The Baking Sheet - Issue #190

Tezos is the Digital Renaissance

Dive into the digital renaissance with Agoria's "{Orsay Code}", where art's timeless beauty meets the pulse of modern tech, only at Musée d’Orsay

Agoria's {Orsay Code} Unveiled at Musée d’Orsay

On February 13th, 2024, the Musée d’Orsay embarked on a modern renaissance with the unveiling of "{Orsay Code}", an exhibition that reimagines the act of experiencing art. Led by the visionary digital artist and musician Agoria, in a harmonious collaboration with the Tezos Foundation, this presentation merges the enduring allure of classical art with the boundless possibilities of contemporary digital realms. Available until March 10th, 2024, "{Orsay Code}" extends an invitation to step into a realm where the barriers between historical artistry and modern innovation dissolve, fostering a vibrant dialogue between eras.

Agoria, known in the daylight as Sébastien Levaud, has consistently blurred the lines between mediums. His project within the prestigious walls of the Musée d’Orsay is an interactive odyssey that engages and provokes thought. Showcasing works like "Σ Lumina" and a technologically infused reinterpretation of Gustave Courbet's "The Painter’s Studio", Agoria employs generative biological art, to forge a unique connection between the artwork and its beholders, facilitated by the innovative use of the Tezos blockchain.

The Artisan’s Guide: Essentials for Navigating {Orsay Code}

To fully immerse in the {Orsay Code} experience, here’s a curated list of highlights and essentials:

- Exhibition Span: From February 13th to March 10th, 2024, a limited engagement with timeless impact.

- Venue: Nestled within the grandeur of Musée d’Orsay, Paris, a space where history and innovation converge.

- Masterpieces on Display: Explore "Σ Lumina" and the "Interpretation by Saccharomyces cerevisiae of “The Painter’s Studio” by Gustave Courbet", each a testament to Agoria's vision of Generative Biological Art.

- Cultural Symposia: Mark your calendars for February 22nd for a deep dive into the artist’s methodology, and February 23rd for an auditory complement to the visual feast with Agoria’s DJ set.

- Digital Patronage: Seize the opportunity to claim an exclusive Tezos NFT, a modern twist on art collection and appreciation.

Digital Brushstrokes on a Classic Canvas 

The partnership between the Musée d’Orsay and the Tezos Foundation is a pioneering venture into the fusion of digital innovation and artistic heritage. Christophe Leribault, the museum's custodian, celebrates this initiative as a gateway to entice new aficionados and rekindle the curiosity of the museum's steadfast patrons. The introduction of a unique Tezos NFT for visitors embodies the museum's embrace of the future, merging digital engagement with its esteemed collections.

Agoria’s artistic philosophy revolves around harmonizing the digital with the tangible, enriching the sensory experience of art, and fostering a contemplative space on the convergence of technology and artistic expression.

Dialogues and Discourses: Beyond the Visual

Complementing the visual exhibition, a special conference on February 22nd offers an intimate exploration of Agoria's artistic narrative and the collaborative science behind his creations. This complimentary event promises a rich array of insights, accessible with prior registration.

Further enveloping visitors in the thematic essence of {Orsay Code}, Agoria has composed a musical homage to the museum, adding an auditory dimension to the visual and interactive elements of the exhibition. The DJ set on February 23rd promises to be a harmonious blend of art forms, celebrating the unity of music and visual art.

"{Orsay Code}" at the Musée d’Orsay is a testament to the evolving dialogue between art and technology. By inviting participants to directly engage with the art through contemporary digital platforms, Agoria and the Musée d’Orsay chart a course towards a new epoch of artistic appreciation. This unique amalgamation of history, art, and innovation offers a compelling invitation to experience the merging of past and present in an enriching, novel manner.

The Objkt Galleries Launch

At the beginning of this month, Objkt unveiled Objkt Galleries, heralding a renaissance in how digital galleries are conceived and experienced. This initiative, born from a collaboration with fakewhale, introduces the “Decentralized Autonomous Gallery”—a melding of art's tradition with the liberating potentials of digital innovation. Objkt Galleries promises a canvas where the digital and artistic realms converge in harmony, offering a vibrant sanctuary for artists, collectors, and curators alike.

