The Baking Sheet - Issue #186

This Week: Oxford 2 Voting, Izikap integrating Tezos, CRP Winners, and More!

We are in the final days for Oxford 2 voting — Bakers, now is the time to vote!

Quick Reminder, before we dive into this week’s Baking Sheet. The final voting phase for Oxford 2 is taking place — The next 7 days will determine the definitive verdict for Oxford 2. Bakers, get your ledgers ready, and stakers, make sure your tez is delegated to a Baker that actively participates in Tezos governance.

Tezos bakers, the Promotion voting period has started. Get your votes in early for Oxford 2!

All you have to do is enter:

octez-client submit ballot for YOUR_ADDRESS ProxfordYmVfjWnRcgjWH36fW6PArwqykTFzotUxRs6gmTcZDuH yay|nay|pass 

Tezos Blockchain & Izikap: A Fresh Take on Company Registers

Now let's dive into something different this week: Izikap. This is the latest SaaS platform by the Xelians group, and also powered by the Tezos blockchain. It's changing the game for company registers, transitioning from old-school paper to a sleek, blockchain-powered format. One of the best use cases for blockchain is converting outdated records into a digital ledger that is immutable as the source of truth.

Enter Izikap: A Digital Game Changer

Imagine the world of company registers – usually, it's all about rifling through piles of paper. In many places, the idea of going digital seemed like a far-off dream. But here comes Izikap, turning the tables and bringing company registers onto the blockchain.

text conversation GIF

Thanks to Nomadic Labs collaborating with Xelians Group, company registers will now be like switching from a dial-up connection to high-speed internet. Izikap streamlines processes, ensures legal compliance, and boosts productivity. It's a significant step forward for professionals in the legal and financial sectors.

Under the Hood: Izikap Essentials

Here’s what you need to know about Izikap, in quick bullet points:

- Blockchain-Based: Runs on the Tezos blockchain, ensuring secure and immutable record-keeping.

- Digital Register Management: Transform traditional paper registers into a digital format.

- Real-Time Analysis: Offers the capability to analyze capitalization tables in real-time.

- Document Transmission: Enables quick signing and transmission of transaction documents.

- Integrated Digital Safe: Provides a 5 GB digital safe for free upon subscription.

- Legal Compliance: Meets legal standards with the backing of a 2018 decree equating digital records with paper ones.

Applause from Industry Experts

From Jacques Thibon of Xelians Group praising its ease and cost-effectiveness to Maître Laurent Julienne's nod to its security, Izikap is earning accolades. Daniel Elalouf from Montefiore Investment even credits it for improving his company management. With over 45 years of experience, Xelians is a beacon in the digital transformation landscape, making the shift from paper to digital not just a possibility but a reality.

Building on Tezos: Izikap's Strong Foundation

At the heart of Izikap lies the Tezos blockchain, renowned for its high-security standards and immutable nature. It's the backbone that ensures data integrity and security. Tezos stands out for its security, adaptability, and decentralized nature. It's the ideal foundation for a platform like Izikap, ensuring data is safe, secure, and unalterable.

Izikap, leveraging the power of the Tezos blockchain, is a significant advancement in how the legal and financial sectors handle company registers. It's more than user-friendly – it brings clarity and a new level of efficiency to an area ripe for innovation. Izikap is at the forefront of pushing company register management into a smarter, more efficient future.

Tezos Community Heroes: December 2023 CRP Winners Announced

Big news from the Tezos Commons! We just announced the winners of the December 2023 “Community Rewards Program” (CRP). It's like the Oscars of the Tezos ecosystem, but cooler because it's all about community spirit and innovation.

The CRP: A Token of Appreciation

The CRP is the brainchild of the Tezos Commons, aiming to boost adoption and support within the Tezos ecosystem. Think of it as a monthly pat on the back, with up to 5,000 tez dished out to those who've shone in their commitment to the community.

