The Baking Sheet - Issue #194

Leveling Up: Auto Hero is coming to Tezos

Journey Beyond the Screen: How Auto Hero's Leap to Web3 with Tezos is Redefining Digital Ownership and Gaming's Future

Unlocking the Next Level: Auto Hero's Journey to Web3 with Tezos Foundation's Grant

In today's musings, I find myself wrapped up in the intriguing world of gaming meets blockchain, thanks to a fascinating development by the Tezos Foundation. They've extended a grant to Bombus Studio, the brains behind Auto Hero, propelling the game into Web3 on the Tezos blockchain. It's an exciting blend, merging the thrill of gaming with the cutting-edge tech of blockchain. Here, I dive into what this means for the gaming world, players, and the future of digital ownership.

A New Era for Auto Hero

Auto Hero's journey from a conventional game to a blockchain powerhouse speaks volumes about where gaming is headed. It's already a hit, with 5 million downloads and a strong monthly user base, but this move to integrate NFTs is a game-changer. Imagine owning a piece of the game, literally. Your favorite character or weapon isn't just a tool for play; it's now a valuable asset, potentially increasing in worth over time. It's a thrilling thought that adds a whole new layer to gaming.

Level Up: Key Quest Details

Diving deeper into the narrative of this groundbreaking development, let's equip ourselves with the essentials of this game-changing announcement. Here are your quest details, laid out like the inventory of a seasoned adventurer:

Epic Reward from Tezos Foundation: A strategic grant has been bestowed upon Bombus Studio, endorsing their quest to navigate Auto Hero into the vast realm of Web3.

Popularity Power-Up: With 5 million downloads and a strong legion of 120,000 monthly active players, Auto Hero has proven its might in the gaming world, ready for its next big leap.

Visionary Map by Bombus Studio: Renowned for crafting worlds that captivate and engage, the studio now embarks on an ambitious journey to integrate NFTs, transforming digital battlegrounds into lands of tangible treasures.

Treasure Chests Turned NFTs: The once simple in-game items now evolve into blockchain-backed assets, offering players not just victories but valuable loot, enhancing the thrill of conquest and collection.

From Pixels to NFTs

Bombus Studio's leap into the blockchain arena is emblematic of a broader shift in the gaming industry. By transforming Auto Hero with blockchain technology, they're not merely adopting a new trend; they're setting the stage for a future where games are more than entertainment—they're a platform for investment, collection, and unparalleled interactivity. This approach could very well set a new standard for how games are developed, played, and valued by communities around the globe.

The Tezos Leap

Embedding a game like Auto Hero into the blockchain is a bold foray into uncharted territories of gaming. It promises a blend of excitement and novelty, where every in-game item becomes a piece of a larger ecosystem. This integration does more than just add a layer of complexity; it reimagines the gaming experience, making every decision, every victory, and every strategy a part of a broader narrative that's recorded on the blockchain.

As we contemplate the implications of the Tezos Foundation's grant to Bombus Studio, it becomes evident that this initiative is a harbinger of change in the digital and gaming landscapes. This evolution from traditional gaming to a blockchain-infused experience marks a pivotal moment in how digital assets are perceived, interacted with, and ultimately, how they're valued by the community. For those of us at the confluence of technology and gaming, this development is not just exciting; it's a glimpse into a future where gaming and Tezos technology merge to create experiences that give players true ownership of their digital assets

Download Auto Hero on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store 

Tezos Community Heroes: February 2024 CRP Winners Unveiled

Exciting times ahead as the Tezos Commons has rolled out the red carpet for the February 2024 Community Rewards Program (CRP) winners. Think of it as the highlight reel of the Tezos ecosystem, showcasing those who've gone above and beyond in their dedication and innovation.

The CRP: A Salute to the Innovators

At the heart of the Tezos ecosystem, the CRP, an initiative by the Tezos Commons, is designed to propel adoption and bolster support. Each month, up to 5,000 tez are awarded to community members who shine in their commitment and contributions.

Nomination Simplified

Do you have someone in mind who deserves a nod for their work in the Tezos ecosystem? Nominating them is now a snap, with the process streamlined to just three quick questions. And for those on the go, a simple #TezosCRP tag on Discord, Reddit, or Twitter gets your nomination noticed.

Selecting the Standouts

Picking winners is a thoughtful process, focusing on the quality of submissions, activity levels, and verifiable proof of contributions. It's a comprehensive approach, ensuring those who truly enhance the Tezos environment are celebrated.

Celebrating the February 2024 Champions

Without further ado, let's dive into the roster of February 2024 CRP victors:

  • Assimilation Award: @spike_0124, @henryjgbanayat, @varundo_, @hereandnow_exp

  • Drill Sergeant Award: @Rossa774

  • Formal Verification Award: @CitezenB, @DJTezos

  • Helping Hand Award: @webidente, @TezosBakingBad

  • Influencer Award: @WideawakeBeets, @tezospole, @AuRo404, @tezfriends

  • Patissier Award: @LaBoulangeTezos, @YourBakeBuddy

  • TEO Award: @KMehrabi, @BakingBenjamins, @siftcroix

  • Tez Dev Award: @TezCapital, @resilence11, @Relaixo

  • Tezos Tutor Award: @TezberryPie, @moneyevery3days, @TezosNFTMusic, @blockbakery

March Nominations: Who Will You Champion?