Objkt Galleries presents itself not just as a platform but as a collective masterpiece designed to cater to the digital art community’s diverse palette. Below are the keystones that construct the foundation of Objkt Galleries:

  • Smart Contract-Based Galleries: A framework anchored in smart contracts guarantees a fluid, secure experience across exhibitions, sales, and collections, redefining the digital curatorship landscape.

  • Transparent Commission & Patronage: The platform illuminates a clear path for fees and royalties, ensuring artists and their contributions are valued and rewarded transparently and justly.

  • Secure Token Exhibit Sales: Objkt Galleries facilitates a safeguarded space for high-value token transactions, eliminating the middleman and fostering direct, trust-based exchanges.

  • Invitational Openings for Diverse Voices: In the spirit of inclusivity, Objkt Galleries extends an open call to artists and curators, enriching the digital gallery space with a multitude of voices and visions.

  • Bespoke Gallery & Exhibition Spaces: Each digital space within Objkt Galleries is a blank canvas, offering limitless customization to reflect the unique identity and narrative of its creators.

  • Dynamic Curation Permissions: A flexible permission system empowers curators to adapt and evolve their exhibitions, encouraging a gallery space that’s as alive and dynamic as the art it houses.

  • Diverse Minting Gallery: The platform supports an array of minting possibilities, accommodating everything from singular, one-of-a-kind pieces to limited editions and expansive generative artworks, mirroring the vast spectrum of artistic expression.

Showcasing Success: The fakewhale Gallery Exhibition

Whale GIF

The inaugural exhibition of the Fakewhale Gallery within Objkt Galleries has been nothing short of a masterpiece in motion, drawing in a community of 225 artists, 790 collectors, and showcasing 231 artworks, with a total volume reaching 80K tez. These figures not only highlight the gallery's vibrant engagement but also signify the thriving ecosystem that Objkt Galleries is cultivating.

Blind Gallery steps into the limelight with the launch of "Academy” by Blind Gallery, an inventive educational platform under the aegis of the Tezos Foundation. This initiative is sculpted for a broad spectrum of participants, ranging from artists and collectors to academic scholars, all united by a curiosity about the nexus of art and blockchain technology. Leveraging collaborations with over seventy blockchain artists and esteemed Tezos marketplaces, the Academy is setting the stage for a comprehensive exploration of blockchain art.

Central to Academy is the adoption of asynchronous learning, allowing learners the freedom to explore at their own rhythm. This approach is augmented by an invitation to experts and educators within the blockchain field to contribute their insights, ensuring a rich, multi-perspective educational experience.

A Novel Approach to Certification

Helmed by Kaloh (Hugo Santana), a figure renowned for his insightful Kaloh’s Newsletter and Podcasts, the Academy aims to demystify the intersection of art and technology. With a subscriber base exceeding 10,000 readers, Kaloh's influence is indicative of a profound engagement with the blockchain art community, serving as a solid foundation for the Academy's mission.

Distinguishing itself, Academy introduces an innovative certification model where achievements are commemorated with NFTs. This method not only honors the completion of courses but also immerses learners in the practical application of blockchain technology, marrying educational milestones with digital innovation.

Kaloh envisions the Academy as a dynamic community hub, stating, “Academy transcends the traditional boundaries of an educational platform. It is envisioned as a vibrant community where the exchange of knowledge on blockchain art is not just accessible but is an evolving dialogue.”

Supported generously by the Tezos Foundation, the platform is uniquely positioned on the Tezos blockchain, known for its strong affiliation with the arts and cultural partnerships. This relationship underscores the Academy's role in fostering a deep understanding of blockchain as a pivotal tool for artists and cultural practitioners.

Extending an Invitation to Innovate

As Academy prepares to welcome a new wave of learners and contributors, it extends a call to those passionate about blockchain art and education. This is an opportunity to be at the forefront of an educational endeavor that promises not just to inform but to transform how we perceive and engage with blockchain art.

For those drawn to the confluence of art and blockchain, Academy offers a gateway to unparalleled learning and exploration. It stands as a testament to the potential of blockchain technology to redefine educational paradigms and celebrate achievements in the ever-evolving landscape of digital art.

