The Baking Sheet - Issue #188

Celebrating the State of Tezos with a Glass of Glenfiddich Whiskey

Let’s have a toast for Tezos celebrating it’s growth, evolution, and community.

A Toast to Rivers and Art: Glenfiddich x Tezos

In an unexpected plot twist this week, Glenfiddich, the whisky giant known for its exceptional Single Malt Scotch, is diving into the world of NFTS with a splash, and it’s built on Tezos. They've teamed up with Obvious, a cool collective of digital artists, to launch an NFT collection that's not just about owning a piece of digital art. It's a creative journey called "Morphometric Fields" that reimagines Glenfiddich's storied heritage through 300 unique NFTs. And guess what? They're dropping on January 31, 2024, at a neat price of 100 euros each. But here's the best part - all the proceeds are going to The Rivers Trust to help keep Scotland's rivers clean and beautiful. How awesome is that? Plus, if you're itching to get your hands on one of these digital treasures, you can snag one here.

The Whisky is in the Details

Let's break down this exciting collaboration into digestible points, neat only:

Collaboration: Glenfiddich x Obvious = A blend of whisky heritage and digital artistry.

The Project: Titled "Morphometric Fields," this is a unique fusion of Glenfiddich's legacy with the innovative spirit of Obvious.

The Drop: 300 one-of-a-kind NFTs ready to make a splash in the digital art scene.

Launch Date: Mark your calendars for January 31, 2024. You wouldn't want to miss this.

Price Point: Each NFT is priced at a cool 100 euros, making art and whisky heritage accessible.

Charity Beneficiary: All proceeds are destined for The Rivers Trust, aiding in the conservation of Scotland's precious rivers.

Blockchain Technology: Minted on the Tezos blockchain, the best chain with the best artists

Art Meets Purpose: Beyond owning a piece of digital art, it's about contributing to a noble cause.

Purchase Link: Ready to own a piece of this innovative collaboration? Click here to purchase your NFT.

Innovating for a Cause

Glenfiddich has always been about pushing boundaries, and this project is no exception. By venturing into the world of Web3 with Obvious, they're showing that tradition and innovation can go hand in hand. This isn't just about making whisky; it's about making a difference. The funds from this NFT drop will support The Rivers Trust in their efforts to protect Scotland's waterways, which are vital not just for making top-notch whisky but for the environment too. And let's not forget the tech side of things - these NFTs are minted on the Tezos blockchain, known for its eco-friendly approach. It's tech, art, and environmental conservation all rolled into one.

Cheers to the Future

This collaboration is a toast to the future, blending the artistry of whisky-making with the cutting-edge world of NFTs and blockchain technology. Lauriane Curci from Glenfiddich and the folks at Obvious are pumped about bringing together progress, innovation, and art to support a great cause. And it's not just about the art or the whisky; it's about showing how technology can tackle environmental issues head-on. The Rivers Trust is on board too, thrilled to see art and science teaming up to shine a light on the importance of fresh water.

So, what do you think? Let’s raise a glass to this cool initiative. It's not every day that you see a legendary whisky brand and digital artists come together to support river conservation, all powered by Tezos.

Listen to Arthur Breitman in the latest AMA

This past week, the Tezos community had the opportunity to engage directly with Tezos Co-Founder Arthur Breitman in an enlightening Ask Me Anything session. This event, part of a monthly AMA series, offered enthusiasts and followers of Tezos a rare chance to interact with one of the unique minds behind Tezos.

Over 700 participants were encouraged to submit their questions ahead of the session using the hashtag #TezosAMA on X, ensuring a wide range of topics could be covered.

The AMA provided insights into the Tezos ecosystem, its future direction, technical aspects, and anything else the community was curious about.

For those who missed the live session or wish to revisit the insightful discussion, the AMA is available for listening at the provided link: Listen to the AMA here.

This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem

TZ APAC Announces the Arrival of MetaPals on Tezos

We're delighted to share news from our friends at TZ APAC about their latest initiative: MetaPals, an engaging virtual pet game, now available and built on Tezos. This platform allows users to interact with and grow their own virtual companions through a PC browser.

MetaPals offers an intriguing prospect: the chance to bond with virtual pets that bring a sense of companionship to your digital routine. From the comfort of your browser, these pets introduce a layer of interaction reminiscent of real-life pet ownership. Whether it's the heartwarming way they look at you, their playful antics, or the joy they express, MetaPals aims to enrich your day-to-day life with moments of pure delight.

Adopting a MetaPal is straightforward. Interested individuals can visit MetaPals Adoption Page to choose their companion. The essence of MetaPals lies in creating meaningful connections, offering a sense of joy and companionship that complements, rather than replaces, the relationships we have in the physical world.

It was not long ago that Bitcoin was referred to as virtual pet rock, fast forward today, and now games like MetaPals on Tezos present an opportunity to experience the joy of pet ownership thanks to blockchain tech that keeps on evolving.. It's a gentle reminder of the small joys that can make everyday life a bit brighter. If you're curious about adopting a virtual friend, we invite you to explore what MetaPals has to offer.

