The Baking Sheet - Issue #191

Tezos is all-in on Gaming

Farquhar VC and TZ APAC's Strategic Partnership Ignites a New Phase for Web3 Gaming on Tezos

Farquhar VC Teams Up with TZ APAC: A Game-Changer for Web3 Gaming

Let’s kick off this week’s Baking Sheet with a new partnership from our friends at TZ APAC.

Farquhar Venture Capital (FVC), a big player in the investment scene of Singapore and Southeast Asia, has linked arms with TZ APAC. Their mission? To turbocharge Web3 gaming on the Tezos blockchain. This duo is all set to blend financial muscle with other cool resources to make browser and mobile games a natural part of the Web3 world.

FVC, known for its knack for picking winners like Spark Systems, Fairphonic, and Beep Technologies, is diving into Web3 gaming. They're putting their money where the future is, investing in game startups and projects that are all about using the Tezos Blockchain. With TZ APAC, key player in making Tezos a big deal in the APAC region, jumping into the fray, we're looking at a the start of partnership that’s going to ignite game-building on Tezos.

Key Details at a Glance:

Partnership Power-Up: FVC and TZ APAC joining forces to boost Web3 gaming on the Tezos blockchain.

Investment Injection: FVC to fund promising Web3 game startups and projects using Tezos.

Tech Talk: Tezos was chosen for its solid, scalable blockchain tech perfect for gaming.

Growth Goals: Aim to elevate the Tezos ecosystem with strategic investments and support.

Community and Green Credentials: Tezos shines with its community-driven approach and efficient tech.

Why Tezos? The Perfect Playground for Web3 Games

Choosing Tezos as the playground for this adventure wasn’t just a shot in the dark. It's all about its solid, scalable blockchain protocol that's just perfect for Web3 gaming and Real-World Assets (RWA) projects. As Tezos starts becoming the go-to for gaming projects, the FVC and TZ APAC team-up is set to supercharge the Tezos ecosystem with smart investments and support for projects leaping with this protocol.

Jason Lim from TZ APAC couldn’t hide his excitement about joining forces with FVC. He’s all in on Tezos for its community vibe, its green credentials, and how it scales up without breaking a sweat. It’s all about making Tezos the hot spot for innovators ready to break new ground in blockchain gaming.

Gaming keeps on growing

Just last month, CoinBlast was the second fastest-growing blockchain game and charted number 45 in the DappRadar Insights Blockchain Game Rankings, becoming the first Tezos game in the Top 50. GoLive Games’ Cricket Stars, India’s first strategy-based NFT cricket game, launched on Tezos in 2023, achieved a milestone of over 5,000 monthly active users and facilitated more than 12,000+ NFT transactions in January 2024.

Rhythm game Star Symphony currently has 20,000 registered users and more than 100 songs in the library and some are generated by users, showcasing the potential of community-driven games.

MetaPals recently unveiled its Alpha version, paving the way for NFT minting starting in March. With beloved characters from iconic franchises like Teletubbies and Minto the horizon, MetaPals promises to captivate audiences and enrich the Tezos gaming ecosystem with its innovative offerings.

Let’s not forget, this move is a big win for the Tezos gaming scene. It’s all coming together, with recent milestones and upcoming projects like MetaPals bringing some much-loved characters into the mix, promising to make the Tezos gaming ecosystem even more vibrant.

Tezos Foundation Backs BattleRise

Tezos is all-in on gaming and so are we in this week’s newsletter. This past week, Tezos Foundation announced its support for BattleRise, developed by Triumph Games. This collaboration is drawing attention to offering a distinct rogue-like turn-based RPG experience on the Tezos blockchain.

Step Into a New Adventure

BattleRise distinguishes itself by combining the intricate gameplay of classic RPGs with the dynamic nature of rogue-like games, inviting players to navigate through ever-changing dungeons. This approach ensures every gaming session is concise yet packed with excitement, bringing back the nostalgia of Dungeons & Dragons adventures, now reimagined for mobile gaming.

The game brings a challenging adventure that nods to the essence of traditional RPGs, now enriched with Tezos technology. This integration allows gamers to not only engage in the game but also to trade and sell their in-game items on various platforms, personalizing each player's journey.

