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A Love Letter to Tezos Governance

A Love Letter to Tezos Governance

Tezos Advances with Paris Protocol Upgrade: Paris B Takes the Lead

In the dynamic world of Tezos, a blockchain network revered for its innovative approach to protocol upgrades, the latest development has the community buzzing with anticipation. Currently, the network is in the throes of deciding on its 16th protocol upgrade, known as the Paris protocol, which is presented in two variations: Paris A and Paris B. With just two days left in the voting process, Paris B is leading the charge, commanding a significant 74.2% of votes. This preference by the Tezos community underscores a strong inclination towards the immediate enhancements proposed by Paris B.

Acknowledgements and Engagements

Meet us at Tezos Agora

At this critical juncture, it's pivotal to acknowledge the role of bakers (validators) who have actively participated in the voting process. A special shoutout goes to Everstake, among others, for their involvement and support in shaping the future of the Tezos network. Their participation not only influences the outcome of the Paris protocol upgrade but also exemplifies the robust governance model that Tezos prides itself on.

To stay updated on the voting activity and for an in-depth exploration of the Paris protocol proposals, the community, and interested observers are encouraged to visit Tezos Agora. This platform serves as a comprehensive resource for all things related to Tezos governance and protocol upgrades.

The Importance of Active Participation

As the voting period draws to a close, there's a call to action for all Tezos bakers to continue casting their votes. Your participation is more than a vote; it's a testament to the strength and efficiency of the Tezos governance model. Through active involvement, the community can ensure that the Tezos blockchain remains at the forefront of innovation, efficiency, and scalability.

What You Need to Know: Tezos Paris Upgrade

Two Proposals, One Goal: The Paris upgrade presents two proposals, Paris A and Paris B, both aimed at enhancing the Tezos protocol but offering different paths regarding Adaptive Issuance, Staking, and Adaptive Slashing.

Speed and Efficiency: Block times are reduced to 10 seconds, lowering latency and enabling faster finality without sacrificing security or decentralization.

Data Availability Layer Activation: The DAL is activated on Mainnet, significantly boosting the throughput and scalability of Smart Rollups by attesting data outside Layer 1 blocks.

Proof-of-Stake Innovations:

Adaptive Issuance and Staking aim to adjust the economics of Tezos to better fit real-world usage, promoting a more secure and economically sustainable blockchain.

Adaptive Slashing differentiates penalties based on the severity and intent behind protocol violations, enhancing network security.

Participation Options: Paris B includes immediate activation of the new features, while Paris A allows bakers to vote on their activation at a later stage, offering flexibility and community engagement in decision-making.

Paris B: Embracing Change

Paris B proposes an immediate activation of Adaptive Issuance, Staking, and Adaptive Slashing upon the protocol's implementation. This approach aims to swiftly introduce significant changes within the network's economic and security models, setting the stage for an enhanced blockchain ecosystem.

The favorability towards Paris B signals a community ready to embrace new features and advancements without delay, showcasing the proactive and forward-thinking nature of the Tezos community.

As Tezos stands on the brink of another major upgrade, the collective decision on the Paris protocol will pave the way for future innovations. Whether the community leans towards the comprehensive enhancements of Paris B or opts for a more gradual approach with Paris A, the outcome will reflect the shared vision and collaborative spirit of the Tezos ecosystem.

In these final days of voting, let us rally together to demonstrate the strength and capability of the Tezos governance model. Your vote not only shapes the immediate future of Tezos but also reinforces the network's position as a leader in blockchain innovation, scalability, and security.

A Love Letter to Tezos Governance

It's almost surreal, sitting here, witnessing the heartbeat of Tezos as it quickens with the anticipation of the Paris protocol upgrade. The air is thick with the essence of change, and I can't help but marvel at how we're all part of this monumental shift.

I've been following the voting on Tezos Agora, almost religiously, and the engagement is nothing short of inspiring. The dedication, the fervor—it's palpable. And it's not just the numbers that have me riveted; it's the names behind those numbers. The active Baker participation speaks volumes, reminding us of the collective power we wield within this ecosystem.

