The Baking Sheet - Issue #192

Enter tzBTC 2.0

Let’s talk about tzBTC 2.0

tzBTC 2.0: Unwrapping the Future of Bitcoin on Tezos

March has marched in, and while a chunk of the Tezos crowd jetted off to NFT Paris, we've been keeping tabs on the entire ecosystem so you can kick back without missing a beat from Agoria. Let’s kick off this week’s headlines with a surprise announcement with one of the most intriguing assets on Tezos.

Imagine a world where Bitcoin and Tezos collide, creating a symbiotic relationship that marries the king of cryptocurrency's liquidity with the agility of a next-generation blockchain. This isn't a plot from a sci-fi novel; it's the reality brought to life by tzBTC in April 2020. Now, fast forward a few years, and we're on the cusp of witnessing tzBTC 2.0's grand entrance, promising not just an evolution but a revolution in how we interact with digital assets.

A Journey Back in Time

Let's take a quick jaunt back to the origin story of tzBTC. Picture this as the superhero phase of our tale, where tzBTC emerged as a beacon of transparency, stability, and compliance in the crypto universe. It was a trailblazer, enabling the seamless flow of Bitcoin's value into the Tezos ecosystem, backed by a coalition of guardians known as Keyholders, and a compliance force dubbed Gatekeepers. This setup wasn't just innovative; it was a blueprint for a future where wrapped Bitcoin could thrive on alternative blockchains.

However, no hero's journey is without its trials. While tzBTC succeeded in wrapping over 1,000 BTC, transforming the landscape of Tezos transactions, it also uncovered paths ripe for refinement, particularly in accessibility and cost-efficiency.

The Rise of tzBTC 2.0

Tom Hardy Bane GIF

Enter tzBTC 2.0, the sequel we've all been waiting for. Think of it as the blockbuster follow-up where the protagonist returns, sharper, smarter, and ready to conquer new frontiers. The sequel transforms the minting and burning process of tzBTC into an automated, self-service experience, orchestrated by the maestros at Papers and LEXR Finance. This transformation opens the door wider for participants, stripping away the red tape to leave only the nominal cost of gas fees.

And what's a hero without a new trick up their sleeve? tzBTC 2.0 introduces a technological marvel through the Acurast execution environment, automating the minting and burning processes with a precision that's bound to impress. This innovation goes beyond mere efficiency; it reshapes the service landscape for Keyholders, allowing them to extend their offerings at an irresistibly low cost, courtesy of a subsidy from the Tezos Foundation.

What You Need to Know: Don't Trust, Verify

Launch and Evolution: tzBTC, launched in April 2020, is evolving into tzBTC 2.0, enhancing Bitcoin's integration into the Tezos blockchain with improved accessibility and cost-effectiveness.

Original Vision Retained: The core principles of transparency, stability, and compliance remain intact, ensuring tzBTC continues to be a trustworthy digital asset.

Gatekeeper and Keyholder Innovations: The introduction of automated, self-service processes for minting and burning tzBTC, facilitated by partnerships with Papers and LEXR Finance, simplifies user interaction while maintaining security.

Technology Leap: The Acurast execution environment automates secure transactions, significantly reducing operational costs and improving efficiency.

Compliance is Key: Despite the technological advancements, KYC requirements persist, preserving tzBTC's commitment to compliance and institutional acceptance.

Towards a Multi-Chain Future: Plans are underway to extend tzBTC's utility across multiple blockchains, aiming for broader adoption and increased liquidity.

Stay Updated: Key milestones are expected in March and June 2024, with developments available on, signaling tzBTC 2.0's journey towards becoming a cornerstone of the digital asset ecosystem.

Staying True to the Mission

In crafting tzBTC 2.0, the architects dove deep into the history of wrapped Bitcoin history, emerging with a conviction to retain the original tzBTC's soul. This meant ensuring the digital asset remained as transparent as a crystal ball, compliant as a courtroom, and stable as the foundations of a fortress. The decision to maintain a KYC-enriched pathway reaffirms tzBTC's commitment to not just play by the rules but also set a gold standard for them.

A Glimpse Into the Future

But why stop at the Tezos ecosystem? tzBTC 2.0's visionaries are already plotting a course toward a multi-chain universe, where tzBTC's influence extends beyond the borders of Tezos, inviting other blockchains to the party. This ambition is about creating a cosmos where tzBTC becomes a universal token of choice, heralding a new era of interoperability and utility.

The Countdown Begins: Tick, Tock, Next Block

With milestones set for March and June 2024, the countdown to tzBTC 2.0's launch feels like the buildup to a cosmic event. This next chapter in the tzBTC saga promises to not only elevate the user experience but also redefine the boundaries of what's possible in the wrapped Bitcoin narrative. Keep your browsers locked on for updates, because tzBTC 2.0 is the dawn of a new epoch in the crypto cosmos.

So, buckle up, Tezonians. The tzBTC 2.0 journey continues to ride through the waves of innovation, accessibility, and Tezos synergy. Stay tuned, for the future of wrapped Bitcoin on Tezos is about to get a whole lot more interesting.

Manchester United Unveils The Players Collection: Bruno Fernandes

In an exciting development for football fans and collectors alike, Manchester United is set to launch The Players Collection, featuring the midfield maestro, Bruno Fernandes. This eagerly awaited collection, going live tomorrow, promises an immersive experience into the world of one of football's most dynamic talents.