Introducing Objkt Galleries

If there is one thing that is as reliable and dependable as Tezos, it’s the objkt team executing on its platform. This week, objkt alongside its launch partner fakewhale, is set to unveil objkt Galleries on February 7th.

At its core, objkt Galleries introduces a smart contract-based system, designed specifically for the nuanced needs of digital art exhibitions. This approach promises transparency and fairness in transactions, ensuring artists are compensated fairly through an enforceable fee and royalty structure. For collectors, it means a secure and trustworthy process for acquiring digital masterpieces.

The initiative doesn't stop at transactional improvements. With 'Open Invitations' for broader participation, objkt Galleries is opening up the digital art world to a wider audience. Customization is another key feature, with gallery and exhibition pages that can be tailored to suit the vision of curators and artists, alongside a flexible permission system that simplifies exhibition management.

Moreover, the platform is embracing a wide array of minting options, from one-of-a-kinds to limited and open editions, catering to the diverse spectrum of digital art. This flexibility not only enriches the current landscape but also encourages ongoing innovation in the creation of digital art from artists around the globe.

State of Tezos: The Messari Report

In the latest report from Messari Crypto, the state of Tezos for Q4 2023 reveals significant growth and developments in the Tezos ecosystem, underscoring its expanding influence and adoption in the blockchain space. Key metrics show remarkable progress, particularly in gaming and smart contract utilization, alongside notable integrations and partnerships that bolster Tezos's position in the digital world.

Key Highlights:

  • Gaming Sector Surge: Active gaming addresses on Tezos have surged by 358%, signaling a robust increase in on-chain gaming activity. This growth is attributed to popular games such as Coin Blast, Dogami, and the AI racing game Track Mind, further supported by publishers and investors like Kapital Games, Emerge Group, Farquhar VC, and Fibo Partners. The integration of the Tezos SDK for Unity Games has been instrumental in this expansion.

  • Smart Contract Activity: Calls to smart contracts on Tezos have seen a 96% increase, indicating a rising engagement with decentralized applications and services.

  • Strategic Integrations and Partnerships: Tezos has welcomed integrations with Fireblocks and partnerships with corporate bakers including giants like OKCoin Japan, Ubisoft, and Deloitte. Furthermore, an upcoming collaboration with Google Cloud is poised to enhance the network's capabilities and reach.

  • NFT Ecosystem Growth: The Tezos NFT space has witnessed several successful projects, including digital souvenirs by the Musée d'Orsay, an exhibition by Gabriel Massan at the Serpentine Gallery, the MoMA Postcard Project, and innovative NFT stamps by La Poste.

This quarter's developments highlight Tezos's growing appeal and utility across various sectors, especially gaming and NFTs, driven by strong community support, technological advancements, and strategic partnerships. These achievements not only showcase Tezos's potential as a leading blockchain platform but also set a promising trajectory for its future.

For a detailed insight into these developments and more on the state of Tezos in Q4 2023, you can access the full report at Messari's State of Tezos Q4 2023 Report.

But Wait, There’s More! The Everstake Report

Everstake, a prominent baker in the Tezos ecosystem, recently shared insights into the governance, upgrades, staking trends, transaction volumes, DeFi metrics, network activity, and baking fees within Tezos for the year 2023. These insights provide a comprehensive view of the state and progress of the Tezos blockchain, demonstrating the community's active engagement and the network's growing utility and performance.

Key Highlights from the Everstake Report:

  • Governance Engagement: During the exploration phase of the Tezos Oxford 2 proposal, 8 out of the top 10 public bakers actively participated in the voting process, showcasing the community's commitment to governance.

  • Protocol Upgrades: Tezos experienced several protocol upgrades throughout 2023, with Oxford 2 concluding the year's updates and currently in the adoption period. These upgrades signify continuous improvement and adaptation of the network.

  • Staking Trends: The total redelegated XTZ reached approximately 92 million, involving 5,525 users. This substantial redelegation reflects the community's high interest in staking and optimizing staking practices.

  • Transaction Volume Peak: Between February 5 and February 11, the Tezos network saw a peak in transaction count, reaching 2.1 million transactions, the highest in 2023.

  • DeFi Growth: As reported by DeFiLlama, the Total Value Locked (TVL) in Tezos stood at $61.97 million by late 2023, with Youves contributing the largest share, demonstrating the network's increasing DeFi activity.

  • Network Activity: The peak of network activity was observed in January, with over 65,000 users, highlighting the network's capacity to attract and retain a significant user base.

  • Baking Fees Spectrum: The top 10 public bakers offered diverse average fees, ranging between 8% and 15%, providing users with a variety of choices to suit their preferences.

Everstake's report on Tezos for 2023 underscores the vibrant and active Tezos community, the network's continuous evolution through upgrades, the significant interest in staking, the surge in transaction volumes, the growth of DeFi on Tezos, and the diverse ecosystem of bakers. These developments reflect a healthy and robust blockchain ecosystem poised for further growth.

For those interested in diving deeper into the dynamics of the Tezos blockchain over the past year, Everstake's full report offers valuable insights into the advancements and trends that have shaped the network.

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