There's a beauty in this process, a sort of raw, unfiltered democracy at play that feels almost revolutionary. Tezos isn't just another blockchain; it's a living, breathing entity, evolving with every vote, and every decision we make together. Paris is at the forefront now, a beacon of immediate action and adaptation, reflecting our collective hunger for progress, for efficiency, and, dare I say, for a bit of blockchain audacity.

But this isn't just about Paris A or B or the allure of swift enhancements. No, it's about us—bakers, stakeholders, enthusiasts—all dancing to the rhythm of governance that Tezos orchestrates so masterfully. It's about the strength of a model that doesn't just propose changes but envelops its community in the very fabric of decision-making.

As the clock ticks down, I find myself musing over the potency of our votes, of our voices in this grand experiment of decentralized governance. We're not just voting; we're sculpting the very essence of what Tezos stands to become. It's a powerful reminder of our role in this dynamic ecosystem, and of the responsibility that comes with our participation.

This moment, this precipice on which we stand as the Paris protocol unfolds, is a testament to the journey of Tezos. It's a story of evolution, of a relentless quest for improvement that we're all authoring together. Paris, with its promise of Adaptive Issuance, Staking, and Adaptive Slashing, isn't just a proposal; it's a leap towards redefining what our blockchain can be.

So, as I jot down these thoughts, caught in the whirlwind of anticipation, excitement, and a bit of awe, I can't help but feel grateful. Grateful to be part of this community, this movement, and this moment in time where we stand on the brink of something truly extraordinary.

To my fellow bakers, to the tireless contributors, to every single soul invested in the future of Tezos—let's keep this momentum. Our votes are more than just a tick on a ballot; they're the very heartbeat of Tezos, pulsating with the promise of what's to come.

As we edge closer to the conclusion of this voting period, let's embrace the strength of our governance model, the power of our collective voice, and the boundless potential of Tezos.

With anticipation and a heart full of Tezos dreams,

A Tezos Enthusiast

STELLAR: An Immersive Art Experience, powered by Tezos and the Community

As the evening sky darkened over Brooklyn, Lume Studios welcomed attendees to STELLAR, an event that promised to blend art and technology in new, exciting ways. Powered by the Tezos blockchain, the night was set to unfold as a celebration of digital creativity and community.

Inside, the atmosphere was electric with anticipation. The event kicked off with live minting sessions, showcasing artists like Laurence Fuller, Graphite Method, and Andressa Furletti. Their process of creating art in real-time was not just a display of talent but an invitation into the nuanced world of digital artistry.

Laurence Fuller's performance, alongside Vincent D’Onofrio, stood out as a highlight. Fuller described it as a "communal spiritual experience," a perfect echo of my feelings. Their collaboration transcended the traditional artist-audience divide, creating a shared, immersive experience.

Sasha Stiles' expression of pride in seeing the community and artwork come together reflected the essence of STELLAR—connection. The event wasn't just about showcasing individual achievements but celebrating the collective creativity fostered by the Tezos ecosystem.

The panel discussion, featuring insightful figures like Aaron Vick and Leslie A. Spurlock, shifted the focus to the broader implications of blockchain on art. Their conversation offered a deeper understanding of how technology is reshaping artistic expression and engagement.

As the night concluded with Guido Corleone's set, the vibrant energy of STELLAR confirmed it as more than just an event. It was a vivid demonstration of how art and technology can come together to create unforgettable experiences.

Leaving Lume Studios, I felt enriched by the shared enthusiasm for the future of digital art. STELLAR proved to be a night where art was not just observed but actively experienced, marking a memorable moment for the Tezos art community.

This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem

Vote for Tezos as the #1 Layer 1 solution in the 2024 Blockchain Life Awards!

Tesserart Integrates Tezos NFTs into the Farcaster Ecosystem

Tesserart is set to release a new tool on the Tezos blockchain, aimed at changing the landscape of digital and physical art. This innovation offers live artwork minting and exclusive events, altering the process of art creation, collection, and appreciation.