This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem

Mooncakes Quest: A Lunar New Year Adventure with Kukai

Celebrate the Year of the Dragon with Kukai's Mooncakes quest, a vibrant journey through the Tezos blockchain, designed to immerse participants in the festive spirit of the Lunar New Year. Mooncakes by Kukai offers an engaging quest filled with Dragon Mooncake Gifts, a Lantern Festival Challenge, exclusive access to Kukai Wallet Mobile iOS, and thrilling new quests from CrunchyTez and Tezpole.

Embark on Festive Quests

Participants can dive into three levels of quests, each offering unique rewards and learning experiences:

  • Level 1: Festival Quests - Get started with blockchain by claiming 3 gifts, staking on Tezos, and minting a special token on FxHash. Complete these tasks to earn a Premium Box, guaranteed!

  • Level 2: Marketplace Exploration - Discover how to collect and make offers on objkt. Buying at the listed price, making an offer, and making a floor offer will secure you a Dark Mooncake, guaranteed!

  • Level 3: Crunchy DeFi Challenges - Dive deeper into the Crunchy network by swapping XTZ for POLE token, staking POLE in a farm, and harvesting your farm rewards. Successful adventurers receive a Dragon Box with a 30% chance of finding a DRAGON CAKE.

Bonus Quests for Sports Fans

For enthusiasts of sports and digital collectibles, Mooncakes introduces bonus quests celebrating partnerships with Manchester United and McLaren F1 Team:

  • Manchester United Quests - Celebrate Manchester United's digital collections on Tezos by collecting League Edition and Classic Key digital collectibles. Completing these quests rewards you with a Mystery Cake, guaranteed!

  • McLaren F1 Team Quests - Honor the McLaren F1 Team’s 23/23 Digital Collection by collecting digital memorabilia from unique races. This quest offers mystery rewards, adding an element of surprise to your Lunar New Year celebration.

Join the Celebration

Mooncakes by Kukai, built on the Tezos blockchain, presents an exciting opportunity for both blockchain enthusiasts and newcomers to learn, earn, and celebrate the Lunar New Year in a uniquely Tezos way. Whether you're interested in the intricacies of Tezos, digital collectibles, or just looking for a fun way to celebrate the Year of the Dragon, Mooncakes offers a festive and rewarding adventure.

Embark on your quest today at and join a community of adventurers in celebrating Lunar New Year with Mooncakes by Kukai.

Tezos takes the spotlight as the gold sponsor for Degen House's upcoming DegenHack, a unique blend of conference and hackathon set to unravel the practical benefits of blockchain technology. Scheduled for February 16-18, 2024, in Warsaw and available online, DegenHack aims to showcase the solutions blockchain technology offers to the world, rather than just presenting theoretical concepts.

A Prize Pool to Ignite Creativity

With a total prize pool of $45,000 and a chance for acceleration, building on Tezos gives the opportunity for participants to be involved in several ways:

  • Tezos Layer 1 Open Project: Innovators have the opportunity to win $2,000 by contributing to Tezos' foundational layer.

  • NFT Innovation: A $3,000 prize awaits the most creative minds in the NFT space, encouraging new ways to utilize non-fungible tokens.

  • Developer Tooling Innovation: The top prize of $5,000 is reserved for those who can push the boundaries of developer tools within the blockchain ecosystem.

against the backdrop of Warsaw's iconic Rotunda of PKO BP, a symbol of financial strength and architectural innovation, the event promises to be a melting pot of history and modernity. As the flagship branch of Poland's largest bank, the Rotunda provides a fitting venue for an event that aims to bridge the gap between traditional finance and blockchain innovation.

The latest episode of the Fundamentals Podcast has just dropped Featuring Special Guest: Arthur Breitman, co-founder of Tezos.

This Fundamentals episode features an in-depth interview with Arthur Breitman, co-founder of Tezos, discussing a range of topics from the core problems Tezos aims to solve to its economic model and long-term sustainability. They explore technical innovations like Tezos' ability to reach 1 million transactions per second, blockchain design tradeoffs, and the platform's unique advantages for developers. The conversation also covers Tezos' growth plan, the importance of technological superiority, and what success for Tezos looks like moving forward.

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