The Baking Sheet - Issue #185

Oxford 2 reaches the final voting phase — Let’s Vote!

Oxford 2 reaches the final voting phase — Let’s Vote!

Oxford 2 — Ready, Set, Cast Your Vote!

The final voting phase is now LIVE — The next 14 days will determine the definitive verdict for Oxford 2. Bakers, get your ledgers ready, and stakers, make sure your tez is delegated to a Baker that actively participates in Tezos governance.

Tezos bakers, the Promotion voting period has started. Get your votes in early for Oxford 2!

All you have to do is enter:

octez-client submit ballot for YOUR_ADDRESS ProxfordYmVfjWnRcgjWH36fW6PArwqykTFzotUxRs6gmTcZDuH yay|nay|pass 

Unpacking Oxford 2

Before diving deeper, here's a quick summary of what Oxford 2 brings to the table:

- Pause on Adaptive Issuance and Staking Mechanism: Oxford 2 temporarily halts these features for further refinement and perfection.

- Streamlined Staking for Bakers: Introducing a more efficient staking process for bakers, enhancing their operational workflow.

- Updated Slashing Penalties: Adjusted penalties bring a more balanced approach to the stakes involved.

- Reintroduction of Timelocks: Reinforced for improved security, Timelocks return to bolster network defenses.

- Innovative Private Smart Rollups: A fresh chapter in rollup technology, providing privacy and tailored control for specific applications.

- Enhancements for Developer Experience: Focused improvements to facilitate developers working within the Tezos ecosystem.

The Essence of Oxford 2: Simplification and Security

Oxford 2's guiding principle is straightforward: streamline and fortify. The development teams have cautiously held back on Adaptive Issuance and the new staking mechanism, aiming for perfection upon release. This approach mirrors a meticulous chef perfecting a recipe. In parallel, Tezos bakers are introduced to an automated staking process, aimed at simplifying their tasks and enhancing efficiency.

Timelocks Reimagined: A Journey in Security

The reintroduction of Timelocks marks a significant moment. Having been re-engineered to overcome previous security challenges, they now return stronger, akin to a reborn phoenix armed for protection. This addition promises to layer the Tezos protocol with reinforced security and functionality, resembling a formidable stronghold.

interstellar space GIF

Smart Rollups: Pioneering Privacy and Performance

Oxford 2 brings a groundbreaking development in Smart Rollups. Imagine private Smart Rollups that address the increasing demand for data privacy in blockchain applications. These rollups are not just a feature – they represent a transformative shift, offering a spectrum of new possibilities for developers and users.

Engage with Tezos Governance at Agora

Tezos bakers and community members, embrace the dynamic world of on-chain governance. Participate in vibrant discussions, debates, and critical voting processes at the heart of the Tezos Agora forum. Be part of the consensus-building journey and track every development in the governance process at Tezos Agora!

This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem

TezFin's Launch on Tezos Blockchain: A Significant Development in DeFi

In the hype of all the ETF news, a surprise announcement dropped that has been in the works for years by Kevin Mehrabi. The debut of TezFin on the Tezos blockchain is a noteworthy event in the DeFi landscape. While it's easy to get caught up in hyperbolic language, the real story here is about practical innovation and strategic growth in the Tezos ecosystem, courtesy of this new lending platform.

The Evolution of TezFin

The journey of TezFin from a concept in "On-Chain Lending — with Tezos" to its current form as a functional platform mirrors the evolution of the Tezos blockchain itself. It's a progression marked by careful planning and response to the growing needs of the Tezos DeFi community.

TezFin: What You Need to Know

  • Lending and Borrowing on Tezos: TezFin enables users to lend and borrow Tezos crypto-assets, including XTZ and other tokens compliant with the FA token standards.

  • The Role in Tezos DeFi Ecosystem: Completing the ‘Layer One Trifecta,’ TezFin enhances the attractiveness of the Tezos DeFi ecosystem by providing a crucial service that keeps capital within this ecosystem.

  • Market Impact: In the diverse world of DeFi, dominated by platforms like Aave and Compound, TezFin introduces a tailored lending system for the Tezos community.

  • Growth Beyond Lending: The platform is expected to boost the functionality of AMMs like Dexter and Quipuswap and support the Tezos network by facilitating strategic borrowing for node operators.

  • Innovative Features: TezFin offers borrowing, lending, and collateralization, with a dynamic interest rate model based on asset utilization ratios. It utilizes f-Tokens (e.g., ꜰXTZ, ꜰUSDTZ) for representing stakes in lending pools.

  • Handling Defaults and Liquidations: With robust mechanisms to manage defaults and liquidations, TezFin employs the Tezos oracle Harbinger for accurate pricing.

A Closer Look at TezFin's Features

Drawing from established models like Compound Finance, TezFin integrates borrowing, lending, and collateralization with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The platform's approach to managing interest rates, defaults, and liquidations reflects a balanced blend of innovation and practicality.

Co-signing and Governance

One of the more intriguing aspects of TezFin is the introduction of co-signing. This feature not only diversifies the platform's offerings but also sets the stage for more complex financial instruments in the future. The governance of TezFin centered around TFIN tokens, points towards a growing trend of decentralized decision-making in the DeFi space.

TFIN tokens are more than just a governance tool; they're a symbol of the platform's connection to the broader Tezos ecosystem. Represented by U-A799 (Latin Small Letter F with a Stroke), these tokens embody the platform's commitment to blending tradition with innovation.

Stay Informed

To keep up with the latest from TezFin, visit Tezos Finance, follow their Twitter, engage with the community on Discord, and join discussions on Telegram and Reddit.

Tezos Community Spotlight: Chris Pinnock | Tezos Foundation

In our latest community spotlight, we sit down with the Head of IT and Chief Baker (yes, that’s a real position) of the Tezos Foundation.

Chris discusses his journey from academia to the forefront of blockchain technology. With a background in mathematics and systems administration, Chris plays a pivotal role in developing Tezos' infrastructure, crucial for its evolution in the Web 3.0 era. He emphasizes Tezos' unique features, such as its governance process and environmental friendliness due to proof-of-stake. The article highlights the Tezos Foundation's commitment to supporting the ecosystem's growth and its readiness for future technological advancements.

Read the full interview here

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