Features and Opportunities

  • Art Access Portal: Tesserart enables direct access to art through multiple storefronts and embedded frames via the Farcaster protocol. Collaborations with and expand the platform's reach, blending digital art with physical installations.

  • Tools for Creativity and Collection: Tesserart focuses on bridging the gap between artists, creators, and collectors by facilitating live minting and integrating creative tools with existing platforms.

  • Ease of Use and Accessibility: The platform simplifies the entry process, allowing users to use familiar social media logins for wallet setups, broadening its accessibility.

Launch and Beta Participation

With the forthcoming release of Tesserart's tool for live minting, the platform invites interested users to join the beta version. This follows a successful preliminary phase highlighted by the minting of over 4,000 pieces, indicating a strong market interest.

Technical and Community Developments

Tesserart is addressing challenges such as the current lack of EVM support on Tezos and is engaging with the community for feedback to improve the platform continually.

About Tesserart

Tesserart aims to simplify the digital art experience with a suite of tools and innovations for artists, collectors, and event creators. It strives to enhance user experience with a focus on accessibility and flexibility.

For more information and updates, visit Tesserart’s website and Warpcast. Tesserart encourages the digital art community to explore and contribute towards a dynamic future for digital art.

Tezos Foundation Revamps Grant Application Process

The Tezos Foundation has announced updates to its grant application process, aimed at fostering innovation and supporting the Tezos ecosystem more effectively. These changes are based on community feedback and are designed to streamline the application experience, improve the success rate of proposals, and ensure targeted support for projects that contribute to the ecosystem's growth.

Key Updates Include:

  • Introduction of Educational Tools: To assist applicants in presenting their projects effectively, the Foundation is now offering educational resources. This initiative addresses the previously low success rate of grant applications—only 8% were successful last year—by providing the necessary tools to improve application quality.

  • Shift in Investment Proposal Strategy:

    • The call for investment proposals has been discontinued due to low success rates.

    • Going forward, the Tezos Foundation and adoption teams will proactively seek and initiate investment opportunities, aiming for strategic ecosystem growth.

  • Transition to Quarterly Review Cycles:

    • The grant program will move from an always-open application process to a quarterly review cycle. This change is intended to offer more focused support to projects.

    • Applications are still accepted at any time, but the review and decision-making process will occur quarterly.

The Foundation Encourages:

  • Continued Submissions: Community members are encouraged to keep submitting their applications, leveraging the new educational tools for better presentation.

  • Engagement and Queries: For any questions or further information, the community is urged to reach out to the Foundation.

Further Information:

These modifications to the grant process are part of the Tezos Foundation's ongoing efforts to support the Tezos community effectively and to ensure the long-term success and innovation within the Tezos ecosystem.

With that being said, let’s break down the latest grantees for Q1 2024:

  • Revolutionizing language art in the Web3 space by collaborating with poets and artists.

  • Grant supports ongoing Tezos projects like POESÍA DE PROTESTA, POEME OBJKT/SBJKT, and partnerships with the Allen Ginsberg Estate.

  • PK Lab

    • A blockchain software development company focused on enhancing the digital space.

    • Grant aimed at improving the bridging infrastructure for Tezos Smart Rollups, including a simulated bridge environment for testing.

  • Layer3

    • Supports Web3 projects with user acquisition and retention through interactive experiences.

    • Grant for collaborating on Etherlink's launch, a 10-month campaign featuring quests and streaks for an EVM-compatible rollup on Tezos.

  • Auto Hero, Oxalus (Bombus Studio)

    • A popular side-scrolling 2D platformer with significant downloads and revenue.

    • Grant supports transitioning Auto Hero to a Web3 edition on Tezos, leveraging the game's existing popularity.

  • SIWT

    • An open-source project aimed at revolutionizing online user authentication.

    • Grant funds development of a TZIP for secure message signing with Kukai Wallet, adherence to Chain Agnostic Standards, and a proof-of-concept for an OpenID Connect bridge on Tezos Agora.

  • Blockscout

    • An open-source block explorer supporting over 800 networks across EVM ecosystems.

    • Grant supports the infrastructure for Etherlink, providing a full-featured explorer for EVM-based chains on Tezos.

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