Tezos Powers a More Interactive Gaming World

The partnership between BattleRise and the Tezos Foundation signals a notable shift in the digital gaming space. Leveraging the Tezos blockchain, BattleRise sets out to transform the gaming ecosystem, offering players genuine ownership, to ability to trade and improve their in-game assets. This move aims to deepen the gaming experience, introducing a level of ownership and interaction within the BattleRise universe that enhances player engagement.

“Joining forces with Tezos propels BattleRise into a new dimension of gaming,” states the official announcement from BattleRise. This collaboration is driven by a mutual aspiration to create a gaming environment where thrilling gameplay is supported by the practical applications of Tezos technology.

Explore the Mythical EOS

BattleRise invites players to form a team of champions to confront Tiamat and his forces, in an effort to protect the realms of EOS. This world is comprised of seven distinct realms, each presenting its own set of challenges and narratives. Players can discover legendary items, partake in strategic trades, and enjoy various game modes and stories, all while embarking on an epic adventure inspired by classic fantasy themes.

With a strong showing of over 10,000 downloads on Google Play, BattleRise: Kingdom of Champions has already made a mark on gamers worldwide. Its blend of strategic turn-based combat, engaging storyline, and limitless dungeon crawling, all underpinned by the support of the Tezos Foundation, positions BattleRise as a leader in the evolving field of blockchain-based gaming.

This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem

Join Us at NFT Paris with Nomadic Labs!

Dive into the world of Tezos at NFT Paris and connect with the dynamic team from Nomadic Labs. Whether you're a developer, a builder, or simply intrigued by the potential of Tezos, we'd love to chat with you. Discover innovative Tezos projects and get insights directly from the experts.

Event Details:

  • Date: February 23-24

  • Location: The Grand Palais Ephémère, 2 Pl. Joffre, 75007 Paris (Next to the Eiffel Tower)

  • Time: Doors open at 9:00 AM; Opening talk at 10:00 AM

  • Discover More: NFT Paris

Important Attendee Information:

  • Entrance Times: General Admission, Artists, Developers, Media, VIPs at 9:00 AM; Students at 10:00 AM (Don't forget your proof of enrollment!)

  • Ticket Info: Your QR code ticket was emailed from [email protected]. If you have multiple tickets, you can enter with your guests.

  • Program: Stay updated with the agenda of talks and workshops at NFT Paris Program

We're looking forward to seeing you there and sharing this incredible journey into the future of gaming and blockchain with Tezos at NFT Paris.

See You at NFT Paris!

Tezos Portugal Presents: 1st Meetup in Porto

Tezos Portugal is thrilled to extend an invitation to its inaugural social meetup in the vibrant city of Porto! This event promises an engaging evening filled with networking, idea-sharing, and the opportunity to delve into the exciting world of Tezos with fellow Tezonians.

Meetup Details:

  • Date: March 9

  • Time: From 7pm

  • Location: Selena, Porto

This Week in Tezos Development

Etherlink is thrilled to announce a significant breakthrough for its engineering team: achieving 100% Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Compatibility on its Testnet. This milestone is a game-changer, enabling developers to start building on the platform with full EVM compatibility.

Start Building on Etherlink Today:

Developers can immediately begin experimenting and building on Etherlink by accessing testnet XTZ. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Bridging XTZ to Etherlink: If you have tez (XTZ) on the Tezos Ghostnet network, or obtain some via the Ghostnet Faucet, you can bridge these to Etherlink XTZ. Use the bridge available at

  2. Connecting MetaMask for XTZ Tokens: To use XTZ tokens for transaction fees on Etherlink Testnet, follow these steps:

    • Install MetaMask in your browser.

    • Navigate to

    • Click "Switch Network" to add and switch networks in MetaMask.

    • Click "Connect Etherlink to MetaMask" and approve the connection.

    • Solve the CAPTCHA.

    • Click "Send 0.1 XTZ to" and wait for the confirmation that the XTZ tokens have been transferred.

For detailed instructions and to start building, visit here

Join the Etherlink Community:

Dive into development on Etherlink and share your experiences or seek support by joining the Etherlink Discord community. This is a fantastic opportunity for developers interested in leveraging EVM compatibility to innovate and create on the Etherlink platform.

Embrace the Future of Development with Etherlink:

This update marks an exciting phase for Etherlink, inviting developers to explore its capabilities and contribute to its ecosystem. With 100% EVM compatibility, Etherlink is poised to become a key player in the blockchain development space.

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