rollups that cater to the growing appetite for data privacy in blockchain applications. It's like having a VIP section in the digital realm, where access is exclusive but the possibilities are endless. These rollups aren't just a feature; they're a game-changer, offering a buffet of options for developers and users alike.

Track Tezos Governance on Agora

Bakers and the entire Tezos community, come witness the power of on-chain governance and be part of reaching a consensus. Experience the vibrancy of proposal discussions, debates, and voting milestones right at the heart of the community's forum. Join the action and follow every step of the process at Tezos Agora!

This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem

Community Curation & Fee Sharing: Objkt Changes the Game for Curators just rolled out some awesome new features that empower curators and not just creators. Community Curation and Fee Sharing are now live, and they're here to make sure curators get the credit (and cash) they deserve. Imagine earning up to 25% in commissions just by showcasing awesome art. Yep, that's what's happening!

Community Curation: Art Discovery, but Make It Fun!

Mona Lisa Smile GIF by systaime knows the deal - discovering and understanding art is a big deal, and who better to lead the charge than the community itself? They've made curating super easy and way more rewarding. Now, not only can you help spotlight cool art, but you can also earn up to a quarter of a sale's value. Talk about making a splash in your digital art wallet!

How It Works: The Nitty-Gritty

  • Elevated Fees for Bigger Impact: The site's fee is now 5%, and guess what? A whole 40% of that (yup, that's 2% of the total sale) goes straight to community members like curators and tool builders.

  • Sweet, Sweet Commissions: As a curator, you can now bag up to 25% of a sale's value in commissions. Cha-ching!

  • Seller Perks: Sellers aren't left out. They can opt-in to add an extra referral bonus of up to 25% when they list. More incentive = more art = more fun!

  • Transparency Is Key: Want to know more about how all this works? Check out their detailed guide at

Restructuring the Game isn't just tweaking things; they're totally revamping how the marketplace operates. This new structure is all about boosting involvement and making sure everyone gets a piece of the pie. More collaboration and support mean a livelier space for everyone to buy, sell, and enjoy art.

Conclusion: A New Chapter for Digital Art

So there you have it!'s latest move is all about stirring up the digital art world in the best way possible. By rethinking the role of curators and reshaping the economic landscape, they're setting the stage for a more inclusive, engaging, and profitable journey for all.

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