The quest for March's top contributors is on. Spot a standout in the Tezos community? Put their name forward through a nomination, or tag a post with #TezosCRP.

Attention Winners

To the victors go the spoils—awards are distributed via Kukai and DirectAuth. Encountering any issues in claiming your rewards? The Tezos Commons team is ready to assist.

This month's CRP winners reflect the vibrant spirit and dedication permeating the Tezos community. It's a celebration of the minds and makers driving this ecosystem forward. Congratulations to all the awardees – your contributions are what make Tezos truly exceptional!

Want to participate? Learn more here at our dedicated page

This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem

Join the Tezos Baker Discord

Hey Tezos Bakers! We're on a mission to elevate the baking experience within the Tezos ecosystem. Our goal? To enrich the community for all bakers, new and seasoned alike. By sparking more conversations and offering faster technical support, we aim to build a more responsive and engaging environment for everyone involved.

Here's What We're Doing:

  • Fostering Community Conversations: Expect more regular chats among bakers. This means quicker technical support and first-hand feedback on new features directly from the source.

  • Dedicated Support Channels: The TezosBaking Discord will be buzzing even more with activity. Core teams are diving in to contribute, making these channels your go-to for all things baking.

  • Streamlined Updates: While we'll continue to spread the word across various platforms, we're focusing our engagement efforts within the Tezos Discord. This approach promises more direct and efficient support for the community.

As Tezos flourishes, our commitment to enhancing baker engagement grows stronger. We're eager to hear from you - your insights and suggestions are invaluable to us.

Get Involved:

Want to share your thoughts or ideas? Join us on the journey to make Tezos baking even better:

Your voice matters in shaping the future of baking on Tezos. Let's bake a difference together!

New Episode Alert: The Bons Review Dives Deep into Tezos with Arthur Breitman

In the latest episode of The Bons Review, Justin Bons engages in a riveting 3-hour conversation with Arthur Breitman, one of the masterminds behind Tezos. This deep dive unravels the intricacies of Tezos, highlighting its position as a frontrunner in blockchain innovation. With a focus on enshrined roll-ups and on-chain governance, the discussion illuminates how Tezos stands out in the cryptocurrency landscape for its pioneering approaches. Don't miss this insightful exploration into the core elements that make Tezos a leader in the field.

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This Week in Tezos Development

Coming Soon

Pyrometer 0.9.2 and Tandoor Virtual Appliance

Tezos bakers have a reason to celebrate with the release of Pyrometer 0.9.2, now available for download. Alongside this, the introduction of Tandoor, a virtual appliance designed to enhance the baking experience on the Tezos network, offers an innovative solution for those seeking efficiency and reliability in their baking operations.

Key Details:

  • Pyrometer 0.9.2: The latest version of Pyrometer is up for grabs on GitLab, promising enhanced monitoring capabilities for Tezos bakers.

  • Download Pyrometer: Access the new version directly through GitLab.

  • Introducing Tandoor: A virtual appliance tailored for Tezos baking, compatible with any platform that supports virtualization.

  • Tandoor's Benefits: It integrates tezos-packaging binaries and services with Pyrometer's monitoring features for a seamless baking experience.

  • Get Tandoor Here: Download the latest release of Tandoor from GitLab.

  • Guide to Baking with Tandoor on Windows: A useful article for Windows users is available on Medium, providing insights and guidance on setting up and using Tandoor for baking.

The release of Pyrometer 0.9.2 and the introduction of Tandoor mark significant advancements in the support and resources available to Tezos bakers. By leveraging these tools, bakers can enhance their operations, benefiting from improved monitoring and the convenience of a virtualized baking environment.

Upcoming Tezos Events

STELLAR: An Immersive Art Experience Powered by Tezos

Join us at STELLAR for a transformative art journey, proudly brought to you by Victoria West and powered by Tezos. This immersive experience is set to unleash a wave of creativity and innovation, featuring incredible speakers, live minting sessions, electrifying music, and the opportunity to forge connections with both new and familiar faces.

Event Details:

  • Date: April 2, 2024

  • Time: From 2pm to 11pm EDT

  • Location: 393 Broadway, Lume Studios, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States

  • Registration: visit the eventbrite page

About this Event:

Spanning 9 hours, STELLAR is designed to be an art experience like no other, hosted at the iconic 393 Broadway in New York City. Attendees are invited to immerse themselves in a world where art meets technology, fostering connections and sparking conversations in the vibrant Tezos community.

Highlights include:

  • Live Minting: Witness the creation of art in real time.

  • Incredible Speakers: Gain insights from leading voices in the art and blockchain spaces.

  • Music: Enjoy live performances that complement the immersive art experience.

  • Connection: Meet and mingle with like-minded individuals passionate about art and innovation.

Special Note:

  • Commemorative Ticket Art: Don’t miss the chance to collect exclusive commemorative ticket art available on

Prepare for an unforgettable journey at STELLAR, where art and technology converge to create a truly unique experience. We look forward to welcoming you and sharing this incredible moment together.

See you there!

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Join us as we sit down with Imran Haqeem of TZ APAC to discuss their new Tezos startup studio. Imran shares his background and plans on how Fortify Labs will help further the broader adoption of Tezos in the APAC region.

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