Making Nominations a Breeze

Here's something neat: nominating your favorite Tezos heroes is now easier than ever. The form's been trimmed down to just three questions. Yep, you read that right – it's a 30-second job! And if you're super pressed for time, just use the #TezosCRP tag on Discord, Reddit, or Twitter. They're keeping an eye out!

Evolution is Key

This is the program's fifth run, and just like the Tezos blockchain itself, it's constantly evolving based on what the community has to say. It's all about growing and adapting, folks!

muhammad ali hbo GIF

Choosing the Champs

When it comes to picking winners, it's not just about quantity. Quality of submissions and activities, verifiable proof of what nominees have done – all these factors come into play. And it's not a one-size-fits-all approach; each category has its specific focus based on activities done in that particular month.

And the Winners Are...

Drum roll, please! Here are the stars of the December 2023 CRP:

  • Assimilation Award: @spike_0124, @sutanz, @AliaK, @stusontier, @SynkittyArt, @TezosPHL

  • Formal Verification Award: @BakingBenjamins, @LaBoulangeTezos

  • Helping Hand Award: @siftcroix, @libertez_baker, @TheTezos

  • Influencer Award: @tezpole, @VioletBondArt, @DannyG1979, @TezBlocks, @CryptopulseNL, @_BrunoMagnifico

  • Patissier Award: @AnonBakery, @BakingBenjamins

  • TEO Award: @DannyG1979, @siftcroix

  • Tez Dev Award: @alisis_official, @FirstRain, @mknol, @dvkam_

  • Tezos Tutor Award: @CryptoDossier_, @TezberryPie, @RichAyotte

  • Tezpole Contest: @Tengushee

On to January!

The hunt for January's community heroes is already on. Know someone who's been a standout contributor? Get your nominations in, or simply tag a post with #TezosCRP.

A Work in Progress

The Tezos Commons team is keen on fine-tuning the CRP based on what you think. It's a work in progress, but they're committed to making it better with each iteration. So stay tuned, keep those creative juices flowing, and don't stop nominating!

For the Winners

A quick heads-up to the lucky winners: your awards are coming via Kukai and DirectAuth. If you hit a snag claiming your rewards, just reach out to the Tezos Commons team.

In a nutshell, The CRP winners are a shining example of the dynamism and dedication within the Tezos community. It's not just about the tez; it's about recognizing the invaluable contributions that keep this ecosystem vibrant and thriving. Congratulations to all the winners – you're the real MVPs of Tezos!

This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem

TZ APAC's Fortify Labs: A Hotspot for Founders and Builders

TZ APAC has hit a home run with its Fortify Labs initiative, announcing an incredible surge of interest from founders and builders since opening registrations on Monday.

Understanding the curiosity and enthusiasm surrounding Fortify Labs, TZ APAC has released an infographic that sheds light on the most common questions buzzing in the community. This visual guide is a treasure trove of information, providing insights and details that potential registrants are eager to know. Whether it's about the program's scope, benefits, or how it fits into the broader vision of TZ APAC, this infographic is designed to clarify and inform.

For those itching to be a part of this exciting journey, the clock is ticking! Registrations are open, and the opportunity to join this wave of innovation is just a click away at

This week, the Etherlink team, known for their work on an EVM-compatible optimistic rollup powered by Tezos Smart Rollups, stirred up a wave of excitement and mystery within the Tezos community. They released a teaser on X that has everyone on the edge of their seats, trying to decode its meaning.

Amidst the buzzing conversations and speculations, one community member, TheHalfSoul.tez, has put forth an intriguing theory. They observed that the GIF in the teaser shifts seven times, leading to speculation that perhaps, just perhaps, the much-anticipated launch of Etherlink could be a mere seven days away.

What does this all mean? The Tezos community is abuzz, eagerly waiting for the message behind the cryptic teaser to unfold. The anticipation is palpable as everyone looks forward to the big reveal. Stay tuned, as the mystery of Etherlink's teaser continues to captivate and intrigue!

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