Countdown to Brilliance: Fernandes' Iconic Goals

The collection kicks off with a countdown, spotlighting Fernandes' top 10 goals, starting with a memorable strike against Aston Villa. This initiative invites fans to relive the magic of Fernandes' contributions on the pitch, sparking debates and nostalgia over which goal will be crowned the fan favorite.

A Treasure Trove of Fan Experiences

Manchester United and Tezos have come together to offer fans not just a trip down memory lane but a treasure chest of exclusive opportunities. By collecting all 10 of Fernandes' goals, fans stand a chance to unlock a series of unparalleled rewards:

  • A Rare Token: Dive into the digital collectible space with a unique token that celebrates the artistry of Bruno Fernandes.

  • VIP Matchday Experience: Experience the thrill of a matchday like never before with VIP treatment at Old Trafford.

  • Signed Merchandise: Bring home a piece of history with merchandise signed by Bruno Fernandes himself.

Surprises Along the Way

The journey doesn't stop with these highlights; Manchester United promises more surprises for fans as they engage with The Players Collection. This initiative not only celebrates the brilliance of Bruno Fernandes but also strengthens the bond between the club and its global fanbase.

Mark Your Calendars

Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Set your reminders for the launch of The Players Collection, exclusively available at This is your chance to own a piece of Manchester United history, enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and celebrate the legacy of Bruno Fernandes. The excitement begins tomorrow - be part of it.

Objkt One’s Next Drop: {Sigma Lumina}

With NFT Paris wrapping up, Objkt One is excited to unveil Sigma Lumina, a distinguished collaboration between Agoria and Johan Lescure, featured within the Orsay Code initiative, curated by Christophe Leribault and Virginie Donzeaud of the Musée d'Orsay

Stay up to date with the latest drop at 

To learn more about this incredible drop, listen to the latest X space featuring the artists in drop.

This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem

ICC Camp & TZ APAC: Leveling Up Web3 Gaming

It’s no secret that TZ APAC is all-in on gaming for Tezos with weekly announcements on new partnerships and games being built on Tezos. Now this week, the parade of gaming partnerships continues with Imagine Creation Combinator (ICC) Camp teaming up with TZ APAC, the powerhouse behind Tezos ecosystem’s expansion in Asia. This partnership is ready to catapult gaming entrepreneurs into the stratosphere of Web3 development. Think of it as the ultimate power-up in a game where the prize is transforming your web3 game ideas into reality.

Game On: The ICC Camp Experience

Launching in the bright dawn of Q1 2024, ICC Camp is the arena where gaming gladiators will train, armed with resources, funding, and wisdom from the gaming gods themselves. It's where the alchemy of turning brilliant gaming concepts into playable, immersive Web3 realities happens.

Why ICC Camp is the Ultimate Quest:

  • Mentorship from the Masters: Picture a council of wise elders, ready to guide you through the gaming wilderness.

  • A Map to Hidden Treasures: With allies in key Asian territories, navigate through the nuances of local markets and unearth resources you didn’t know existed.

  • Community Chests and Collaboration Quests: Forge alliances, swap stories, and unlock collective achievements in a thriving entrepreneur hub.

  • A Dual-Phase Adventure: Start with a deep dive into knowledge realms across Asia, then move to a four-month saga of observation, empowerment, and epic quests for resources.

The Call to Adventure:

ICC Camp beckons 40 projects to embark on this legendary campaign. The chosen ones will navigate interviews, unlock mentorship treasures, and engage in resource-rich quests across Asia. The rewards? A trove of investment gold, knowledge artifacts, and networking spells to cast your project into the limelight.

The Champion’s Toolkit:

  • Knowledge Scrolls and Wisdom Workshops: Dive into deep learning, both in the mystical lands of the internet and the ancient cities of Asia.

  • Alliance Halls and Feast Halls: Enjoy the camaraderie of fellow entrepreneurs in settings that foster legendary partnerships and learning.

  • Marketplace Passes and Dragon’s Hoards: Access investment arenas and add value-boosting services to your arsenal.

Quest for Glory:

ICC Camp and TZ APAC are not just offering a passage to the next level; they’re setting the stage for a new era in Web3 gaming. It’s more than a collaboration; it’s a crusade to redefine what games can be in the digital age. Ready your projects, sharpen your pitches, and let’s make gaming history. The future of Web3 gaming starts here, and it’s going to be epic.

This Week in Tezos Development

Nomadic Labs is reaching out to the vibrant Tezos community of bakers and builders for invaluable insights into the activation of the Oxford 2 protocol. Your experiences are crucial in shaping the future of protocol activations, ensuring they are as seamless as possible.

Key Details:

  • Purpose: To gather feedback on the Oxford 2 protocol activation experience.

  • Audience: Tezos bakers and builders.

  • Goal: To enhance the smoothness of future protocol activations.

  • Action Requested: Fill out a brief survey.

  • Survey Link: Oxford 2 Protocol Migration Survey

Your insights are vital to us. By taking a few moments to share your experience, you're contributing to a more robust and user-friendly Tezos ecosystem. Thank you for your participation and for helping shape the future of Tezos.

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